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I Am Nyeusi Sat-Ra🌍  Herbs, oils, Poetry, dancing are my modes. ✨🌻👑 Ascending on a spiritual journey to reach Nefer Atum.

Everyday is what YOU make it, whether it's physically with your demeanor, or energy, or mentally with your mindset, or emotionally with your attitude.. Same goes for allowing people to puncture your energy source and drain you. Keyword ALLOW, don't allow another person to have power over you. I'll be back soon, whoever needs my number just DM me. Love yall

Our problem is we get too comfortable , we get too close to the edge
While looking aimlessly to the heavens
My heaven is right in front of me
Yet I pray not be left alone when this realm is done
I conjugate all my verbs just to miss out
Creating spaces between vessels in attempts to swim when I'm ready.
But as of right now I'll let my anxiety take over. -Nyeusi // I've been writing what has been coming to mind, I've been very open with my communication with myself and others, im innerstanding things on a transcending level.

"It& #39;s been such a long time, I forgot that I was fine... Kiss me on my neck " - (Muva erykah) // super feeling lovely, open, light filled and ready to continue my growth.

I am a reflection of you, not just when you're sunshine and yoga poses, but also when your anxiety and over thinking. I don't give away all that goes in my mind for some things I keep to self, but one thing I need you to know I am your reflection! GIVE THANKS !:)

Manifestations coming , my thoughts really do shift my reality. I have to be Careful because lately I've been getting messages so I have to direct my energy and my thoughts! Feeling exuberant though!!

This is how I look without makeup
With no bra my ni nis hang down low ...
But I'm clevaaaa , always on ya mind
I'm clevaaa when I bust a rhyme. . (Muva erykah) bless family, I'm baaaaack!

I'm your un-conditional listener , always ready to hear you, without ego, without judgements ,without conditions. I'm practicing listening more, I tend to my find answers that way.

As a Taurean woman I cling
To empty caskets praying for a miracle
My attempt to make you fall in love is unintended
But I know that you will
Not now of course because this feeling you get with me you think you can find somewhere else
That's the gag,
You're unable to its not because I put some brujeria and spells on you
No, my vibrational altitude has yet to be weathered
I can only ask why fall in love when I'm down the block already
Adjusting my spine not to sink and catch a cold
But to reflect the inner strength I know I have. -Nyeusi

(My poetry is flowing again, I'm so happy I stopped writing for months.)

I've come to realize the borders I unconsciously put around myself. So with this new path I've been shown I guess I'm ready to stop waiting, and being fearful. Im capable of doing some kick ass dynamite ish, but I'm the only one holding me back. I'm actually excited for things to come together. And the peace I will feel! (Confessions of an ambivert)

I'm listening more not so much to the people around me, but my incredibly strong intuition. My branches that keep me connected to the most high and my ancestors I keep them watered properly. Bless!

Out here stealing people's avocados lmao they expensive in stores jk jk

To look at where I am now, to having survived being shot at, almost dying in a car accident, going numb from my father leaving, dealing with growing up in a dysfunctional black family. Having no guidance of how to be a successful, strong, and emotionally stable black woman. I've came so far, with divine protection. Its about your perception , I perceive my hardships as an opportunity for optimal growth./ Gye Nyame!

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