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this morning ...before the sun woke up , Cedar had this sweet time practicing feeding Cypress. I know it's the cedar and cypress show with all of my posts ....but these unbidden moments of love and sweetness keep coming and I can't stop. πŸ’œ she's brought out a side to him I've never seen before and I'm celebrating it every day.

When friends love your babies your heart bursts. (Sav, you are golden and so loved by my heart and our whole crazy Gatlyn crew. Happy birthday darling!)

'The Moment' You are light. You are love my darling. Hope and mourning, restraint and abandon, joy and the tension that accompanies growth and reckoning, the knowing that can't be unknown - were the midwifery that surrounded the dream of you. Their voices combining into a song, a song that blended as one- one that my heart sang as my body created, carried and birthed you. You, my beam of light, a newness all your own. The moment I felt the gentle weight of your fragile body upon mine - your cries like bells ringing, filling the space of my soul- I felt again, I lived again. Dimensions blurred, merging into one single space. I locked eyes with divine love, not formed or seen but present. I had lived steps behind myself, ready to catch the pieces that I knew might shatter from the countless possible happenings looming in my mind. In this moment I did fall, I fell into the deep of myself, of love, of you. I stepped forward, back into myself. I realized in this wordless space of time, to do anything but love without withholding was a betrayal of everything good, of every night cried, of every hope lost and found, a betrayal of my own self and to you. Here on the edge of all that could be, I love you with my eyes locked on your face and my soul fully embracing the beauty of who you are. Whatever life holds, whatever the days ahead might bring, I love you , I see you little daughter, strong soul, kind, gentle song, you are a fiery light in a world that you make brighter. I'm so glad you are here. #cypresslark

Forest asked for the first time unprompted to hold Yara bird today.... πŸ’œπŸ˜­ he's been the sweetest most helpful sweetheart to me since I came home from the hospital - he's gently eased in to the reality that she's here and discovering his own personal emotional attachment to her. Giving my boys space to feel what they need to on their own timeline, without expectation or comparison is a privilege. πŸ’œ this was so so sweet to my heart to witness this afternoon. This gal is lucky to have these boys.

cedar + cypress He came home from school and just wanted to hold her, then he rocked and snuggled her to sleep 😭

almost two weeks with this darling. savoring every single second. #cypresslark

Kael prefers no pictures πŸ˜‚ I promise he's around and is as sweet as can be with his little sister - cedar is all about the snuggles and kisses , Kael prefers helping out in practical ways, fetching whatever I need, making sure I'm ok...it's precious. #cypresslark

This wee fairy bird is 1 week old. We are still trying to let it sink in that this darling we hoped for, cried over and dreamed of, is actually here and ours. I love this little daughter of mine. #cypresslark

3 hour stretch snuggle naps πŸ’œ #cypresslark

Cedar and his Cypress. This boy waited with such eagerness to love this girl. My wild, little bear cub tamed by our tiny fairy bird. My two rainbow babies... they both came as spring's hope after the harshest of soul winters. Each breath, cry and new moment is sacred and not to be taken for granted. #cypresslark

Cedar woke up bright when she did this morning and reveled in his new little love with me. He talked her to sleep. 😻✨🌈 #cypresslark

Yara Cypress Lark - we are in love with you. #cypresslark

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