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QiuTing 洪萩庭  Hello! I'm a blogger from Singapore. I love to laugh, eat, sleep and shop. Hit "Contact" for advertising enquiries! Be nice or be blocked.


This coming holiday season, @PA.Courses (www.onepa.sg) is organising an extensive series of School Holiday Series activities suitable for kids and parents to do together! All the bonding and fun we’d have at very very affordable rates 😍 They have a huge variety of classes from baking gingerbread man, to learning how to fly a drone (maybe for older kids and papa mama?), soap making classes, Christmas Puppets making, making your own terrarium and even the robots-related classes for the little science smarties to enjoy building bots and solar and wind powered cars that you can bring home 😍😍😍 Seriously i’m looking through the brochure and i want Meredith and Amelia to quickly grow up!!! So we can also join thr classes for bigger kids like 5-12 😭 Got Twisted Fairytale, Elves and Shoemaker, Basic Film and TV acting, Urban Dance etc!!! Endless of fun waiting for kids to enjoy with their parents!!! Meredith’s face when i told her we’re gonna go make our own Christmas Mason Jar at Ci Yuan CC this weekend (with @PA.Courses) and that it’s gonna be like a mini town, covered with snowflakes 😂

I’m very excited, so is Meredith hehe. Go find out more details on the courses and sign up on www.onePA.sg quick before all the slots are taken!!! 🏃🏻‍♀💨

A selfie in the “I’m Over You” tee i designed in my capsule collection with @tokichoi_sea ❤️ It’s major comfy and quite simple to match with anything 😌 Please support the collection when it’s out 1st December ☺️ I finally washed my hair yesterday, thank you @76_steve @number_76sg for the beautiful hair!

Visited the Iya Valley in Tokushima prefecture on my #LoveShikoku trip 🧡❤️ What i saw felt a lot like i was looking at a painting. So beautiful and picturesque. Some of us crossed the Kazurabashi (like Josh), some of us couldn’t go becox wrong shoes (like @cherylannchong and @clairetengg 😅) and some of us so chicken walk 5 steps for a picture only then gostan already 😂 你猜是谁 so humji? ☺️ Please swipe to see how i risk my life for that one picture that i couldn’t even look at the camera properly becox scared shitless 😐😂

OOTD ❤️ Love this dress i bought from @aboutagirl_sg and this bag from @colors_pr It’s their Disney X Colours by Jennifer range and i freaking love it!!! Super affordable (some i bought for $16, some $24 like that i can’t remember) and durable, i bought the Rupunzel and the Woody (Toy Story) one 😍😍😍 Along with many more =X Love love love Colours by Jennifer Sky 💖 This was taken at Miyajima island today with #LoveShikoku 📷: @fujifilmsg #XE3

Visited the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome, Peace Memorial Hall and the museum today. Can’t help but to keep tearing up from the intense feeling of sorrow i feel for what the people (especially the children at that time) had to go through. On August 6, 1945 at 8.15am, an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Record will say it killed about 146,000 people but if you visit the museum, you will find out that many children managed to make it home with severe burns and bruising on their bodies, to say their last words to their mothers before they pass hours minutes/ hours / days or weeks later.. In the exhibition you can see the little kids’ tricycle.. Lunch bento box, their school uniforms, diary.. And toy marbles.. Donated from their family members. Little children seems to be the only thing that brings hope in a hopeless time. We were taking a walk along the bridge, and a group of little children happen to be singing a little happy tune.. It really brings some warmth to my heart, like a ray of good faith during bad times. It’s been 26403 days since the bombing of Hiroshima and 77 days since the last testing of nuclear bomb around the world. May Peace continue to heal the people of Hiroshima and may Peace be the way the world functions instead of having to fight for 💔 #LoveShikoku

Spot me 😄 At the Awa Odori Dance Hall within Tokushima prefecture today to look and learn about their traditional celebratory dance. I took it down for team Singapore okay 😂 The things i’m good at, surprise me 😂 Quite a joy to watch people from different countries coming together to learn a part of Japan’s culture ❤️ And in that 1 hour, everyone laughed, danced and cheered together 😌 #ThankYouJapan #LoveShikoku 📷: @fujifilmsg #XE3

OOTD 😍 Love my top / dress from @lzzieofficiel 🧡 It’s so pretty i bought it in two colours =X 😄 Quality is as usual, freaking awesome! 📷: @fujifilmsg #XE3

Made my wafu own paper at Uchiko town within Ehime with #LoveShikoku team ❤️ It was a very touching experience for me becox we buy factory-made wafu paper so easily at such an affordable price where we are but the people who works at the factory that still uses manual labour have to do so much work to make the paper piece by piece, i much prefer it to the machine made ones we buy ☺️ I hope these factories will stay on for a long time before machineries take over the beauty of things.

These are from day 2 of my #LoveShikoku trip. They sell lotsa limited edition only in #Ehime snacks and candies like Oden Calbee potato chips, Mikan Calbee potato chips, mikan hi-chew and pear hi-chew!!! And a very refreshing loquat langue biscuit!!! I have 3 more days here in Japan and i don’t know if i have enough luggage space 😂 At least better than auntie @cheeserland go bring back Japanese groceries like onion, tomato, radish all 😂

Visited the Mastuyama Castle within Ehime prefecture today with #LoveShikoku and i must say i am deeply impressed by the experience. I thought it would be a boring one like how you visit museum sometimes it can get a little dry but there’re good reasons why the Matsuyama Castle is voted the Best Castle in Japan and known to be the most interesting one!!! We went inside the castle and could see what the Lords of different times wore for war, as well as the weapons they used and most interestingly, the whole castle was actually built to be a trap 😱 Back then if attackers wanna attack this castle it’s almost impossible (that’s why you see the castle in a very good condition) cox every corner they run into, there’re snippers with guns / arrows hiding to shoot attackers off. Even the doors routes up the castle have traps and are designed to slow down the attackers or to trip them over 😅 Quite ingenious i must say, the gentleman who built the castle. And the MOST MOST ingenious part? The whole castle is just a smoke screen, the Lord doesn’t even stays there!!! The place he stays at was kept a secret and its only been discovered 26 years ago, along with the castle. I am very impressed how nobody baodoh the Lord’s secret hideout location 😂 He must be a damn good ruler for his people to protect and serve him with such loyalty 😌 It’s my first time visitng a castle and i am happy it’s the best castle in Japan that i’ve visited ❤️ Thank you #LoveShikoku ❤️ Check out their facebook group #LoveShikoku 📷: @fujifilmsg #XE3

Yesterday was the first time i travelled so far on a bicycle ❤️ It was a little taxing but the view on from the Kurushima-Kaikyo bridge was worth everything. It got a little too cold for my ears and i left my beanie on the bus so that’s how i survived, with a scarf wrapped around 😂 The whole group of media were ahead of me becox i damn unfit 😂 So half the time i was walking and pushing the bicycle but does it matter? But nevermind lah, cannot cycle upslope still can werk it with a bicycle on the slope 😁 Swipe to see the beautiful bridge and view from it! Honestly it was really one of the more physically challenging task i’ve achieved of recent years but for that view, i’d walk the bridge all over again. Read: Walk 😂 Cycle damn chuan sia 😂 #LoveShikoku 📷: @fujifilmsg #XE3

One of my favourite piece from my co-design collection with @tokichoi_sea ❤️ You can wear it as an outer wear, or wear it as a shirt paired with midi skirt / high-waist pants ❤️❤️❤️ This picture was taken outside our ryokan under extremely low light condition but the @fujifilmsg #XE3 did very well 👍🏻 #LoveShikoku

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