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QiuTing 洪萩庭  Hello! I'm a blogger from Singapore. I love to laugh, eat, sleep and shop. Hit "Contact" for advertising enquiries! Be nice or be blocked.


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Makeup transformation, 8 steps, 15 minutes, 1 same person 😅 Check out the tags for details. - Kate Tokyo powderless (when i need coverage fast)
- NYX concealer (super good coverage + non-drying!!)
- Loreal brow chisel straight (cannot go wrong with this)
- Etudehouse shadow (love it cox all pink and mocha)
- Cannake eyeliner (affordable + very easy to draw on!)
- Canmake glitter powder + liquid glow for sparkly eyes)
- Urban Decay blush palette
- Laniege Silk Intense (super duper moisturizing + pigmented + colour pops so well!!!)

Went out on baby date with Baby Lizzie and she really is a big ball of.. Cheeks and chubs 😂😍😍😍 She looks like a fishball with hair 😆 And she's soooo cheerful it's so easy to make her laugh 😚😚😚 Meredith look so mature and grown up beside her 😌 Thank you Lz and Zg for the birthday treat and present for @meregoround ☺️☺️☺️ She's a very lucky kid!!! Btw i tried to ask Meredith "Meredith, later when we go meet baby Lizzie, will you help to look after her?" She reply.. "I cannot. I cannot help. I got baby ehdee" and then she lift up her shirt to stroke her belly 😒🤦🏻‍♀️ 越来越 cao geng 这个 Meredith. 一直用我用的借口!!! 😂 #babylizzie

💖 Special deal @laneigeSG ( 💖 on Lazada 3rd Birthday!!! 🎈 You and i are in for a treat! Even though the Laneige x Lazada Birthday Box has sold out, all these Laneige Best Sellers are still available on Lazada! PLUS! You get additional $5 off with the code LNGMAR5. Stay tuned for another birthday box available on 23rd March, 0000hr! Fastest finger first!

Also, good news for fans of Laneige Lip Sleeping mask that gives you sweet kissable lips, they have come up with 3 new yummy flavours and it's back on sale with all-time favourite Berry flavour 😍

Out of the 3 new yummy flavours - Vanilla, Apple Lime and Grapefruit my favourite is Apple Lime cox it's so refreshing! Go try yours quick~

#Laneigesg #Lazadasg #LANEIGExLAZADA

Very advance birthday to @cheeserland the world most invincible #PokeMom ☺️ Love this picture cox both Cheesie and Junya looks so happy ☺️ Thank you for sharing all baby stuff with me 😁 Now our baby clothes and shoes wear is wear 2-3 hands one, baby cot also will sleep 2 hands 😄 Let's keep the ball rolling okay 😅 Maybe after me i pass back you if you want a break then ask @carolynlimz jiayou okay 😆 Don't spoil the momentum. Our dining table gonna get more and more crowded and chaotic over the years 😌 P/S: Sakura looks like a inverted scoop of ice cream on cone 😂😍

Today they successfully flew a kite 😌 @meregoround clap each time the kite gets into the sky and shout "干妈加油!" 😍 @steamfishbaby @michsweets ☺️ The sotong look so haphazard though lol. Damn extra.

会煮的男人最棒棒 😌😋 Josh's been cooking a lot for me and this soup really stole the show cox the 龙骨 really is 入味 and 熬到 soft untilll.. U know how i know all good men / husbands can cook? Becox my dad can cook, @pearlang husband my bro-in-law can cook, my husband can cook 😅 And world best brother, grandson, nephew and son @cyrus_225 also takes interest in cooking. So that's how i draw my conclusion haha. You know what kind of wives are worst? The kind that cannot cook but talk a lot and give a lot of comment and feedback 😂😂😂🙋🏻🙆🏻💁🏻 At least i stopped trying to cook (Read: Stopped trying to kill Josh or myself). Lolol. Good morning, weekend ❤️

