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Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala  Miss South Africa2010.Miss World Africa2011 Director:BOKANG LEGACY,SB POWERHOUSE. ExecP:PULSE.TVF. Founder:BokangMontjane Foundation.Mom&Wife❤️

Being a mom I realized how delicate my baby’s skin was, and that it needed special care to stay healthy.
I’m doing a competition giveaway for this lovely Johnson's Baby hamper to the value of R650
All you have to do is answer the below question and tag 2 of your mommy friends to stand a chance to Win!
Which Johnson's project am I currently a part of?
The winner will be announced on my Instagram account on the 25th August
#JohnsonsBabyHealth #HealthySkin #HealthyBaby #BrandAmbassador #BeingAMom

Dear Beautiful Brown-Skinned Girl:
God has you in a process.
Yes, it's uncomfortable.
Yes, it can be frustrating.
Yes, it's sometimes painful.
But it's for your own good.
Whatever process you are in , it's to prepare you for the promise He has predestined for you... TRUST THE PROCESS, TRUST THE JOURNEY, TRUST THE HARSH STORMS AND WINDS... OWN YOUR PROCESS, OWN YOUR JOURNEY...OWN IT ALL!!! You are being prepared for something bigger and greater than you could have ever imagined. #TrustTheProcess #TrustTheJourney #OwnYourProcess #OwnYourJourney
#KgoshigadiYaAfrikaBorwa #KgoshigadiYaLefaseKaBophara

Dear Beautiful Brown-Skinned Girl: I hope you never forget that you are not defined by your background and that you can be all you want to be, always dream big!!! That's my dream and message for every little girl who grows up in a disadvantaged home, or a home where they are not continuously reminded that they are beautiful, worthy of big dreams, able and capable to accomplish all they dream of... 💞 #PurposeDrivenLife #ChangingLives #Throwback #AfrikaTikkunCentre #AlexTownship #KgoshigadiYaAfrikaBorwa #KgoshigadiYaLefaseKaBophara

My Sunday morning... Oh how I love you❤️❤️❤️. I love you, all of you every inch of you soul, your spirit , your resilience, how you never take no for an answer, your fearless nature,your stubbornness 🙈 (which I'm embarrassed to say you might take from me), I love how inquisitive you are, the way you love to explore, and are fascinated by all the things we overlook and take for granted, I love how loud you are, how energetic you are, but most of all I love the way your face lights up when you see me and daddy, how you look into my eyes as if nothing else matters and the gentle mbaaaahs ( kisses) you give me when I least expect it... I love who you are and all that you will be,I love the way you love me . I didn't loose myself when I had you, I rediscovered my true self and I thank you for choosing me as your mommy❤️❤️❤️. #OyzaWaMamakhe #OwethuWaka #TemoWaka

Dear Beautiful Brown-Skinned Mom:
Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled. They are the ones who never give up despite the struggles!!! #StrongWoman #StrongMother #caringForYourBaby #JohnsonsBabyHealth #JohnsonAndJohnson #BrandAmbassador . #PurposeDrivenLife #ChangingLives . I love what I do because it feels so effortless 💞💞💞

Dear Woman: Make your mark!!! At the Johnson and Johnson event for woman's month, giving a talk to new moms about the importance of taking care and protecting babies skin and promoting the Johnson Healthy Skin Baby Project... And the Unjani Clinics that give private healthcare to disadvantages moms and babies!!!! But mostly encouraging them to dream big and set new goals and reminding them that we all do the best we can and to embrace every moment of being new moms..,
What a beautiful day spent with women... BASADI PELE. Happy Women's day #JohnsonAndJohnson #WomensDay #MotivationalTalk #BrandAmbassador #JohnsonsBabyHealth

With @arthurmafokate at hubbys tournament yesterday... Thank you for the support. So proud of my hubby @siphiweshabba for continuously making a difference in the lives of young boys and being an inspiration. I am so proud of you... SiphiweTshabalalaWinterChallenge #SiphiweTshabalalaFoundation

As we get ready to put you at your final resting place...
Where do I even begin? If you were here right now I'd probably shout at you and tell you I'm angry with you because you really broke my heart, and I know You'd probably laugh at me and respond in your "comrade accent" and say:" batho ba Modimo BK you are under siege"
You are the last person I ever expected would leave us so soon, I thought you'd be around forever to witness all my milestones as u have in the past years. Who's going to laugh at me when I have problems, tease me about my my looks when I'm pregnant?be okay with my stubbornness and call me "LESHOLE", or call hubby "Spitjo" Who's going to call my son "THE ROSE OF SOWETO"? You couldn't even stick around long enough for Oyza to really get to know you 😭.
You shared your deepest darkest secrets with me, your fears, hopes and dreams with me... Who's going to call me randomly on a weekly basis and check up on me or demand kaizer Chiefs tshirts lol, haai u were such a handful watseba Mara... You are the only person I knew who could make me laugh waya waya... There's a million stories I cud tell about you and all of them are of how you looked out for me, protected me as a big bro and made me laugh... You were a good person and helped so many people, you always fought for those who couldn't fight for themselves and for what you believed in , made everyone around you laugh and had a lasting presence everywhere you were.I'm still grateful that in the past year we spend so much time together and oh how it moves me that the weekend before you left us you just wanted to see me, I guess it was ur way of saying goodbye...only if I knew,I would kill to have 5 more minutes with you so you can irritate me and annoy me one last time... As per your post a few months bk " A humble, critical and selfless militant of socialism! As a leader I want the world to remember me as a hero when I am no more. I don't fear death but I love life!!! Aluta"
I miss you so much it hurts...😭😭😭
You've run your race and I am so honored to have had you as my brother.
Robala ka kgotso mokone!!! 💔

Mixed feeling about posting this as I am still in disbelief... For those who can come through for my brother for the memorial and funeral thank you in advance...

Dear Beautiful Brown-Skinned Girl : what if your scars stayed to remind you that you were healed, and your blemishes were a sign of the times you called upon your light?
What if your beautiful round belly were signs of strong years lived and good food eaten, and your wrinkles were a sign of you feeling...feeling life and not running from it, a sign of your bravery, of you continuing no matter what.
Celebrate the ways in which you wear your story upon you. Those times you laughed so hard, they are written on your checks forever. And it's beautiful, you are beautiful and your eyes have beauty dancing within them... #YouAreBeautiful #EmbraceYourStory #EmbraceYourJourney #KgoshigadiYaAfrikaBorwa

Dear Beautiful Brown-Skinned Child:
Embrace your uniqueness, in it lies your power!!! You are worthy of big dreams. "Her name is Bokang,Tired of trying to cram her sparkly star-shaped self into society's beige square shape hole,she chose to embrace her ridiculous awesomeness and shine like the freakin supernova she was meant to be...she could be you,you could be her" She is a Brown-Skinned Woman" #BeautifulBrownSkinnedGirl #BeautifulBrownSkinnedBoy #BeautifulBrownSkinnedChild #BelieveInYourself #EmbraceYourUniqueness #DoYou #KgoshigadiYaAfrikaBorwa

The look on his face when he believes he really knows how to drive like mommy and daddy 😂😂😂 Eish shaam ngwanaka 👶🏾❤️❤️❤️ #OwethuWaPapa #TemoWaMama #OyzaWaRena #OurEverything

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