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/bōld/ a lagree fitness studio  We love Lagree Fitness and we love Berkeley! Try your first class for only $15.

Focus is key 🗝


MOTW: Skating
. . .
1 red and 2 yellow springs, place feet under foot straps. Get into your best squat to start and grab the handles in front for stabilization. Slowly kick the carriage away, then slowly draw it back in. Resist the weight of the kick with the standing leg outer thigh. Make sure to keep the standing leg still and press into the heel to engage the glute, hamstring and quad! Also be sure to keep the back flat, neutral spine, abs engaged and shoulders back and down.

Come play on the mega with Kate tomorrow! Make sure to check out our Abs and Arms class at 8:30am!

Lagree Fitness at Bold is just so much FUN! Catch this smiling face at 6:15pm or 7:15pm tomorrow night!

MOTW: Tailbone Torso Twist
. . .
2-3 yellow springs, grab the black cable and find a boat pose in the middle of the carriage. Keep the hands in the middle of your chest and slowly twist from the oblique closest to the back of the machine. To modify, put one or both feet on the edge of the carriage!

Completing a class at /bōld/ is THE BEST feeling 😍 We can’t think of a better way to spend your Presidents’ Day than with us! Only a few spots left:
11:30am: FULL
5:15pm: 2 spots left!
6:15pm: FULL
7:15pm: 3 spots left!


There’s no messing around in a class at Bold. Come get your sweat on with us tonight!

We ❤️ YOU! Thanks for bringing the love with you to each and every class. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This move of the week works the chest, shoulders, and abs! Try Mega Chest Fly in class this week!
. . .
Start on 1 red and 2 yellow springs. Grab the black cables and sit on the carriage facing the front. Put your feet under the s-strap for support. Start with your arms in the shape of two letter C’s, then slowly bring the hands together by engaging the chest and shoulders. Next, slowly open to the starting position and lean back as you do to engage the core! If this feels too heavy, grab the foot straps to modify. Remember, modifying is always a better option than resting!

Catch the lovely Karen Hayes tonight at 7:15pm or 8:15pm!

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