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Starting over.. new book, new pens and clear instructions. #writingitalldown #neverforget

Tonight I accidentally washed 11 months worth of writing down the drain. Just shy of 1,000 pages. I left town in a hurry and my book got mixed up with my laundry. All I can do is laugh right now... laugh and pick stray bits of my intimate thoughts out of my intimates. What a fucking mess. I’d just been thinking about how keeping a journal could potentially be very incriminating.. some problems handle themselves. #oops #disappearingink #itallcomesoutinthewash #heavyload #coldoncold

It’s the last day of the studio tour.. Come hang & see what I’m working on. I got the heater & the post punk turned up on this lovely grey day. 901 Springdale apt 203 / #318 on the tour. I’ll be around until 6pm & I wanna see you. #eastaustinstudiotour #east2018 #timeflies #lastdance

It’s the last weekend of the #eastaustinstudiotour and I def wanna see your face and hug your neck. Here today 11-6. Tunes, art, cookies, me. Come say hey. #318 on the north east corner of Springdale & Lyons. @bigmediumaustin #east2018 #paintings #collage #photography

Come kick it with me and Kym. We’re doodling, eating donuts and staying warm. #318 on the tour, corner of Lyons & Springdale 🖤 #east2018

When I need comfort, I make soup. I’ve been feeling angry & in turn, exhausted. Watching as the “he said” looks like it will predictably out weigh the “she said” yet again is fucking tiring. Since we’re still clearly living in the 90’s let me say that this reality bites. When will we stop favoring a mans indignation? #ibelieveher #ifeelsick

#tbt to that time I forgot to pack my sleep mask and discovered a third totally legit use for my bra💅🏼 #ladymaguyver #napssavelives #momsaidalwayswearabra

If they wanted to keep me out they should have built a bigger gate. #itsabandoned

Straight, no chaser.. This thing is pure guts. And I love Amy Dresner’s guts. She’s so quick and blunt and unforgettable. She must have literally hammered the words on to the page. I related to everything she had to say about a lifetime of feelings she just didn’t want to feel. Her insight regarding The Container Store, dating sober men and the benefits of performing community service are both hilarious and spot on. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll def cringe as she steps in it again and again. I put off reading it but I won’t put off reading it a second time. Only an addict could write a book this addictive.

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