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jessica gatlyn  Pics of my kids sometimes deep heart thoughts are included. | designer and owner of @bohoink |

Happy birthday to you my love. You are such an amazing human being and a man that has proven to me men can be good, kind, loyal and safe. You are an incredible partner, who is always ready to have a conversation, ask questions and grow in all of the ways we never saw coming. thank you for being who you are babe, thank you for carrying my heart when I couldn’t walk, through dark valleys, graveyards, haunted places and encouraging me to explore the light once I found my footing again. You’re the rudder to my wild windy sails. You’re a gem Sam Gatlyn and I love the life we have chosen and made together.

Craving the Netherlands lately. SO much.

Everything card tricks lately. First thing in the morning,” mommy, can I show you a new trick?! Pick a card any card...” 💜😂This sweet soul is growing so fast.

😂😂😂 suddenly the quiet girl is all chatty 😂😂

Halloween 2018 : two kitties, bananya, sandman, hotdog, pikachu, halo chief, Texas bling cowgirl , Yayoi Kusama 💪🏽

Yara as Yayoi @yayoikusamas // Lark as Amelia Earhart 💜💜💜 😂 #yayoikusama #cypresslark

Little Velvet Kitten Friends in Ebony and Grey will be available in November over at my @bohoink shop along with a limited number of my large dolls. (I’ll have magical mermaid tails to turn them into mer-kittens as well)

It felt so good to laugh and dance with this guy . I love him so much. 📷: @rivkahfineart

Driving home from the wedding and looking through pics of Cy at 8 months. 💜💜 this girl is really magical. I cherish every moment watching her unfold and bloom into each new day. Cycee Lark, we love you.

Celebrated our darling friends @sammytclt and Jeff’s wedding tonight... thanks to my momma @rebeccacortez for watching our babes so we could have tonight!💜

In honor of our first real chilly fall days💜 Old clip of me tinkering with a bit I wrote almost 12 years ago - seasons changing now, colored leaves are falling to the ground, and I want to spring // frost on my window panes, snow is falling like a curtain of lace and I want to hold on to spring... // one day I’ll finish this song, but today, the leaves are falling. There were many falls where my heart was broken and lost and changing seasons brought nothing but reminders of ache - I hold that still sacred and in its reality , while breathing deep the cool air ,with a little more space in my lungs - feeling the sunlight on my skin honoring all of the hard days my body and mind have walked through. Being in a culture that lacks ceremony and rights of passage, I find myself making my own for my heart, for my family, not saying I won’t be met with breaking again, but today, today is light and love.

Chilly weather- cozy clothes - Cycee Lark you are the yummiest little gal pal

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