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Lee 🚀  // Focus ST2 // Canon 6D // Nashville // Valley //

Oh, I can't sleep
Your love helps me breathe
When I wake up, want you next to me
Don’t really care what people think.

Missing the days when @breadrollsmedia could shoot my car whenever I wanted 😭 hopefully those days will come back soon!!

Audemar wrist so slick, dripping all wet in my clique 🥶

Changed up my editing style some for this shoot, thoughts??

I’m back inside the basement, my location, I promise that I’ll wait for you cause I got patience 🥺

Tinted my mirrors so I could flex my backup camera 🥶 (kidding)

Curb side delivery for neck braces 😤🥕

Get your kids out the street we finna slide by 🥵🥕

How is it that the first day I have content to post Instagram goes down 😂 anyways, I’m back 👻

Rush hour
On an uptown train
Doors open
As she walks in
She's soaking
Caught in the rain
Her skin shines

I don’t know what the future holds, but I know you’re my future 😍

Trying to ignore the fact that I now live in a landlocked state 🙃

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