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Coming home feels good when you’ve been gone so long. But where is home and where is not? Is home where you’re from ? Or is it where your heart is? Or is it where your life is?
I always struggle with defining home. Maybe because I feel like home in more than one place.
It’s good to remember where you are from and I do every time I see my family.
Mum is starting her modeling career BTW and is available for booking thru me right now! Yeah she’s gorgeous! She’s killing it! 👧🏻👱🏻‍♀️ Find both of our styles on @oldnavy site now!
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Mariage à la Française... Toutes ces années de construction de soi, d’expériences, de temps passé à travailler sur soi et avec les autres pour enfin trouver la personne pour laquelle nous sommes devenu la parfaite moitié
Pour trouver l’amour il faut déjà se trouver soi-même.
Ma cousine s’est trouvé et a trouver sa moitié! ❤️🙏🏻💕🇫🇷 All this time spent building ourselves, those experiences, this time working on us and with others, just to find ourselves being the perfect fit to somebody... Finding love takes finding ourself first.
Today my cousin found herself and her man, the good one ❤️ #love #weddingdress #wedding #marriage #france #amour #ootd #style #shopping

Rocking Astrid from @warbyparker today! Ridding in Paris in my car, feeling like a Million 💰 !
Shop the shades in my story! 👓
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Seating on my bed in London waiting for @ubereats to show up... BUT here’s really where my mind is... Miami can’t ever seem to come fast enough? 🌴 ☕️ 🌊 🏖
What’s your favorite Miami spots? What do you love about it? Why do you hate it?
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Wearing @montce_swim

There’s no place like the Beach, and trying to get closer and closer to it is one of my Life’s goals.
Because self-care is as simple as asking yourself where you’d rather be or with whom... start there 😘 [link to all beach side denim looks in bio] 🇫🇷 La Mer est irremplaçable pour moi et m’en rapprocher et l’un des buts de mon existence.
Parfois, prendre soin de soi c’est se poser des questions toutes simples comme « Ou ai-je vraiment envie d’être? » ou « Avec qui? »... commencez par la ❤️ Wearing all @express pieces #liketkit #LTKstyletip #LTKsalealert #sponsored #express #ExpressYourRules #Ad #LTKcurves #ExpressJeans #ExpressPartner #unretouched

Hard worker. Dedicated. Caring. Full hearted.

If you fit the requirements come Volunteer! Meet the goats of @goatsofanarchy and learn not to feel bad for them but be inspired by them. Help their loving staff cleaning it up and have a great time, working for someone else’s well being... and understand it’s also for yours by the end of your time with them.
If goats aren’t your thing, find what is and volunteer your time for it! It’s healing and meaningful and amazing!
Donate with link in bio!
Have a great week-end! 🐐 🐐 🐐
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En pleine saison de vacances, il est nécessaire de se rappeler que déconnecter est le plus important.
Se rappeler pourquoi on a besoin de temps pour soi, pourquoi on a dépenser 1000 euros dans ce package tout compris... Le but n’est pas de partager nos moment de détente avec le monde, mais de se détendre, de ne pas penser aux autres, ne pas se soucier de l’image que l’on veut projeter mais juste de se détendre, d’être dans le moment présent.
Déconnectez. Détendez-vous. Respirez.
Trouver le lien shopping pour cette chemise de chez @laredoute dans ma bio. Code produit: 9835482 🇺🇸 In this summer vacay season, it’s important to remember to disconnect. Remember why you spent $1K on this week-end... the goal isn’t to share your off time with the World but to relax. Not to think about what other think of you, just relax, be in the present moment.
Disconnect. Relax. Breath.
Find the link to this @laredoute shirt in my bio. Product code: 9835482

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Today I’d like to focus on being grateful. It’s something we often forget to practice even though we usually put it all over our hashtags (🙄) !
I’ll start, hoping to help you think about it too.
I am grateful for being able to use my brain to make my life better every day by taking the right decisions and my body to keep myself healthy to keep on living.
I am grateful I am able to be indépendant in 💵 and in 🧠. I am grateful for the people in my life that keep me happy and on my toes, they are few but they are so precious.
I am grateful for the love I get everyday, when I am feeling great and when I am feeling down!
I am so grateful for going to work today and doing what I chose to do, and having yet another new Client this year regardless of my age.
I am so grateful for brands like @universalstandard and @jcrew that not only hire me to model for them but most importantly include me in major Industry changes going towards more diversity and inclusivity.
What are you grateful for today? ❤️ #setyourstandard #gratefulness #clementinedesseaux #ad #noretouch #realbeauty

Top by @jcrew x @universalstandard shot by @lesmijotes

I am partnering with @Dove to show you what real beauty is and how to identify it while online and how to be able to recognize attainable images of Womxn and unattainable ones.
In a over crowded social media era, it seems important for me to be able to realize what is right and what isn’t in order to curate what we choose to see.
@Dove came up with the ‘ No Digital Distortion Mark’ to be applied on all their campaigns and images featuring Womxn so that you know that when you look at a @Dove campaign, those women are real, they have been untouched or barely ( see what’s acceptable to @Dove and what isn’t in my stories!) To understand more what is the NDD MARK, look at my story and learn how you too can make a difference in Womxn self-acceptance by using images of yourself that display your #RealBeauty
#DovePartner #RealBeauty #NoDigitalDistortion #ClementineDesseaux #bodypositive #noretouch #rawbeauty #freckles

Wearing @bruna.malucelli photo by @lesmijotes

Easy like a Monday morning!
Bonne semaine à toutes les filles qui ne sont pas en vacances, celles qui n’ont pas 3 semaines pour se remettre non seulement du 14 Juillet mais aussi de la victoire des bleus... (ouai ça fait beaucoup)
Un gros bisous à celles qui bossent comment des boss pour envoyer leur kiddo 👶🏽 en centre aéré, en colo.
Gros câlins à celles qui restent à la maison pour être là à 100%, et un gros coup de cœur pour celles qui n’ont pas de soutient familiale, qui seules, s’en sorte aussi ❤️ plein de courage et de bonheur à vous toutes!
Faites exploser votre confidence boost cette semaine! Vous le méritez bien!

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When you work for the brands you wear, it just works!
Introducing the game changing collaboration @jcrew x @universalstandard available in EXTENDED SIZES too, but not only!
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This is 30.
More animals. More cuddles. More jumpsuits. More quirky accessories.
#thisis30 #happybirthday

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