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Breathtaking once again and just in time for #MEBAAShow2018. #BoeingBusinessJets reveals an exclusive look at the Middle East inspired BBJ MAX interior concept by SkyStyle and KiPcreating. Where would you fly with this beauty? #boeing #interiordesign #flight #aviation #breathtaking #travel

Step inside! Look at all that space! Welcome aboard the first #777X flight test airplane. Passengers will experience a smooth ride in a wider cabin and windows that are 29% larger than the competition. #Discover more by clicking the link in our bio. #avgeek #aviation #innovation

On Dec. 4, 1998 – two weeks after the Russian-built “Zarya” module launched into orbit – NASA’s space shuttle Endeavour launched the Boeing-built “Unity” module. During three spacewalks on the STS-88 mission, the two space modules – engineered on opposite sides of the planet – were joined together in space, marking the beginning of an unprecedented global effort to construct the International Space Station.
#NASA #Boeing #ISS #SpaceStation #SpaceStation20th

The 787th 787 #Dreamliner is freshly painted! This jet will soon join @china_southern's fleet. With 210+ new non-stop routes around the world, the largest windows and other cabin comforts, it's no wonder passengers love it.

We are joining together the first #777X flight test airplane! Great progress as we prepare for flight test in 2019. Learn more about what will make this jet the most fuel efficient twin-engine airplane in the world. (Link in bio) #Boeing #Avgeek #Aviation

Happy 20th, International Space Station!
A revolutionary laboratory. A beacon of international cooperation. An engineering phenomenon. Humanity has never built a more capable spacecraft. Today marks two decades since the launch of the first segment of the ISS. This month, follow along as we celebrate 20 years of outstanding accomplishments in human spaceflight and build the future.

#NASA #Boeing #ISS #SpaceStation #SpaceStation20th

Powered by the sun. Our @auroraflightsciences_ just unveiled Odysseus, the world’s most capable solar powered, high-altitude aircraft. #TheFutureIsBuiltHere

Wing meets body! Tons of #tech and #innovation have gone into designing and building the #777X. Attaching the world’s largest twin-engine composite wing to the body of the flight test ✈ has been just as impressive. 😲

Whoa, wings! Our team is designing the span of the #777X wing to increase lift and building it with composite material to allow for flexibility. The #wings are also part of what makes this #jet 12% more fuel efficient than our competition. #Aviation #AvGeek #Boeing

Breathtaking interior at its best. BBJ reveals first look of the new #737MAX interior by SkyStyle and KiPcreating at #NBAA18. Swipe to see the ins and outs! #BoeingBusinessJets #aviation #airplane #avgeek #breathtaking #interiordesign #flight #boeing

Wheels up! Well, almost. 😀
The first landing gear for the #777X flight test ✈ are on their way thanks to Héroux-Devtek. Check out our Instagram Story for more images and to learn what makes this jet so special.

We're showcasing at @Geekwire Summit our #BoeingHorizonX investments, like @Matternet, a startup that pioneers unmanned aerial vehicle deliveries to hospitals. Faster than ever before, valuable goods are being safely delivered in the skies. #TheFutureIsBuiltHere #GWSummit

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