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Enyo  They/them. Handmade from heartstrings since 2010. 🏡✨OR ✨🌲 @silvercravt is my sister shop! 🌿🌻🌙✨🔮

Hey!! My name is Enyo and I use they/them pronouns! I just wanted to talk to you all about something which is not business related but feels really important! This is me and I’m nearly naked on a beach in Oregon (it’s legal here). It’s weird because this isn’t a revealing photo, but it was so strange to undress in public and that’s probably because I have a complicated relationship with my body. I’ve been over 200lbs and close to 100lbs, neither of which were easy on my body. I’ve counted calories for nearly every day of the past 16 years of my life and it’s taken up so much time. I didn’t wear shorts even in the hottest of summer heat until this year. I avoided intimacy for years at a time because of my weight and because my eating disorder was my lover. Hardly anyone noticed my behavior and almost everyone believed the lies I told them. I have abused my body with food and I have denied my body nourishment. For the first time in my life, I have made a choice not to starve myself when I’m not a weight that I don’t like. I don’t do fab diets and I don’t hide my eating disorder behind veganism or raw food. My body is a good one and it brings my partner and I pleasure, it takes me to such beautiful places, it does more than I knew it could, and it’s a safe place. I am not perfect and finding peace in my body is an ongoing thing. But the peace I feel now has made me want to tell you that it’s alright to eat. You deserve nourishment and your body does not deserve to be punished. No matter what you’ve done or what has been done to you, you and your body still deserve love. You deserve food. I love you all, and I know I am not alone in this struggle. The diet industry is a multi billion dollar industry and it does not care how much you suffer to achieve ideals which are unrealistic and sometimes dangerous. Eating disorders don’t effect just white women and people with eating disorders aren’t always thin. You can heal and you deserve to heal and you do not have to suffer alone. •

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Hey my sweets!! Everything under the basics section on my site is 20% off with the code FLASHSALE!! I moved these two items from Cult of Light to basics so they’re available for a steal also!!! I’ve got lots of great things on the way to my site so help me make some room for new things!! Sending you all love!! ✨⚡️✨

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More pictures of Cult of Light. A few pieces are still on my site but these all have sold. Which was your favorite from the release?? ✨

#pastels #spiritquartz #druzy #moonstonejewelry #handcrafted

Some sparkly pieces that will be available in tomorrow’s update. I’m so obsessed with this giant druzy chalcedony and moonstone piece! I’m always so stunned by what the earth creates. ✨ I have it on chain right now but I may switch it to silk... what do you think? Swipe to see some other pieces! 🖤

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Hey qtz! I just wanted to let you all know that the update is happening on Friday at 5pm pacific time!! I’m waiting for my silks still so there is no way it can happen tonight! Here are some more of the pieces I’ll have available in Cult of Light! Also, does anyone know where I can get more crystal points like the bottom on in this picture? I’m obsessed with the size and shape. I got this one (there was only one!) from @paxtongatepdx which is a spot you should visit if you’re ever in Portland!! 😍

#moonstone #druzyjewelry #chalcedony #mushroomlover #mushroomart #earthy #pnwart #handmadejewelry #rusticwedding

Here is another sneak peek of two more talismans in Cult of Dark. These oddity bottles are made with a lot of found and collected treasures and they’re kind of hard to capture. They’re made with feathers and porcupine quills from northern Minnesota, lavender I grew, yarrow I collected with @sassafrashealingarts, a mouse jaw (scientific studies) from 1932 gifted to me by @ajunkysock... its safe to say these pieces are precious and filled with emotions. They’re topped with crystals and the contents are in little glass bottles. I began storing treasures in glass with @ajunkysock almost 7 years ago. It was a way we could capture precious memorials but I never thought I’d turn them into wearable jewelry... I call them the Ephemeral Oddity Bottles and I hope you like them! ✨🌸✨

#boneart #oddities #odditiesforsale #talisman #copperjewelry #artisan #heartwork #goodvibes #crystallovers #pocartist #queerartist

Who else is excited for Cult of Light?! Cult of Light was a collection I created about a year ago, and this is a revisit of some of those designs! Cult of Light is all about dreamy light colored pieces, so if that’s your thing, stay tuned for more information and previews of the items! The left is a sphynx sculpted by my bb @ajunkysock that I then turned into a jewel! •

#moonstone #moonstonejewelry #moongoddess #druzy #spiritquartz #handmadewithlove #supportsmallbusiness #oregonartist

I listed a bunch of new mushie pendents and other items under $100 on my site! Some cute earrings too! ✨🍄

#mushrooms #mushroomart #fungilove #fungi #handsculpted #pnwonderland #pnwartist #naturelovers

Thank you for adopting all the moons in my release last week! They’ve been such a fun treasure to make over the summer. Should I keep making them? Do you like the tiny chalcedony ones or these larger druzy ones better? I do have more chalcedony moon bb’s in the works! ✨ •

#moon #moonlovers #druzy #druzyjewelry #druzystone #gothic #crystalhealing

My account isn’t huge. I don’t get tons of likes. I don’t take excellent photos. I run out of mailers and materials I need all the time. I’ve dealt with people copying my work and bullying me. I don’t make much money. All of these things are real but I wouldn’t trade what I do. I LOVE creating art for you and I hope you continue to see and feel the love I put into my work. Thank you for supporting my very small business, and know it touches my heart that you’re all so sweet and patient with me!! I’m feeling very grateful and happy today. 💕😭

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Hey qtz! In honor of Virgo season I’m having a 20% off sale! Use the code VIRGOBABY to snag one of the pretties still on my site at a steal of a price!! •

#bonejewelry #bones #crystalpoint #opals #quartz #virgoseason #ethicallysourced

Do you like smaller weekly updates or the larger monthly ones? Let me know in the comments! Update tomorrow at 5pm pacific time!! •

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