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Dutch fangirl 💖  Being a Bon Jovi fangirl isn't just a hobby. It's a way of life. 💘 Bon Jovi is my bad medicine💉 I'll be there for you💕

First I want to thank you if you watched my (mini-) livestream, and if you didn't no problem, you didn't miss anything 😅🙃 But what I really want to talk about, is my question. What should I do with this account? I have no idea, really. I still like Bon Jovi, but I just don't love them that much as in the beginning anymore. Yeah, of course they are still very important to me and they'll always have a special place in my heart, but I'm just not so interested anymore as I was. (Don't feel offended!✌️) I don't get that energy anymore by posting and it feels like it costs me more than it gives me back, but I don't know why. That's one of the main reasons why I'm not that active here anymore. I feel really bad for seeing everything and getting tagged, but not responding. I don't know why I do this, but it comes like a black cloud from inside. It isn't because of you, in the opposite, you all are one of the best things that happened to me and I still love you all❤️ That's a reason for me to keep this account, but then with not only BJ pics and pics of bands I started loving very much lately. And then I'm afraid lots of people will unfollow and I'm afraid that will make me feel very insecure (I am a very insecure person) and yeah, I don't know. Or I can log out here and just be active on my personal account? Or keep it this way, no posts in like forever? I've got no idea, no f*cking idea. Please, can any on you help me? ❤️
(I've only tagged a few people that are very important to me, but I love you all😘)

Okay, nevermind 😅
The Livestream only makes me do less than I should do and I think it's a little boring too😅 Thanks if you watched and maybe I'll go live and do some more interesting stuff one day😂

I'll do a live study session (credits for the idea to @bonjovigoodies 💕) in a few minutes so if you want to watch stay here😊 I probably won't talk so if you think it is rather boring then I shouldn't watch if I were you😜
Oh, and maybe my internet won't work so if the video doesn't play it's probably because of my internet.

How are you? I'm super great...But way too lazy😅
I know it is a long time ago that I posted here, but okay. I won't promise anything anymore because​ I know I won't make it true😐 Yesterday I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Utrecht with my boyfriend and god what was it a wonderful day. The Harry Potter stuff was great and after it we picknicked in the car and spent hours and hours together, talking about life and enjoying each other and the silence. After that we went to the city and ate sth. Damn I love that guy so much❤️ (for if you didn't know it; I've got a bf since 3 months. In my close area almost nobody knows about it but I'll explain later why. I have my reasons, trust me) And today I have to learn for my upcoming tests but my motivation is less than my amount of friends, so I'm still in my pyjama watching music videos😅 Wow Eva, good job😂
Btw, should I go live here? Idk. Tell me!😜😊

Happy birthday to the guitarist I love best❤️ You are a really beautiful person, from the in- and outside, and I really love you✨ You are so talented and strong and I could write a thousand words about that, but words can't say what love can do. I Just want to say that I really respect you and I hope that you'll keep rocking till the and of the world and all the time after🎸🎵

Yayy! It's Jon's birthday today!🎉🎉🎉 I'm on holidays and my internet is really bad, so I will do my spam when I'm home 😜
Anyways, Jon, make it a wonderful day to remember. We love you with all our hearts❤️

Sorry for not posting as much as I promised 😑😥 How are you? I'm feeling like I'm in a rollercoaster, not knowing when it goes upside or down. I am happy the most of the time, but at once I can feel sad/angry, and usually without a real reason. That makes me feel even more sad because I've got nothing to be sad about and I still feel that way and that I feel like i'm just an attention-seeker etc.
But I won't bother you with this. I'll try to let this be a happy and positive page❤️

Black and White is always a good idea 🖤

Heyy everybody!
How are you? I'm feeling really happy and blessed and I love this feeling so much😇
I'm just so happy with my friends and grades and boyfriend and things atm and the fact that I decided to post more again😊
I hope I can have this feeling for a long time, it's so much better than my other feelings which are usually really negative. But for now they're great✨ ✨ Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness✨

Do you like it if I post quotes is my captions or not? Let me know please😘


Goodnight everybody ✨
I hope that your day was fine and I hope you enjoyed the pics❤️ David, I hope you had a wonderful birthday you'll never forget. My favourite 💛🎵

Memphis lives in me💛

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