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bondnickbond  Terrible, terrible photographer.


Melbourne mo’s

Returned from holidays for one day, rewarded myself with cocktails

Time for the annual post-Fruits beach rebirth

Trop Fruits crew

What a fancy little boyfriend #tropicalfruits @theboyfromthebush

Another incredible Tropical Fruits, although giving up and just wearing a picnic blanket to the final party was probs not my finest moment #tropicalfruits

How iconic is my mum circa 1990

Love to appear on camera next to impossibly beautiful movie stars minutes after dashing across town mid-heatwave #theshining #reflectivehead

Look I interviewed Kylie bloody Minogue, of course I’m going to post it on every single social media platform - currently figuring out how to upload it to my Menulog account #kylieminogue #swingingsafari

My sister just sent me this pic of her in my bedroom circa 1997. Strong, spicy interior design choices

Sunkissed Sunday arvo bin chooks

Yesterday’s (entirely rained out) superyacht experience, channeling Packer-era Mariah and living my best life

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