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Body University  🔹Private Boutique Gym 🔹Personal Training Services 🔹Contest Prep Coaching 🔹Lifestyle Programs 📍Founders @tweedyj1 & @francinesablan

Taking your physique to the next level📈 @manu_fit4life will be showcasing her hard work at @musclecontest #npccalifornianightofchampions We’re excited to see the final package! @candis_inpirom #humpday🐫

@ifbbpro_jewelynmerrill demonstrating the exercises for the small group session. Get personal training in a small group setting with like-minded peeps. We cater to all levels of fitness! Send us an email for our detailed service guide and price list.

Check out @libbypcampbell ✨ She’s just a few weeks alway from @musclecontest #npccalifornianightofchampions 🏆 Her goal was to bring in an improved package from her last show. We’ve already surpassed that! Looking forward to what @candis_inpirom has planned for the next few weeks!

@sydneystumbaugh making that Bikini look good 😍 She’s committed to her goals and fighting her way to the stage this summer under the guidance of @candis_inpirom. Stay tuned for the final product 👙

Check out @mamaazucar66 ✨ She came to us 2 years ago without any knowledge on fitness and nutrition. Fast forward 2 years to her current everyday conditioning 💪 She’s killing it in the group training sessions and using the Lifestyle program to keep her on track. 51 years young‼️ Rita says, “It’s never too late to start!” Contact us if you’re ready to change your life 🎓

#humpday and #waybackwednesday in ☝🏼 😎

“ I started coming to Body University in Nov 2017 hoping to maybe one day compete on an NPC stage. They told me realistically they could have me on stage by March 2017. I signed up and they delivered in full and then some.
The team at Body University gave me constant attention to my form, my diet, my posing, and every little detail in the process called "prep."
I would never have been able to make the journey to an NPC stage without them.
Even though I am no stranger to the gym
(I hold a degree in kinesiology, have a husband that is a personal trainer and frequent the spin/yoga/barre/pilates/TRX/crossfit studios regularly)
none, I say NONE OF THAT has ever turned me into the sexiest, strongest and overall best version of myself they way Body University has.”
We love getting positive feedback! Thank you @beautyis_a_beast 🙏🏼

Throwing it waaayyy back with @daddysbabygirl81 We miss you 😘

Here’s to a happy hump day from the fully clothed women at @bodyuniversity sometimes referred to as Booty University 🍑🤓because this is our expertise.
Building butts has been a staple of ours for years now. The transformations that take place here speak for themselves. After our clients learn proper form to fire their glutes and are consistent with training and nutrition the results follow. There’s no need for tricks (back arching, backwards photos, thong photos, angled/retouched photos etc.) but there is a need for proper instruction and time to craft your masterpiece.
Here at the “U” we offer glute isolation group classes. And as you can tell we make for a fun environment! Summer is around the corner and if you’re looking to get a nice, round, toned butt...look no further 🍑👀 we got your back 🙌🏼 Follow the info below to book your session now⬇️⬇️⬇️
Email➡️subject line “summer body” to inquire about our rates and glute isolation classes. Limited spots available, book now before it’s too late!
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@mindbody_ezra said it best 🎓 “ If you want 2018 to be your year, go set your goals and crush them one by one. Don’t sit around waiting for a change to happen. Go out there and make a change. Smile more. Be excited. Do new things. Be fierce. Show more gratitude. Do things that challenge you. Be BRAVE😊 P.S. Thankful for @candis_inpirom & @francinesablan who honestly turn me from a 🐛 to a 🦋. I have way more confidence now & I felt like prepping for the muscle show gave me a sense of purpose that I was missing last year. Thanks for providing me with the nutrition, exercise and posing that help me rediscover my strength as a woman amidst all my insecurities. To my gym partners @love.and.lift.tdub and @ms_miranda80 thank you for pushing me to my limits & believing in me😘 You guys have made this experience enjoyable. I’m forever grateful for my fitness family and @bodyuniversity 💪🏻 To my favorite make up artist @chayamua & my hairstylist @hairenv: you guys created this magic😘😘😘 Shot by @jtp_photos 📷 “

Swipe for #transformation 😮 @stephyloe graced the stage with poise and class at @musclecontest #npcsandiegochampionships. She earned top placings in all 3 classes!!! (Masters 35, novice and open class) Her amazing work ethic is inspiring. We’re excited to see her improvements during her offseason program with @candis_inpirom.

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