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Bokang Montjane-Tshabalala  Miss South Africa2010.Miss World Africa2011 Director:BOKANG LEGACY,SB POWERHOUSE. ExecP:PULSE.TVF. Founder:BokangMontjane Foundation.Mom&Wife❤️

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the worlds greatest mother... There are no amount of words that can describe the incredible woman you are. You are so selfless, so strong and your love oh so consistent as like in the book of Corinthians .Regardless how many times I thought Iv done you wrong, hurt you, upset you or even disappointed you as a child your responses were always out of love and in love,you always emphasized how proud you are of me !!!
You are such a sweet soul, so gentle so warm and so out of this world!!!
I watched you when you didn't know I was watching and I learned that as women we are capable, I watched you have a career, be a mother and a wife and do it with so much grace and " ease"... And now that I am in the same position I realize how strong you are... I watched you pray for your daughters day in day out without weary and I see the fruits of your prayers in our lives till this day... I watched you making sacrifices that gave us a childhood and life beyond our wildest dreams... I watched you love papa without fail each day, as crazy,loud and with all his imperfections and I saw what love is between husband and wife from watching you and how beautiful Marraige can be...God couldn't have given me a better woman for me to watch my entire life and learn from... You have been the heart of our family and what has kept it together all our lives.
Ke Le rata ka pelo yaka kamoka mama and I'm so grateful my soul choose you as my mother!!! 63 and still going strong , Oyza is truly blessed to have you as his grandmother !!! Happy birthday koko

SOUTH AFRICA !!! Here's the Princess Bokang range!!! Come through to Clearwater Mall @clearwater.mall to visit us and shop till you drop for this Christmas!!! OUR PRICES ARE SO REASONABLE !!! For each and every boy or girl regardless of their background!!! Our pop up store is by the Edgar's court or you can buy online at www.sbkids.co.za or email us at info@sbkids.co.za or call +27 (72) 7120690 or +27 (11) 6750285
Wishing you all a festive season 👸🏾

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Can someone tell this little man that mommy and daddy have to leave and go to work... We can't chill in bed every morning with him and watch Barney bathong 😳🙈😂😂😂 I never thought I could love this much in my whole entire life... I still can't believe out of all the mommies in this world YOU CHOSE ME, I still can't believe you are mine ❤️❤️❤️ kea go rata ngwanaka #MmagoMothoLeMorwa #GreatestBlessing #MyBiggestMotivator #MyReasonForHustling #OwethuWaPapa #TemoWaMama #Oyza

Be sure to catch @zaziwasabc1 TONIGHT at 19:30 on @mzansi_fosho as we chat to Kini Shandu !!! DONT MISS IT #ExecutiveProducer #BerekaKgoshigadi

It’s Wednesday! Today I’m crushing on this #PrincessBokang doll because she’s a beautiful brown-skinned girl😍. #WCW #SBKids #


This little girl that I’m holding onto so tightly was my little gift from God yesterday... Yesterday we had a meet and greet with parents and little kids at our stands and she walked up to us and when her mom showed her what we had her first response to her mom was “no I want a Barbie” and I asked her why, she said cause Barbie is beautiful... And it literally broke my heart cause she did exactly what I did when my father came home with a black doll for me. I sat her down and had a chat with her, I told her who I am, Whefe I come from and now I won the biggest competition in our county and the “most beautiful” girl in South Africa... And I asked if I look like Barbie? She said no... I asked her if I don’t look like her? She said I do. She told me at School they say she’s too dark Sis I asked her if her skin is not as brown as mine? She said it is! I asked her if my hair is not like hers? She said it is! And I saw it in her eyes... It clicked to her and she said “I’m beautiful too” and my heart felt exactly what I’d dreamt it would by started this clothing and doll range. Society and the media sends a non-verbal and indirect message to our children through the toys they play with, the clothes they wear, the books they read and the cartoons they watch that they are not beautiful and cannot be great because beauty, being smart and being great is never associated with what looks like them. I won’t give up and will continue to teach my little African girls and boys to love who and what they are and stop being made to feel inferior because of their skin and texture of their hair... The smile on that little girly face was my validation from God that I’m fulfilling my purpose and hopefully creating a legacy I will be remembered for, for years to come!!! By the time she left she was fighting with the mom that she wants the dolls and clothes etc🙈😂
Her mom kept saying “thank you so much for the talk you had with her” but little does she know I’m grateful and humbled that she brought here there.
#PurposeDrivenLife #BokangLegacy #SBKids #PrincessBokang #SuperShabba

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A big thank you to @championsouthafrica for acknowledging the work me and @siphiweshabba are doing through our new business venture @sbkidsza ... Like I said before, we are not selling clothes, we are not selling dolls or school bags etc we are selling a message of hope, inspiration , determination, perseverance and capability!!! The story of making an African child know that they can because if a boy from Soweto could inspire and achieve years of a great career and score the first goal in the World Cup the first of its kind on African soil in-spite of the world and society saying when you are from a township you will not amount to anything but a life of drugs and being a criminal imagine what you can do... If a brown-skinned girl from a village in gamphahlele could win the biggest pageant in the country and go on at miss world to win the African title inspite of the world and society saying when you're a dark skinned girl with curves you are not considered beautiful then my word what is it that you can't achieve in this world... Those are the stories of Super Shabba and Princess Bokang !!! A super hero and Princess for an African child to look up to !!! It's time for Africa and for Africans to tell our own stories !!! Ga nnyane ga nnyane forward we go !!! #humbled

Dipped in Melanin,
Bronzed in elegance,
Enameled in grace,
Toasted with inner and outer beauty,
Rooted in her heritage...
She is a black, African woman!!! #KgoshigadiYaAfrikaBorwa #BeautifulBrownSkinnedGirl
This pic was taken at the Africa on the rocks gala event @coterieretreat @yesexclusiveflowers hosted by @jackienwobu And the photography by international photographer @miltonlawrencejr @miltonlawrencephotography

Africa’s transformation and Africa’s advancement, rests simply in the acknowledgement, validation and mainstreaming of Africa’s own traditional and indigenous knowledge in education, in research and across all sectors including clothing and toys!!!We have been long subjected and told what to do by everyone but ourselves

Now it’s time for Africa to write it’s narrative in the way we know and understand it. This is why we have @sbkidsza #SuperShabba & #PrincessBokang clothing and dolls!!! Your kids will thank you later. Check out our online store on www.sbkids.co.za . YAAAS are online!

‪We’re in good spirit. Today we’ll be at our Pop-up store at Clearwater Mall. Be sure to pop-in. Christmas season is upon us.🎅🏾🎄‬
#ChristmasShopping #SBKids #PrincessBokang #SuperShabba

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