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Body University  🔹Gym Membership 🔹Personal Training Services 🔹Contest Prep Coaching 🔹Lifestyle Programs 📍Founders @tweedyj1 & @francinesablan

Customized posing lessons to highlight your best angles! We'd love to hear from you! Which pose do you like???

Check out what @taysharee has to say about the "U"! She sure is a Fit n' Sexy nurse 😍

💥Progress Update💥 @meaganjenne pics from today's assessment now 2 weeks out from @musclecontest 2017 NPC Night of Champions before hitting @musclecontest 2017 NPC California State on 5/27 @bodyuniversity @francinesablan @tweedyj1 @calicully_fit #bodyU #sd #socal #westcoast #california #ifbb #npc #lifestyle #fitness #sandiegogyms #sdtrainer #sdsu #musclecontest suit by @ghiseladesigns

It ain't work if you're having fun!

More action of the personal training services at the "U"! Get individualized attention in the small groups (4 people max) and one on one sessions. Hit the "contact us" button up top for more info📱

@chloe_m_carter said it right! Welcome to your one stop shop!

Swipe challenge! Check out the peaks and valleys in this line graph! Our nutritional programs utilizes daily weight tracking as a tool and not as a direct reflection of a person's effort/ progress. Adrienne signed up for the Lifestyle nutrition program and personal training sessions so she could "feel like herself" again. Although she had frequent weight fluctuations due to a variety of factors there's an apparent downward trend on the graph. She started at 224 lbs and ended at 215 lbs; a total loss of 9 lbs in an 8 week span 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 No starvations diets or drastic weight loss here; instead a healthy and likely permanent 1-2 lbs per week. Congrats Adrienne 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you for entrusting Body University with your most important fitness needs.

Check out what @lianna_eisner has to say about the Lifestyle nutrition and training program at the "U"!

Here's a peek on how personal training goes down at the "U". We focus on shaping your physique with a variety of strength training training techniques. Small group classes ranges from 2-4 people and each session focuses on specific muscle groups. This ain't your average boot camp/ body pump class 🎓 *One on one sessions are also available.

We welcome all levels of fitness at #bodyuniversity. Check out Shaz and her amazing results. She speaks the truth when we asked her, "If you could share one pointer to those new to fitness what would that be?"
"I would say my one pointer to someone who is new to fitness is to completely ignore the "quick fixes" that all over the internet saying you can lose weight fast. It's all garage. I think anyone who has gone through dramatic weight loss or increased muscle mass will agree with me that there are no shore cuts or easy ways out. At the end of the day, you have to do it the old fashioned way which is diet and exercise. There really is no secret or magic pill. Anything worthwhile doesn't come easy!"

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