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Bonnie Wong  I draw, I take pictures. MA Print / RCA From the other side of the world - HK

SOOOOOOOOOOOON ⚡️⚡️ #Repost @rageartcollective with @get_repost
Opening on Thursday 23/5!! We are now ready to install the work, hope to see you on Thu at @cfcca_uk ! ⚡️

Our first night in Iceland. We read that the northern lights start becoming inactive from April and days start getting longer and longer and the sun won’t set until 11pm... headed to the north once we landed Reykjavík, drove for almost 4 hrs and stayed in the middle of nowhere for a night, and that night, the northern lights revealed itself.

The best travel buddy one could ask for 🥇after a whole night of diarrhoea and fever before our flight to Reykjavík, she insisted to drive right after we landed, for 3.5 hrs non stop, so our trip won’t be disrupted. The best driver in the world, she did all the driving for 13 days, trying her best to bring me to some of the most beautiful places in the world, stopped on the road from time to time to let me nap 😴 I was responsible for all the cooking and feeding her while she was driving, but that’s easy, just a box of pure white rice will do 🍚 i think we are a good team 🙌🏻 🌍

more dreams

Iceland was a dream. 🌋🏔🗻

The most HIGH TECH show EVER.
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FOLLOW @rageartcollective !! we are making new work !! 💥

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404: Resistance in the Digital Age.

It’s official! with @afk10 @kmimora @mr_yoshi.k @tamarakametani we are working on something exciting. 30th anniversary of 1989. 24/5 to 21/7 @cfcca_uk
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This May we’re thrilled to present a new exhibition by RAGE Collective. ‘404: Resistance in the Digital Age’ is a film and sound installation which draws on seismic international events from 1989 and the parallels with the current situation and modes of resistance 30 years on. This will be in Gallery 2, from 24 May to 21 July. Free Entry. #RAGE @rageartcollective

3 weeks ago. no one has ever seen my bathtub.

The Bathtub Team! Great team!! 💛🛀🏻 NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN MY BATHTUB - in this photo : Peggy, Caicai, Ying, Katie, Jun, Jojo, Olav & special guest Bebeta!! From a very brief idea that Jun and peggy and I came up with one night after dinner, to turning it into a real show, I enjoyed every second of it. I’m so happy that I have shared this experience and memory with such a lovely, supportive, talented group of artists.

Jun and Bonnie working hard @nodame00 🌝🌚 day and night. PV this Friday - NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN MY BATHTUB 🛀🏻

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