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Good reminder and supporting @tiyyafdn.

[ 💆🏻 ]

slowing down this weekend.

Last time we hung out I half jokingly said we should start an "eating club" and then last night we had our first get together (missed you guys, @angiepoketo and @tedpoketo!) @wolfdownla. So fun!

sushi and mint tea for lunch.

Babies are cute for a reason, so you can't get mad at them when they wake you up at 5 in the morning. 😴

Meditation in the bath helps me focus.

pink. // If you have Amazon Prime Video, I highly recommend putting on Color Therapy (20 minutes of color cycle meditation) as background sound when you need a calming environment. I put it on when baby is napping or when I'm making breakfast or replying email...

Got this pretty bundle of palo santo sticks with dried flowers by @catherinerising from @aroraboheme. It's too pretty to burn!

new hair clip.

Short, but sweet. Quick lunch with @sarahhendler today.

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