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Nukè.  I'm thinking of you in color that don't exist. • 🌙🔮🌾🌞🐚🌻🌊 •

Someone I loved once told me years ago, "Faith is like an automatic door. Just keep walking, and it will open by itself. Keep the faith, Nuke.", and it took me years as well to understand this.

Mind-blowing scenery: paddies, forests, the river below, & the mountains in the distance. 
Such a million dollars view! #thisisbali #ubud

If you think it would last forever and you believe in God, remember, He created "change" as destiny.

Someone told me, "If your hair is flaming red enough, don't use red lips as well. It's too much.", which I replied, "but honey, I love being too much." BRING IT ON, BIATCH! 😌😏 •

#sonya6300 #redlips #redhairdontcare #stilafiery

Idk why this one reminds me of you, @saskimchi_ 😂

In my drunken fervor I decided to make a list of reasons why I hate you because I am so childishly pathetic. I woke up this morning to find I had instead written you a love letter. That is what I call a modern day tragedy.

“We are both girls, true, but it’s like saying that a nectarine and a watermelon are both fruit. She’s a little tart rolling over the tongue, creamy; I crumble in the mouth, wet and rough.”
—Daphne Gottlieb, ‘Everything She Asks of Me’

Kawinan Batak itu juara emang, seharian full. Apalagi kalau jadi Hula-hula.. Rambut, makeup, dan outfit pun harus totalitas. 😆😘 #parsohotan #indonesianproud #proudindonesian #indonesianculture

Gausah pake filter apapun lah. Gini aja udah cukup. 👽

It's you. It's always been you.

“Don’t be scared of your emotion,
I will give you my devotion.”

If you can't handle my sass, then you don't deserve my ass. 🌚 #curvyandproud

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