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#tbt to that time I forgot to pack my sleep mask and discovered a third totally legit use for my bra💅🏼 #ladymaguyver #napssavelives #momsaidalwayswearabra

If they wanted to keep me out they should have built a bigger gate. #itsabandoned

Straight, no chaser.. This thing is pure guts. And I love Amy Dresner’s guts. She’s so quick and blunt and unforgettable. She must have literally hammered the words on to the page. I related to everything she had to say about a lifetime of feelings she just didn’t want to feel. Her insight regarding The Container Store, dating sober men and the benefits of performing community service are both hilarious and spot on. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll def cringe as she steps in it again and again. I put off reading it but I won’t put off reading it a second time. Only an addict could write a book this addictive.

*New blog post* Raving about yoga.. Ranting about societal expectations of women. #nakedandeggs

I used to tell people to “take a walk” as an alternative to “fuck off”.. it’s solid advice and pretty easy to act on. Have you taken a walk today? #eastside #sunset #takingawalk #itsnicetofuckoff

Sandía bebé 🍉 #summercuteness #melonrich #tiny

As I was sleeping a very drunk man (who I did not know and I assume was lost) tried to break into my apartment. First through the door and then the window. He was housed and he trashed some of my plants in the process but I’m totally fine. The cops came and got him. It sure as hell shook me up and pissed me off though. In an effort to digest the situation I wrote about it and threw it up on my blog. Lock your doors, kids. People be black out drunk and creepin’ in your windows. #fuhck

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