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Kerrie Moon  our small collection of moments β€” alongside him, our children, my roses and dresses. πŸƒπŸ‘’

the time of year when you find excuses to be the one who gets to take your bicycle to pick up those few forgotten ingredients because it means more chances ~ for roadside blooms, for sun on your skin, for wind through your eyes and hair, for the ability to move your beautiful body, for being reminded of the everlasting truth that you're here only once, for most likely smiling like a crazy fool at least twenty times, for getting a chance to feel really alive, in all the ways it will ever matter

a morning stroll stroll to school, with the word "meraki" playing over and over on my tongue. it is a greek word which means "doing something from the soul " or putting something of yourself into whatever you're doing. i can't help but think of this word when i think about how i mother, how i love

a morning for lilac shoes and quiet in the garden πŸ•Š i was mailed a teen vogue magazine out of nowhere and flipped to a page alongside my coffee this morning that i immediately ripped out and taped into my journal. the interview was by the incredible artist solange (listen to 'cranes in the sky') and her words she wrote to her younger self here (you can zoom in) were incredible to me. "... there will be pain, there will be doubt, there will be beauty, there will be unknown. there will be so many moments of joy and delight that the whole universe will feel painted in hues of amber and wonder. there will be times you are so sad you can't lift your head and there will be times you are so happy that the sensation of life knocks you down. but most importantly, there will be you. a whole, whole lot of it. and you will feel good about who she is and who she is still becoming."

we have all been quietly happy today. i loved wearing this blue prairie dress and i loved making pancakes this morning, all three of us sleepy, still in our pajamas. i must have cut up ten cups worth of watermelon for little voices repetitively asking for more and my hands still smell like layers of sunscreen i lathered onto their skin at the water park this afternoon. i also picked out maybe a dozen popcorn kernels from their hair as they both shushed me away simply because i am their mother and they know i fuss. i watched a blue bird take off with a cherry from our tree and got excited with my little boy over a bumble bee on a flower and pineapple popsicles and i realize these aren't big things really, not when i say them out loud, but i suppose they are quite big if they are yours, if these things that are yours are shared with the ones you love most on this little miraculous planet.

her name is "easy to please" and she is the color of a lilac pink aurora borealis and she is from a very basic hardware store and i am almost certain or i mean i would like to think i'm not the only one who, when upon seeing her, would grab her immediately and say "you're coming home with me, kid" and then go straight to the checkout line then straight to your car then straight next to your bed for a photo obviously and then straight back into the earth.

a living testimony on how to turn a day around: wrap your head in a scarf and gather all your ingredients to make bread, walk outside and listen for the song birds, buy yourself soft peaches and extra strawberry yogurt, put lipstick on (this is a certainty), close the door on the laundry (if you can't see it, it doesn't exist), remind yourself you'll never be as young as you are today, just give into the third popsicle request from your babies, listen to french music as you paint that thrifted piece of furniture, clip a garden rose and place it on your windowsill, make a tray of ice for a fancy cocktail tonight, compliment the cashier on anything that comes to mind, make sun tea, pull weeds, pet the wandering neighborhood cat, get out of your head (it can stifle and contain you) and go outside, feel the sun, remember we are all running out of time, so use it as beautifully as you can as much as you can(it is a gift you know) πŸ•Š (ps this testimony is from me hehe)

there will come a day when she won't be able to eat her frozen berries in her sink bath beside the leftover 🌹's. but that day is not today. #fiorellafloralbaths

notes from this weekend: my husband took me on a twenty four hour getaway into the city. we picked out a gold ring with tiny little sparkles around it and i dabbed my cheeks in a blush called "milk chocolate." we walked through department stores and cold streets and he smelled like aftershave and limes ~ my hair in the scent "giueletta." at night we shared sea bass and champagne with st.germaine and in the morning, granola with fresh berries, wheat bagels and hot coffee. "we will stay young through each other's eyes, won't we?" i asked into his chest. he never once let go of my hand. i will remember these hours until i am old and gray, waiting by the window side for him to return to me.

putting off today's work with some mindless petal play. #mymorningromance

i am squeezed in between my two sleeping babies after laughing with my own mama into the night, thinking how we are all so lucky to live in a world of mothers πŸ’#painting #belichenko

*context: this was written a few weeks ago in the gym locker room, with tears down my face, unedited and pretty raw * to the woman who chooses the treadmill not facing a mirror: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who shys away from the camera because of how you feel with a lens pointed toward you: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who assumes they automatically don't like you: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who spends days and nights and even weeks alone: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who has sobbed in her closet or coffee cup or while putting the clothes in the wash or while driving with screaming kids in the back or on the way home from an evening that didn't go as planned: i've been her and i am with you. to the woman who goes to bed late exhausted and wakes up early even more so: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman still not able to fit into that skirt or still too scared to fail or too tired to even care what food is on their plates or what they wear to bed: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who is praying for the double blue lines on the test or who is also praying for just one: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who is faced with alternatives or heartbreak or thoughts that it would be easier if you weren't here: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who knows she is with the wrong person but doesn't know how to take that first step: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who is staying at home with her kids or is working or wants to work or is somewhere in between, feeling guilty either way: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who has said things she doesn't mean or who has had to come up with a thousand excuses because of that introverted soul: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who woke up unable to move because the day just seems too hard: i have been her and i am with you. to the woman who may need a hug or a sign from god or the universe or just for some good news for once: to all you women, wherever you are, however you are, i am with you (we all are).

that one little time when my husband apparently woke up at six am to write me a birthday message in kid's chalk on the roof πŸ’

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