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Teejay Sidhu  Twins Mom, actor, TV host, traveller, book lover, movie buff, eternal optimist, junior yogi, tree hugger.. 😊 ❀️

There are days when you can give it your best shot, try all the tricks you know, but a #baby just won't sleep! πŸ™ˆ The best solution to that - don't exhaust yourself trying. :) Let the baby win, let her hang out for awhile, indulge in some late night silliness. :) It's okay once in awhile. It's not something you'll regret. You'll never look back and say, 'I spent too much time playing with my #child.' :) #Cherish everything - even the #latenights. 😊 #momlife #daddysgirl #babylove #Bella

Happy 19 months to the other little piece of my #heart. ❀️My #darling #baby #angel, for doing nothing at all, for just being here, I am so proud of you. I do feel a little foolish though, for underestimating God. So many times in my life, I thought He gave me happiness. And then He gave me you two - a kind of #happiness I couldn't have imagined. πŸ™ You are a testament to His #greatness, you are the ultimate definition of love. ❀️ #Bella #Vienna #twins #champagnebirthday

Celebrating my babies' turning 19 on the 19th. :) Does that count as a #champagnebirthday? ;) I've been thinking since yesterday what to write. Words are not enough for some of the things I feel. As a human being, I am just a drop in the ocean - yet the depth of my #gratitude, for all that I have, is immeasurable. Thank you, my #beautiful #baby #girl, for existing. You are a little piece of #God for me, a reminder everyday that He is real. Mom loves you so much - happy 19 months! β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜‡ #Vienna #twins #babylove

Teaching my #children a #special #prayer today. I was just thinking, that while everybody is celebrating Mother's Day, there must be so many people without #mothers who are feeling so much sadness. And I'm sure there are many #children, many #babies, who don't have #mothers, either. That is heartbreaking. It's hard for anyone to be without a #Mom, but how does God expect a #child to manage? Today we #pray for all the people who have this void in their lives. Dear God, please take extra care of them, and please shine extra #love on them always. πŸ™

I am an extension of this #beautiful #woman, of her #kindness, #courage, and #strength. :) And she is an extension of her #mother before her, my beloved #Nani. Today I honour all my #female #ancestors - whatever I am, is because of what they have passed down through generations. I pray their goodness and wisdom flows freely through me, so that I may pass it down to my #daughters one day. #HappyMothersDay to all #mothers, to the mothers before us, and to all Moms-to-be! You are all extraordinary women and I wish I could hug each one of you! ❀️ #beautifulsmile

The #journey of one life giving birth to another is what #motherhood is about - and it's been awesome so far! :) Watch my video to see my #UnstretchedJourney. :) Thank you @karanvirbohra for going out of your way for me. 😊
Don't forget, you can stand a chance to feature in a coffee table book with other #celebrity #moms! Share your stories by either posting, uploading a photo or a video about the person who helped you and don't forget to mention #UnstretchedJourney & #BioOil.
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! You're all doing a great job! ❀️ @shweta.tiwari whats your story?

Thank you @zeetv for inviting us to #JuzzBaath - we had a lot of fun! :) Dearest Adaa, wish you a very #happybirthday! You were wonderful on the show today - real, honest, vulnerable. People got to know the real you and that's what talk shows are all about. Proud of you for all that you have achieved - you already know I've been your fan ever since Amrit-Manthan! :) And I know your Mom is here in spirit, feeling the same way. :) Don't ever change being the #beautiful #soul that you are. ❀️ Sorry the #babies blew out your #birthday candles!) πŸ˜„ @adaakhann

The greatest joy to have, is that of being blessed with motherhood. I believe that it's true for every mother out there. Thank you
@HP_India for helping me preserve this happiness forever! #HappyMothersDay

There are still days when I look in the mirror and wish my #face was a little rounder, my nose a little smaller, my #jawline less sharp. But then I look a little deeper and try to see my true self. 'Am I doing some #good in this world? Am I showing some #kindness everyday? Am I giving #love to more than just my family? Am I leaving people happier for having seen me today? Is my #heart good? Am I a better person today than yesterday?' If I can say yes to even one thing, then I'm actually doing okay. :)
THEN I look at my flaws again and say, 'Whatever. I'm still fabulous!' πŸ˜„ This is a great exercise to do everyday - see the good in yourself - and just say 'whatever' to all the little imperfections. :) You are truly beautiful - and that's the #truth.

One of those days when your twins actually look like #twins! :) Another thing they had in common today was their #temperament - they were being #nice and #playing with each other! I walked into this room thinking, 'Am I in the right house? Are these MY #children?' πŸ˜‚ Dear God, please give us (many) more days like these!! :) We could use more #love - and less of kicking, fighting and scratching! ;)
@themomsco Thank you for spoiling us with the #awesome box of #natural #baby products! As you can see, we #love everything you sent us! :) #twins #babygirls #Bella #Vienna #lovewithoutcompromise

#Guru ghar da #langar - better than any restaurant in the world! :) Even the person on the strictest diet can't say no to the food served at God's house! ;)
Dearest @vandanasajnaniofficial and @rajesh_khattar - happy tenth anniversary to you! :) And what a #beautiful way to #celebrate, by having an #akhand #paath. Thank you for making us a part of this day. May #Waheguru always be with you on this journey. May He bring even more #blessings into your life! ;) Love you.❀️

@min_sidhu This photo reminds me of all the times you sat by this window, putting babies to sleep (and falling asleep with them!) ;) Thank you, Arm, for all that you do, for giving them so much #love since the day they were born (when you snuck into the hospital to see them!) ;) I'm sure you'll never forget the first time #Bella screamed and your ears rang for three days!! πŸ˜‚ Have the happiest birthday ever - no matter how old you get, you'll always be my #baby #brother so I'll always be bossy and tell you what to do! Haha! Love you. ❀️ #happybirthday

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