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QiuTing 洪萩庭  Hello! I'm a human from Singapore. Loves to laugh, eat, sleep and shop. Hit "Contact" for ad enquiries! Be nice or be blocked. Get pretty on @qiubue

Thank you @luxemono ( for these personalised makeup pouch and card holder 💖

The quality of their leather goods are really good and they provide personalization + monogramming to make your gifts extra special and unique! 🖤 #luxemono

Dao huey zui ah soh 😂 @eachlovechip That's all for today.. I live for #MidAngtumn every year. Wanna make a guess next year is what theme? 😂

#MidAngtumn #五脚基 haha. Washing clothes by the floor on wooden washing board ☺️ @eachlovechip @fillet1703

#MidAngtumn theme is #五脚基 Five foot way. I feel those time were so carefree, not that i know, i just see from tv series 福满人间 and 春到人间 haha.

Check out @fillet1703 @pigpigrocks @pearlang igs for the little details ☺️

Making healthy homemade baby / kids food / snack (like fruits and vege popsicle!) has never been easier with the Braun MQ5 handblender! 😎

I love how super easy it is to use but more than that I love how super fuss-free it is to wash!

And there are many attachments that comes with it so you can blend almost any type and texture of food!

You want purée, pulp, chunky mixture, all can! 😍

Sharing an ultra easy recipe with you that will be a kid’s favourite.

6 servings, use 6-8 strawberries depending on size, and 2-3 bananas depending on size. Blend it with the Braun Handblender, throw it into popsicle mould, add milk to fill the rest of the space. Pop it in the freezer 😍😍😍 It’s also perfect if you wanna make pasta sauce!

Tomato + garlic + onion + black pepper + pinch of salt, no specific portion, all add to taste preference 😂 And blend. That’s how we make our own pasta sauce for Meredith when she was 2.

Soon Amelia can enjoy the heaven of flavours 😂

#endorsed #BraunHouseholdSG #BraunBaby

I had soooo much yummy authentic Thai food @cmykevent and i haven't even tried 5% of everything. Downed it with a refreshing pink sour plum soda from @cerealcitizen 😍 And end off the day with sweet yummy warm crododo. CMYK event is happening today til Sunday 3-11pm! At Bayfront Event Space (right beside MBS) ❤️ Expect some good food and shopping from our local and Thailand retailers! Also look out for the endless photo spots!!! Got lotsa game booths also, so it's a family-friendly event 😍

Happy birthday 🍰 to @jawsure who spent his birthday @cerealcitizen @cmykevent 💖 May you quickly own your Panerai dream 😂 And may our little family always be happy and healthy.. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧💞 Thank you for all the times you give in to me 🙂 Keep it up. LOL.

SEEEEE!!! #disneyxelisalitz @elisalitz SWIPE!!! If not regret forever 😂😍 IT'S REALLY CUTE 刀~~~~~ Me and Meredith choped a few pcs that are not launched yet cox ytd we could only buy 3 pairs that we wanted 😭 The rest all launch next few weeks 😭 BUT HERE ARE SOME OF THE CUTESTTTTTT!!!

At the launch of #DisneyxLzzie #DisneyxElisaLitz @lzzieofficiel @elisalitz yesterday and ALL THE PIECES ARE SOOOO CUTEEEEE MY HEART WAS GONNA EXPLODE LIKE TSUM TSUM FIRWORKS SHORT VIDEOS 😂 (youtube search Tsum Tsum fireworks)!!!! Look out for spam becox everything is too cute i gotta post everything. Follow them to get first grab becox i foresee it will be OOS very very fast once it's launched 😍 @pxdkitty @meregoround

‼️ Vacuum cleaner of the skin ‼️Sucks out impurities and softens skin to purge blackhead / white head easily, also helps to tighten pores after 💚 Details on this Vani-T Seaweed Bubble mask from 🇯🇵 Japan, on @qiubue 😍 Congratulations to #QiuBue on being sole agent for Vani-T from Japan ❤️ We are extremely thankful to be carrying only the best of everything you need to beautiful skin.

I really love how this bubble mask gently detoxifies my skin!!! After feeling really super shiok cox skin becomes softer and smoother!!! 👍🏻 10 packs in a box! DM @qiubue or text 94377728 to enquire!

Just casually chit chatting with @meregoround about #HeYurou hair (as seen on @pearlang 😂) being really funny and quite ugly 😂 But god forbids anyone talk bad about her idol Yurou jiejie 😒😂 Until she starts to judge my character with “are you a bad guy?” 😂 Moral police lai liao.

Jokes aside, I really am proud of my sassy 3.5 year old.. ❤️ She can chat about so much stuff with me now, from the things that happened in her school, to what she feels about them, and to telling me white lies like “your belly ee nork fag, mama. Ees jars a liger beeg wobbly” 🙂 Thank you ah, Meredith 😅 Yesterday a very kind lady at the toilet let us go first when it was her turn cox Meredith was scissors-legging liao 😂 Later Meredith tell me “that lady ee so kind raik? Beekers she let me go fers, so my poopoo neh drop on the floor. I giap and giap wit my pigu” 💆🏻‍♀️😂 Thanks for sharing Meredith 😅 #QiuPill

Unicorn float soooo huge we could chill all day in it 😍🦄 Thank you again @jackkkko please bring #inflatableisland to Singapore!!! 😍😍😍

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