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yayyyy it's finally the weekend💖 anyone have any special plans?! I plan on sitting n staring at my @mycaudalie collection for like probs 65 hours cuz i am in LUV with it😂
✨I have 2 favorite brands that i trust 100% and i could NEVER give them up~ and @caudalie is one of them. I have purchased n repurchased lots of products in this photo, but was also kindly gifted many from the most lovely human ever on the Caudalie team, April!💖 Ok SO, the radiance serum is a product that I have n will recommend to every person who asks for a product that hydrates their skin n adds the most gorgeous glow. I am almost on my 3rd bottle of it, and i will buy it forever n ever. I am so excited to try the new SOS moisturizer*, the Precious Oil* and the Detox oil*- you KNO i am weak for sum good oils😩 Of course everyone's skin reacts to products differently, BUT i will always recommend trying this gorgeous brand to anyone who wants the best, healthy, glowing skin💖 *gifted
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Happy Thurzday Hottiez💖 Friday is cummin around da corner REAL fast (like 5 hours n 51 minutes) LOL😂 SO, Do you use a facial oil?! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨My favorite facial oil that i have eva tried is the Skin Dope oil from @josiemarancosmetics. I have been mixing this oil in my moisturizer every night for the last 2.5 months, and it has made such a difference is how my skin feels n looks. On some nights where i forget or don't use it for whatever reason, I 100% notice that my skin is more dry and it just doesn't feel as plump. it is AMAZING. I used 2 drops of the Moonstone drop highlight/priming oil for all my bridal clients last weekend, and it made the foundation and skin SOOO luminous and smooth. it has an iridescence to it that I luvvvv. n lastly, the vibrancy blush pallet has 4 gorgeous shades that blend effortlessly into da skin and it's perfect for natural lookin cheeks 😍💦
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Luv me some ~naughty~ body oil that makes me look like i'm drippppinnnn wet😈💦This @patricktabeauty product is freaking UNREAL, gorgeous, smells sexy, n I am in luv. Like, do u see that glow?! Have a good day hottiez🖤
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happy monday hottiez💖 What's your favorite face mask? I try to mask two times a week to keep me feeling...sane🤔😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨ I am so thankful to have received these two new products from the @algenist team. I am in looove with their GENIUS Liquid Collagen Lip product, but I didn't try any of their skincare until these two beauties came into my life. The ALIVE Prebiotic Balancing Mask ($38) is....amazing. I have tried so many detoxifying masks and they stripped my skin and always made me feel so dry- THIS mask is so hydrating and my skin just feels less oily and brighter the next morning. I would buy this with my own money when I run out, for sure. The ALIVE Prebiotic Balancing Moisturizer ($40) is also freakin GREAT😩 The Spf is only 15, so I do use my Supergoop one as well, but this is such a great lightweight moisturizer that keeps my skin hydrated n dewy throughout the day. Now i wanna try EvEryThiNg from this amazin brand💖 *gifted

Ur hoe worked her first OFFICIAL booked bridal makeup appointment yesterday and is officially taking bookings!!!😩 Yesterday was srsly a very special day for me- I had some amazing people trust me to do their makeup for a ~very~ important day and I am so happy with how all the soft looks came out n proud of myself for not throwing up from bein so nervous LOL. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN my cheeks were hurtin from smiling😭
✨6 hours of bein on my feet blending eyeshadow and bronzing sum cheeks and there is NOTHIN in the world i would've rather been doing. When I started wearing my mac viva la glam hot pink lady gaga lipstick n my sephora teal gel eyeliner in the 6th grade (what a combo LOL), it made me feel SO confident and happy and BADA$$ n beautiful - and that is what i love so freakin much about the art of makeup and just making any person feel beautiful n look their best wether it just be by adding a lil mascara or some hardcore 3 layer contour💖 #bohnfamousskin

happy friday hottiezzz! Here's a lil ~honey bee hoe lewk~ that I did a couple months ago🐝 Doing makeup is srsly my fave activity in da world like WOW i cant wait till my room is organized so I can start filming again😩 Do you use any colored eyeliners?! luv u all💖
✨ PS thank u to everyone who engaged with my last post n sry again if I haven't replied yet/engaged. I am SO on insta probation n i am trying to b good LOL😂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

One of my fave brands evaaa ~Sol De Janeiro~ kindly sent me their two new coco cabana products n I cant wait to try the cream after layin out in the sun! PS i am sorry in advance if I don't reply to comments right away/engage with as many posts as I usually do- Insta hates me right now so I am workin on it LOL fml 😂

da sun is out and I am so happy 😩💖 Do you use a cream or powder highlight?!

hi hottiez happy monday💖 Would u believe me if i told u i have still NEVER worn a red lip other than for a photo???😂 I am so in love with this gorgeous @kosas lipstick in the shade phoenix that I am thinkin I will probs wear it a bit this summer~ What's you're fave lip color?!

happy saturday hottiez💖 I live in indiana and it is STILL FREAKIN like 45 degrees in MAY~ I have been in such a bitchy mood lately cuz of it LOL😩 Good thing we have sum pretty products to make our days better, right?!😈
✨I am doin a lil comparison between the gorgeous @tomfordbeauty Limited Edition Lip Blush ($55) and the @winky_lux Glitter Balm in 24K gold ($16). I bought the Tom Ford one because of the INSANELY gorgeous gold, heavy packaging, and I was so intrigued about the idea of a lip product that changes to a pink tone when it reacts with the skins PH. This idea is clearly nothing new, but letz b honest I just needed the tom ford one lol. BOTH of these products feel
so smooth and hydrating on the lips, but I will say the TF one does feel better on and my lips feel so plump and hydrated. When it comes to the color pay off, both of these truly do an amazing job with adding a beautiful, natural flush of pink to the lips. The winky lux shade turns a bit more of a hot pink but it's still a light wash of color if that makes sense??? They are both natural and beautiful. I am someone who only wears nudes or very light pinks, so I will def be getting use out of these. I 100% think the winkylux one is worth the 16$ if you love a tint of pink and a tiny bit of shimmer. I don't believe the TF lip blush is available anymore, BUT the WL one is an amazing dupe😍💖

HI HOTTIEZZ💖 Happy sunday! WOW i'm so freakin exhausted from moving home, and i have SO much to unpack ugh i just wanna lay in my bed n stare at makeup and tubz all day lol😂😩
✨here is the SUPER extra vid to the super EXTRA lewk i did last week LOL maybe i'll just draw my brows like dat all the time?????🤔😂 Have a good day luvz! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨products used- @tartecosmetics stick foundation, eyeshadow pallet, glue, @lauramercier translucent powder, @maybelline brow pomade, @morphebrushes james charles pallet, @lagirlcosmetics concealer, @fentybeauty concealer 110, @anastasiabeverlyhills bronzer (saddle), @makeuprevolution highlight jelly, wig @amazonfashion

T minus 2 freakin days till ur hoe is a GRADUATED from college hoeeee😭😋 and you best believe i'll be wearing flawless filter from @ctilburymakeup, aka one of my favorite products evaaa mixed in with my foundation for the most glowy, skin like finish!
✨Do you mix any products with your foundations?! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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