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Bologna Children's Book Fair  BCBF is the most important international get-together for professionals involved in children's publishing. Official hashtag: #BCBF19

Till June 6, the Italians selected for the 2018 #IllustratorsExhibition will fly to Paris to be exhibited in a truly splendid place: the Hôtel de Galliffet, headquarters of the @iicparigi, for the exhibition 'Prise de vue: regards sur l'illustration italienne contemporaine', focused on the new wave of Italian illustration. Here they are with some of the illustration that you saw during #BCBF18!

Today in Italy it's #MothersDay and what better way to celebrate every mum around the world than give them beautiful illustrated stories? 👩‍👧‍👦 Happy Mother's Day! #BCBF18

Grab you diary and phone for the official dates of the 56th Bologna Children's Book Fair! We can finally unveil when the #BCBF19 will take place: from April 1 to April 4, so now you can't say we didn't tell you that! 😏

This evening, at Milan’s #LaboratorioFormentini, the exhibition ‘•D• Notturni, piraterie e allunaggi’ is going to open to everyone who loved #GianniDeConno and his works. Our friends @canuivan and @mimasterillustrazione, @carthusiaedizioni, Costanza De Conno and Associazione #Tapirulan invite you to join the celebration and discover the art of an incredible illustrator and a lifetime friend of #BCBF18. The exhibition will stay open to public till May 29!

The 27 illustrators chosen for 'Off the Page... and in the World of Fashion', organised by #BCBF18 and @pittimmagine

The 27 illustrators chosen for 'Off the Page... and in the World of Fashion', organised by #BCBF18 and @pittimmagine.

#PittiBimbo 87 is just over a month away and will take place from June 21st to June 23 at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence. So we are happy to announce the third edition of 'Off the Page... and in the World of Fashion' organised thanks to the partnership of #BCBF and @pittimmagine and presents a creative exchange between illustration and fashion. 27 young artists from the 2018 Illustrators Exhibition will learn how their creativity can flourish in the world of fashion, within textures and patterns, as well as being exhibited inside the Fortezza... Their names? Here they are revealed to you through their wonderful illustrations! #PB87

During #BCBF18 we get in touch with new countries of the world, but we also love to engage with our most honored and lifelong guests. Every year we note with astonishment the creative exuberance of many stands: for example, we really loved the Taiwanese stand, where famous like #JimmyLiao and @pagetsou were hosted! And you? Tell us which were the stands and place that you liked the most! 😍

Today we introduce to you the #ChenBochui International Children’s Literature Award, presented by the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair. Founded in 1981, it awards the most innovative illustrated books of the Year. The application for the 2018 edition is online, link in bio for further info! And now, some of the 2017 Laureates! #CCBF2018

Andrea Antinori, author of the beautiful book ‘A book about whales’ published by @corrainiedizioni, has animated some illustration labs at #SCRF18. Look at this paper whales, we can say that Andrea had very good pupils! ✏️🐳🐋 #BCBF18

Bologna goes to the Emirates!

The Sharjah Children's Reading Festival started today and we're very pleased to be invited here by @uaebby ☺️ The BCBF Exhibition Manager Elena Pasoli is with a delegation of @ibbyitalia with writer and translator Beatrice Masini, the illustrator Andrea Antinori (published in Italy by @corrainiedizioni), Grazia Gotti from Accademia Drosselmeier and Marcella Terrusi. Want further info? Link in bio! And last but not least, we celebrate together with Reza Dalvand, Iranian illustrator selected for the 2018 #IllustratorsExhibition and among the winners of the Sharjah Illustrators Exhibition for Children's Books, congratulations! 🍻 #BCBF18 #BCBF19 #SCRF18

📣Calling all publishers!

After travelling West for the new New York Rights Fair, we're ready to fly East too: In November BCBF is going to open in China for the 6th edition of the Shanghai International Children's Book Fair. We certainly want to bring all of you with us, that's why we're going to introduce you to the Shanghai Visiting International Publishers project for all of our illustrated books' publishers interested in the Chinese market. If you're up for an amazing adventure with other global publishers, then all you have to do is apply for to attend this event before June 10, 2018! Link in bio for further info! #BCBF18 #CCBF2018

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