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I took a picture of her 💩 that got on our bright white bed sheet, but I'm posting this instead.

Thank you for new to-go window @republiquela! I can get all the bombolinis I want without the long line. // #bonnietsanglaeats

Nice sunny day. // Always so much inspiration @rowdtla.

Tip No. 058/365
We are so conditioned into thinking English and Math are important, while Arts are extra curriculum that we have to make time for or shouldn't waste time on. We often put creativity aside because we see it as a leisure thing to do, that we should take care of what's important (work, family/financial responsibilities...) before we play. We forget that we are all born with creativity. It's a great tool, but we don't use it. It's easier and safer to just follow the rules or what everyone else is doing, but soon we'll find ourselves dreading about work and not finding excitement with what we do. One person's way is not everyone's way, but yet we go along with it even when we're not happy. It's great that we're finally adulting up and disciplining ourselves way better than our parents did when we were little, but don't disregard the creators in us because that part of us is what will make us standout and be different from others in the field. #365bonniestips

How about some old neighborhood's favorites? Like @juliennefinefoods, I still come here often with family and friends for years. What's your favorites? // #bonnietsanglaeats


When coffee turns cold, add two scoops of ice cream in. Working late tonight, caffeine and sweets help. 😬

Tip No. 057/365
I've heard many people tell their "success" stories, how they went from there to here. They'd look back to the time when they had so much determination and so proud to have overcome challenges and made something great in their lives. And then the stories are over, now it's just being busy with life because they got married and had kids, being busy to make ends meet, being busy with keeping heads above water. The idea of doing something great again seems impossible to most when they already had their success stories to tell. To me, success is not one thing or one moment, it is just a step to move forward. Each time you overcome something, each time you try something new, each time some blogs or publications want to feature you, each time you get asked to speak, each time you raise your price, each time your work gets recognized... You can do so much more than just one success story. Unbelieve that you are put into this world to do just one thing, at least I don't believe it. #365bonniestips

My husband @withmartin is running the marathon today (go, hon!). Go watch his insta-story to follow his run.

I didn't know about the weekend brunch spread at the #commissary in @thelinehotel! Need to go back. // #bonnietsanglaeats

If you're going to @kismetlosangeles for brunch this weekend, get the Turkish Breakfast. It was mm-mmm...! // #bonnietsanglaeats

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