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Madeleine Catherine Morris  🦋

Starting the day off SWEATYYY. #BOOM #TodayWasHard Shoutout to my trainer for pushing me through and reminding me to stay grounded and correcting my form during class! @dwalkertx12 you the real MVP. Thanks for dealing with my #RBF 💁🏻‍♀️ #goldsburn #burnbaby #ittakestwotomakeathinggoright #playlistpoppin #staymotivated

When you look like death but still want to document your post workout death mirror selfie. #results #peachbooty #leaningout 💁🏻‍♀️

Stay true to your madness. ⚡️

After workout pump! #goldsstudio #NRR #ThankCoachDawn

BodyFlow yoga today was amazing. I want to make this a routine in my life. Sometimes we are on the GO-GO-GO and forget our bodies and minds are delicate and need attention. #yogi



Have you ever encountered yourself experiencing something bad that turns in to much worse REAL quick? Well this is me at midnight trying to control some burn from EXPIRED PRODUCTS. .
#storytime I’ve been dealing with a bad left shoulder for a hot minute now ( a year or so) lately have been really painful so I decided to apply some nerve cream combined with some cold therapy cream for sore muscles. I told myself, “Well, it’s either a muscle or nerve issue, so here I come”. After about 10 minutes while laying in bed trying to sleep the pain wouldn’t go away, then I started literally crying of how much pain I was experiencing. The pictures doesn’t to it’s justice, I was actually swollen and experiencing a burning sensation from hell. Rapidly jumped in the shower still partially clothed and there was no cold water or hot water that helped this bad bad bad situation. Oh, another mistake: don’t use more chemicals with the bad combo, my body wash felt like legit acid or something the human body should ever feel. Anyway, after waking up Jeff and most my neighbors (even my cat was concerned for my life) I remembered something from my former firefighter grandpa about milk. Too bad our milk was the most expensive one at the store but you bet your tail I used maybe a cup or so of it trying to control the burn. Helped a little. But I still feel the burn. Anyway, life lesson learned: DONT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE EXPIRED SKIN PRODUCTS AND DONT COMBINE THEM EITHER. I don’t want anyone reading this going through the same pain I went through. 🤦🏻‍♀️☹️👹🔥 #onehellofanight #helpme #expiredproducts #frombadtoworse #OUCH

In love with my #blueblackhair 🦋🖤

Sorry I been MIA with my posts lately. I been working on some content coming your way but today I wanted to have a real talk: ⬇️ -
How often do you weigh yourself? Over and over we hear it’s just a number, but yet we let it guide our self esteem and how we feel about our progress. There are SO many other ways to track progress -

Today at my local gym I noticed a lady who got extremely upset after weighing herself. I been there & still struggle. Have you noticed that we often treat ourselves like our own worst enemies? It’s time for us to stop that vicious cycle and help a sista out AKA BE GOOD TO YOUR DANGG SELF WOMAN! Sure, you can work hard on your goals but remember that there’s many other ways to track your own personal progress that are much more affective in my opinion. .
Here are a few of them: -
👖 how your clothes fit.
🏋🏽‍♀️ your increase in strength .
📷 photos.
🧠how you FEEL .
💩 digestion.
💕 your ability to do what you love.
🏃🏽‍♀️your conditioning.
⚡️ your energy level.
So screw the scale! Get creative and start loving yourself for more than a number!!! Share below your favorite ways to track your progress besides the scale.
Hope you had an amazing Monday.
Set your intentions for a brand new day tomorrow. LY! ☀️🎉❤️
#ScrewTheScale #DoYouBoo #BeGoodToYourself

I got a special message for u⬇️
Today I was the first person to get back from our 400 meter run and I was the last person to quit our MAX reps to failure workout. Your mind will naturally tell you to quit before your body needs to. When I feel my muscles start to burn during a set I mentally acknowledge that I want to quit, then CHOOSE to keep pushing. The last few reps are always tough but THAT is what makes resting when you’ve finished so gratifying.. IT DOESN'T GET EASIER, YOU GET BETTER FASTER AND STRONGER!!! #WeAreAllInThisTogether

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Hey babes,
My name is Madeleine Morris but my Brazilian family and friends call me Madá. Here in the US they call me: Maddie or Mads. I moved here from Brazil in 2009 with my sister Mel. Have an associates degree in Science and working in getting my personal training certificate in 2018. I have loved fitness for several years now and finally decided to put my whole heart, mind and might into it and help people to feel hope and encouragement. I have struggled with depression, abuse and anxiety for a long period of time and I have noticed fitness and mindfulness helps me cope with my shortcomings and help me achieve overall greatness.
I am 26 years young/ 5’7/ Became citizen of this country in April 2018 🇺🇸/ Happily married to my Jeffrey, we got hitched in June 2018 (we met in college, dated for 4 years and he proposed at Huntington Beach November, 26th 2017/ I have a Siamese mix cat named Tobi/ I love going to the movies/ eating good food/ shopping/ but there’s nothing I’m as passionate than fitness.
Welcome to my life!

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