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🤤🤤🤤 what I’m dreaming of for dinner! Felt like burger & chippies in the weekend so #diy
Turkey burgers, sweet potato chippies & tons of vege on an @abbottsvillagebakery mixed grain & seed thin.
Was soooooo yum!
Think I shall revisit tonight! 👌🏼

Day 31 #30daybuttliftchallenge 🤔🤔 maybe a little higher & tighter??
All I know is that after yesterday my butt cheeks are soooo sore!
Inspired to keep working at fighting gravity though & doing whatever I can whenever I can to improve my muscle tone & imbalances in my body.
As a reward to myself for consistency I’m booked in for a massage today. 🙌🏼
Challenge done! 🎤 drop
#operationsaggyarse #defyinggravity #improvingnaturally

Say it
Believe it
Be it!
Sweet dreams ❤️

What holidays??! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Didn’t stop this group of Metafit fans from getting in & getting the job done!
30 minutes.
Maximum impact.
Efficient & effective.
Love my Metafit family ❤️
Monday & Wednesday 6pm in Molendinar
Friday 9am in Benowa
Come & see why they love it!
#metafit #hiit #hiittraining #metabolictraining #getresults

Week 50 #goinggreygracefully “I see your true colours
Shining through
I see your true colours
And that's why I love you
So don't be afraid to let them show
Your true colours
True colours
are beautiful
Like a rainbow
It’s taken 50 weeks but hand on my heart ✋🏼❤️
I love my true colours.
2 weeks to go & I’m done documenting, but the journey to me is just beginning.

day 30!!!!!
Happy Dance, happy Dance!
One big giant set today to finish with a bang!
All four exercises 10 on each leg & done for 3 sets!
Hope you’ve enjoyed our butt journey. 🍑🍑🍑
I know personally that for someone who rarely feels her glutes, this DEFINITELY did the job on me 😆
There were a number of days where my butt was on fire 🔥
So it ends today but as always my hope is that you got a sense of accomplishment & pride in committing to something & then actually completing it! ☝🏼
Healthy & long term habits don’t just magically knock on your door one day & ask to move in.
They are like people you meet, kind of like, enjoy how they make you feel, want to eventually spend more time with, become good friends and before long you can’t imagine your life without them in it!
So one more time for the month...
JFDI & sign off for me.
Have a bootiful day! 💋

Dan’s list of overused names, words & phrases that simply must go!
“Anti” by definition means “opposed to”. Tell me dear readers...what is the point of opposing a natural progression (not REGRESSION!) that cannot be avoided?
I’m sick of companies making mega-bucks from the insecurities & vulnerabilities of women over 40 who have been brainwashed into thinking that they have nothing to offer, are no longer attractive & add no value to society unless they desperately try to cling to their youthful looks.
To this word, to this idea & to those marketing campaigns aimed at “anti-ageing” I say - PISS OFF! 🖕🏼
Sweet dreams ❤️

Day 29 #30daybuttliftchallenge
Shut the front door!
It’s a rest day!!!! 😁
2 variations:
1) decline push-up - set your feet up higher than your hands to perform a standard push up. A step, a bench, a couch. Use what you’ve got.
2) plyo push-up - perform a regular deep push-up & as you hit the bottom of the move push hard & fast back up so that your hands leave the ground. Catch yourself gently back down & descend straight into your next rep.
Do 10 of each variation x 3 sets
Spread them through the day or do them all at once.
I don’t mind, just JFDI & let me know when you’re done!

In a world of constant movement, pressure to be busy, no time to come up for air...she found this image that served to remind her that time is precious & moments are to be savoured...
...and she stopped to breath.
Sweet dreams ❤️ .

What else would you do at lunch time on a beautiful sunny Sunday other than attend a @lesmillsasiapacific RPM WORKSHOP?!?! 🚴🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️🚴🏽‍♀️🤣
RPM 80 with dynamic duo of @jiggliepuff & @kazrussell100
An excellent chance to grab some hugs from some of my fav instructors on the GC
Great to see you @jascarty @swedishalex @erriek @joelydavie
Let the learning begin!! #lesmills #rpm #thatwastough

Day 28 #30daybuttliftchallenge
Sensational Sunday!!!
I’m putting this one on the back burner & I’ll do it later this afternoon.
If you’re keen to get it done, today’s challenge is:
10 x glute bridges each leg x 2
10 x step ups
10 x kick backs
10 x side lunge & leg lift
All on each side & x 2 sets.
JFDI & have a perfect Sunday 💋

#dancemumlife in concert rehearsal season 🎤
Sweet dreams ❤️

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