Some people are soooo asshole that it's mind-boggling to me why such people have people standing by them and their logic / believes. Please learn how to treat matters and people with a little bit more respect and kindness and most importantly, calm yo titties 🤢 Other people have real issues to deal with while you sulk over petty little things 🙄

I haven't tried seeing 3 different doctors in 3 consecutive days but the last 3 days it happened 😅 First day i was running a fever, second day the fever refuse to go away and it got to 40 degree Celsius at some points, it was so bad i couldn't stand straight wth. Turns out i got lung infection?! So random why. Then on the third day i have contractions every 5-6 mins, each time lasted 30-40 seconds for almost an hour. And i was like cannot beeee wth don't scare me NICU bill for premature babies damn expensive 😰 So i call my gynae clinic and they arranged for me to see covering doctor immediately cox Dr Law was overseas for some seminar if i'm not wrong. Towards the end i went to sit on the toilet and then manage to lao sai three times LOLOLOL wth turns out i just have very bad stomach ache becox i was on an anti-biotics that causes diarrhea and i later found out it's not so suitable for pregnant ladies 😖 Thank god i only had 2 dosage and thank god the covering doctor spot the mistake earlier and switch me out of that anti-biotics on a milder one + prescribe probiotics to restore good bacteria for the fetus guts 😌 I learnt my mistake already, next time anything i don't go GP liao i go straight to Dr Law. Flu also just go find him. At least he knows to give the right meds for pregger 😌 Thankful for the help of his covering doctor! Most of all, thank you @jawsure for taking care such good care of me the last few days!!! All the good soup you cooked and all the rest i can take becox you help take over Meredith ❤️ I tried the whole pregnancy not to take any meds that's bad for the baby but lung infection is really boh bian i don't want to pass it to Meredith so yeah, in case anyone judge die me say why pregnant still anyhow take meds 😐 GP gimmie one don't stone me. Lol. This is a picture of me doing some test to check for contractions 😁 I look huge. Also, this pregnancy is so much harder and complicated than when i was pregnant with Meredith 😣 I want to smack her bumbum when she comes out 😠😙

Thank you @76_steve @number_76sg for the new hair colour with highlight ❤️

I was @TheQuartersSg for a tasting session the other day and i must say the taste of the food is no horse run with. I tried the Shiok Fries which is indeed sibeh shiok! It's drizzled with chili crab sauce (with real crab meat okay!!!) and salted egg yolk sauce. And the Satay Burger - the rice burger is soooo chewy with a crispy outside. Then the sauce urghhhh!! i am very hungry!!! Chicken is also grilled on an open fire to a crispy char-grilled perfection yet still very juicy on the inside. For salted egg yolk sauce lovers you must try the Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger! Patty is deep fried to an airy light crispy texture! Plus the sauce itself is really good!!!There are also other interesting (interesting but still VERY VERY tasty! No bullshit fusion lol) food items on the menu with local twist like Samsui Chicken salad and Buah Keluak / Chili Crab pasta etc! #SupportLocalSG Really looking forward to go back to @TheQuartersSg ❤ It's not your typical cafe brunch where food selection is standard and tbh, repetitive everywhere else =X Had the honor of meeting the boss, brain, chef and sometimes server @TheQuartersSg and had a very good time learning about his passion and dedication for making food that is solid in taste Every sauce, every scoop of ice cream, everything basically, is handmade in their own kitchen!If you're into dessert, you must give the Buah Keluak ice cream and chewy crusty brownies a try. You won't believe there's like zero chocolate used in the ice cream!!!Go down and try for yourself, the place is very cozy and casual, just a humble good place for enjoying good food. #TheQuartersSG

我就知道我女儿有我《洪姐》的气派. Ku bang hih dao boon bubble, 气质零分, 自信满分. 跟妈咪太像了. Hahaha. Thank you @felxsierra for the bubble fun today hahah @meregoround

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