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No more words....🙌🏼
Sweet dreams ❤️

One to file in the “potentially useful to know someday soon” file 🤔

Some days I just need to remind myself to relax & breathe.
Sweet dreams ❤️
. 📸 @grahamshearer

Week 33 - #goinggreygracefully update
Got to admit I’m feeling a little “greige” today. 🖤
I would love to be one of those beautiful, white/silver haired women with a glowing & flowing mane. 🦄
Reality? 🤔
I’ve got a growing-out-bob that is a mish mash of colours, streaks, stripes & textures! 🤨
Do I love it today?
Hell no!
In fact today I could quite happily dive head first into the nearest box of Clairol Nice’ n Easy & cover this mop in shiny brown goop. 💇🏻‍♀️
But will that fix the way I’m feeling inside today? 🤷🏻‍♀️
I suspect the answer is no....
Just like any cosmetic change to our outer layers, they ultimately won’t repair what needs fixing on the inside.
Sure a new colour might lift my mood for a day or so, but deep down I know that it’s not my hair that’s bothering me today & making me feel crappy and if I did do what I was thinking I would 100% regret it tomorrow.
Because if there is one thing that I know after 48 years of living in this body, it’s that I will always experience good days & bad days.
Today is a “not great day” & more than likely a hormonal highway to Hell.
But the good news for me is that age & experience has also shown me that with every low, comes a balancing high which eventually “evens me out” and puts me back in equilibrium. ⚖️
So I will ride out this “greige” phase & anticipate its passing knowing I have a lot to be grateful for & the positive, strong, happy me is just on the other side waiting for me with open arms to give me a hug & say “welcome back” 🤗
Week 34 - what will it hold?
Stay tuned 😉
#notallroses #authenticme #wartsandall #thisisme #thistooshallpass

🤣 @ikapture2 are we going to see this face tomorrow??? 🤔
#noquestion #bootyburn #thatwasridiculous #numbbum

Perfect is boring anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Sweet dreams ❤️

If you agree with Andrea & want to see how one of the leading Athletic wear brands in the US approaches their marketing strategy,
👉🏼 to the link in my Bio and jump over to my blog.
Let me know if you agree that it’s time leading Australian active wear brands progressed out of the advertising dark ages & into the new age of celebrating & showcasing strong, powerful, beautiful & interesting women of ALL ages, shapes & races.
Be bold, be brave, lead the change & enjoy the financial success!
@lornajaneactive @runningbare83 @rockwearaustralia @blockoutofficial @lululemonausnz
If you think there is already a brand that does this - let me know!

Note to self on Monday.... it’s not failing if you are learning, growing, changing & adapting.
But if you fail & keep doing the same thing, sorry but you’re just
FUPID!!! Happy Monday 😝😝😝

🙌🏼 a meaningful existence.
Sweet dreams ❤️

Wrap up of the insanely fun Royal Wedding shenanigans!!!
Can they get married again next weekend???? 🤷🏻‍♀️👑🎉🎤😝💕

Screw it! Grey hair be gone!!!! 😝😝😝

Did someone say “Royal Wedding?”
Ready to party Ma’am!! 👑👑👑
#ootd #royalwedding #itsnottoolateharry

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