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Sarah deHebreard  Bonnie // High-Performance Natural Skincare // Made in Chicago Since 2010 // Wholesale Available // Shop online:

Organic cucumber glycerite in process. What’s a glycerite you say? Perhaps you’ve heard of a tincture, which uses alcohol (think vodka) as a solvent to extract nutrients from plant material. A glycerite uses glycerin, a sugar alcohol, as the solvent. A powerful humectant, glycerin has many skincare benefits. Along with the myriad nutrients, this extraction method retains the natural fragrance of the plant material. Think of the possibilities!

Every online order gets two free samples, selected randomly from fresh inventory. Want to sample something specific? Request in the order comments and we’ll make it happen!

Want a peek into the production process? Check the BTS highlights on my profile for a time lapse video on the making of Hydrating Hyaluronic Facial Serum.

Dear Chicago,
My dry skin can’t take your mood swings. I’ll be staying inside this jar of Superbalm so we can both calm down.

Sheet masks are so hot rn. • • • Brightening Vitamin C + E Sheet Mask is a 100% cotton mask saturated with vitamin-rich serum. Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, a gentle vitamin C derivative, promotes skin brightening and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Lemon peel and dragon fruit each boast high levels of vitamin C, and combined with vitamin E, they provide antioxidant support along with tone correction and collagen production. • • • Smoothing Sea Collagen Sheet Mask is a 100% cotton mask saturated with collagen-rich serum. Collagen derived from algae has a unique moisture-binding ability, instantly making skin appear plump and smooth. Wakame and gotu kola extracts help increase cell metabolism and collagen synthesis, reduce effects of oxidative stress, and improve skin strength and resilience.
Shop online now at!

Hydrating Hyaluronic Facial Serum is online now! Grab one and plump up your hydration game. #hyaluronicacid

The OG. My bread and butter. The original Bonnie product. #bonnielipbalm

New sheet masks will go online next week! Have you picked one up at @showofhandschicago?

Honey Hand Wash contains pure, raw honey and coconut-derived skin conditioners, leaving skin smooth, soft, and clean. Only here at @showofhandschicago until 5 pm!

10-5, today and tomorrow. There’s puppies here too, guys.

Oh, did I mention I’ll have a new line of bath products at @showofhandschicago this weekend?
Foaming Honey Bath features pure honey and coconut-derived skin conditioners. This sulfate-free bath treat is so rich, it comes with a spoon.

This weekend you’ll find no fewer than FIVE 🖐🏻 new products, available exclusively at @showofhandschicago!
Flower Power Body Scrub features fine Himalayan pink salt and organic coconut oil, blended with jasmine and rose absolutes for a luxe tropical spa treatment. Limited number available!

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