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LOS ANGELES PHOTOGRAPHER  Artist, Mother, Branding/Marketing @bonnietsangstudio contact : / #loveuneedspace .

Texture of the wall and simple art @chochosansydney. I like details that are subtle, which makes it more timeless.
Photo via @chochosansydney

I love the mix of minimal with classic details. This would make a nice entryway to a restaurant’s private dining room.
Beautiful work by @aulets_arquitectes / Photo by #josehevia

Beautiful table. Love the cut and its pattern.
Mattina Desk by DSA
via @daniellesiggerud

Researching on restaurant designs for a project and I’m always attracted to the little details.

The cool crisp air this morning... Baby and I slept til 7am.

Simple and classy floral design by @fjura_ .
Talking about flowers today, I love using essential oils. What’s your favorite? Lavender, rose, ylang ylang are some of my “must haves” at home. Recently I learned from @kris_britton to dab little bit of rose oil between the navel and private area to restore some of the feminine energy, especially on days when I’m extra driven (too much masculine energy). 😁

My dad @henrytsang0212 is the OG photographer in our family. Shot in the 70s, my mom with her green thumb helped with the floral design and my dad would practice shooting still life. This image is my desktop wallpaper for years, I just love the colors and the subtle grain from the film. Tips from my dad - always have a water spray bottle nearby when shooting flowers. Those beautiful dew drops can bring more life to the image.
By the way, I’m posting about flowers today. If you didn’t see the previous two posts, be sure to check them out! #film #70s

Small, but not insignificant. This little bud vase by Kiley Seoyen Choi is an inch tall and my studio styled/shot it for @studio.ko few months ago. The sweet little purple flower that @ibiyoo picked was perfect against the earth tones. It’s the little joy.

I once met a psychic, she said in my past life I was an angel and my job was to take care of the rose garden. One day, without permission, I cut a rose and gifted it to an elderly woman. To learn from my mistake, I was sent to earth to experience human life. Do you think that is true? I’m not sure, I don’t have green thumb like my mom does, but I do appreciate the beauty of flowers.
I’m experimenting with a new format here. Most likely many of you won’t see this, thanks to the algorithm. But if this post shows up on your feed, then yay! You’ll get to see the complete series.

We are all just taking different routes to get to the same destination.

It’s ok when things don’t work out.

What matters most is your happiness.

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