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BongYudha  A part-time student yet a full-time entepreneur

Ya Tuhan, kalo jodoh langgengkanlah
Kalo bukan jodoh, jodohkanlah.
Kalo memang bukan jodoh, jangan sampe dia dapet jodoh selain saya.
Tapi kalo dia dapet jodoh selain saya, putuskanlah, jodohkanlah dengan saya.
Tolong diaminin.
Btw happy birthday loh ya~
Yang ke 22,
Cie udah tua~

The day i touch the sky, when the clouds cheers around me

Santolo dengan pasirnya yang belum dijamah banyak orang - puncak guha dengan tebing dan anginnya yang luar biasa - rancabuaya dengan ombak tenangnya. Best southern beach ever.

#hayukagarut #garut #vitaminsea

Escape to nature

There's a moment we wish will never end.

Praise The Lord, for the trip!

Once upon a time, there's a teacher, he's not smart enough, he's not good enough.

But God let him, having a wonderful students

Years passing by, they've grown.
The teacher is better than his students, but once they've graduated, they're as same as good as the teacher.

Time to say goodbye :)


Day 3 bangkok

There's an art in believing

Unfortunately it's under-re-construction. It'll wonderful if it isn't

Mohon maaf lahir batin (sorry for disturbing pict)

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