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Bodyscript Custom Tattoos  Quality Tattoos Aachen 🇩🇪 open for guests! 🔜 raquel diego & seb • resident: @lukethemonkey520 • owner: @carrybodyscript ✉️ info@bodyscript.de


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A LA VENTA!!! En @yamambatattooshop Láminas tamaño A4. 💜💜💜💜 también podéis hacer vuestro pedido en: r.corralestattoo@gmail.com. Muchas gracias 😊 #raquelcttattoo #raquelct #yamamba #yamambatattoo #yamambatattooshop #alicante #alicantetattoo #superheroinas #marvel

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My Collection „Art of Nature“ is finally complete!

I am so happy and stoked about it. It took a lot of time and patience, which i am not good in at all. Keeping me practicing and understanding the craft more! Always respectful to it!

If you are interested in purchasing my Art, please contact me via DM or Email! Every Design will be Printed on a high quality Papier! Each design will be copied to 30 pieces! So be hurry! When they‘re gone, they‘re gone 🤫

You can get them as a collection of 3 or single ones (which you can choose)

If you are interested in getting the originals, maybe we can talk about it :) (Original: polychromos black pencil/ black ink on a stipple texture bee paper/ 27,9cm x 35,6 cm / 216g/m2)

Short Info:

Art of Nature is a short collection of 3 Main characters.Each one important in some kinda way.
The snake is on the one hand the smallest one of them and on the other side it kinda shows the figure of the devil! (Bible)

The Tiger shows strength and is of course bigger than the first character.
When i think of a tiger, i always think of the poem which inspired me through all the years!
„William Blake - The Tyger“

Human skull as the last one! Standing above all of them as a species of intelligance! But also one of the most destructive!

All of them connected with a dagger which i interpret as a „death-tool“

Biblical snake for the eternal sin!

Tiger‘s head as a pride monument of hunting!

Human skull as a destruction of humanity by itself!

Thanks for looking and reading my philosophical crap!❤️!❤️!❤️ #greed #monument #art #of #nature #tattooflashcollective #lukethemonkey #blackwork #philosophy


Jeden ersten Samstag im Monat macht Lukas Walk-In‘s.

Ihr könnt an den Tagen seine Wanna-Do‘s anschauen oder mit eueren Ideen kommen. Er versucht alle euere Wünsche bestens umzusetzen!

Was er so macht?
Er mag „traditionals“, filigranere Sachen (solang sie umzusetzen sind), Dotwork, Neotraditionals.
Für jeden etwas dabei :) SEHR WICHTIG!!! Kommende Walk-In Termine!

3.3.2018 10-17 Uhr
7.4.2018 10-17 Uhr (verschoben auf 14.4.2018)
5.5.2018 10-17 Uhr
2.6.2018 10-17 Uhr
7.7.2018 10-17 Uhr
1.9.2018 10-17 Uhr
6.10.2018 10-17 Uhr
3.11.2018 10-17 Uhr
1.12.2018 10-17 Uhr Christmas Special

Also Liebe Leute SAVE THE DATE! Und sichert euch ne spontane Kleinigkeit im 2018!

Beste Grüsse

#tattoos #tattoo #wannado #oneshot
#aachen #oche #520

Done by @carrybodyscript
If you‘re interested in getting tattooed hit us up at info@bodyscript or visit the shop!

We are doing pretalks today as well. The shop is open till 18:00!

#rosetattoo #black #shade #mandala #ornamental

Sometimes we do small stuff ❤️
Tattoo by @lukethemonkey520
Thanks for your visit!
#dotwork #small #tattoos #pinterest #vacation #explore

Carina is going to be at @tattooinkexplosion in Mönchengladbach again. Come by and say hi!

She will bring some wannados with her!

Be there or be square!
#convention #tattooinkexplosion #tattoos #wannados #mönchengladbach

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