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BODYLOGIX  Bodylogix is a brand of nutritional supplements that help to promote clean, trusted performance. Unlock your natural potential today. #teambodylogix

☀️Make a smooth(ie) transition into the weekend with #BodylogixProtein☀️
This protein smoothie bowl is giving us #TGIF feels - what's your go-to weekend protein dish?
Be sure to tag is in your shared recipes 👌

Repost from @allys_palate - Just a bowl of deliciousness.

Spending the day on set with @arsenikstudios and @dr.slaunwhite mixing up something good with @inside_fitness 🤘🏼 Are you ready for it?

Why Bodylogix Protein? Why protein in general? And how MUCH?!?
With so many competing facts and callouts from different brands these days we're breaking it down nice and simple. Check out the #BodylogixBlog to learn more and exercise that super important muscle - the ol' thinker 💪🏼
Link is in our bio.
Repost from @beautyandbeastsups_cockburn - ✨New Products✨

All stocked up with @bodylogix range.
Head down to @beautyandbeastsups_cockburn and check it out!

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Awesome shot of @bodylogix friend and ambassador @realjessemetcalfe on set spreading the word about our awesome team 🤘🏼 🔥Bodylogix goes international🔥
Repost from @realjessemetcalfe - Me and Chinese action star @huangxiaoming_official on the set of #EscapePlan2. Xiaoming loved the @Bodylogix product I gave him as a wrap gift. Happy training, Xiaoming! #bodylogix #sp

- - - this contest is now closed - - - 🔥ENTER NOW🔥
Team Bodylogix has some amazing projects in the works and we need your help to finish them! To celebrate we are GIVING AWAY FREE PRODUCT!
There are two amazing Bodylogix Prize Packs to win; here's how to enter:
1. Follow the link in our bio
2. Complete the super simple survey
3. Screenshot the page confirming your submission
4. Send that screenshot to us via direct message.
Winners will be contacted via direct message.
Contest closes TUESDAY 7/11 at NOON CST so click that link ASAP!
Good luck 🤘🏼 #TeamBodylogix #FreeProtein #contest

😍 check out these perfect protein pancakes from our healthy food crush @atasteofmadness1 ; she's whipping up a @bodylogix storm.
As with all the protein recipes we share, feel free to switch up the source between Bodylogix Whey and Bodylogix Vegan products.
Repost from @atasteofmadness1 - Woke up at 7am and couldn't go back to sleep. Since my alarm wasn't set to go off for another hour, I headed to the gym 💪🏼.
Seriously you guys, after my early morning workout, I was sweating in places I didn't even know could sweat. Gotta have some protein packed food to recover from that! 💁🏻🙌🏻
These protein pancakes are super easy and take less than 10 minutes to make.
I used @bodylogix vanilla protein powder, but feel free to use a vegan protein powder to make them vegan. ✌🏻
Recipe coming later this week.

What an awesome smoothie bowl recipe from @lattesandplaydates 👌

We love to see your protein creations - always be sure to tag us @bodylogix in your posts across social media!
Thanks for the love!
Repost from @lattesandplaydates - Reason #58,384 why I love Plexus: having a healthy body makes me crave healthy food. 🙌🏼
Today's smoothie was:
• 1C frozen zucchini
• 1C frozen cauliflower
• 1/2C frozen sweet potato
• 1/2C frozen blueberries
• 1C frozen strawberries
• 1 scoop @vitalproteins collagen peptides
• 1 tsp @navitasorganics maca powder
• 1 Tbsp ground flax seed
• 3/4 scoop @bodylogix vanilla grass fed whey protein
- Add water to help blend then add some rolled oats on top for a little texture. 👌🏼 Yum!

Let's celebrate! The long weekend is here and with it comes two HUGE birthdays ;) July 1st 🇨🇦
July 4th 🇺🇸 How are you celebrating?! Let us know!
Have a safe and happy weekend everyone. Birthday blog post is up [in our bio]; cheers to you! 🍻

#Bodylogixprotein #TeamBodylogix

#TeamBodylogix is making moves internationally! Loving this product shot from @bcshop_hk 🤘🏼 No matter where you are in you're training regime, or around the globe - we've got you.
Repost from @bcshop_hk - BODYLOGIX VEGAN PROTEIN
• 每匙含25克優質蔬菜蛋白,適合各素食人士及乳糖敏感人士。
• 提取自黃碗豆、全麥糙米及有機麻,以低溫技術分解並抽取出,不會破壞蛋白質營養。
• 能提供素食者全面的氨基酸吸收,補充更完整。
• 加入5500 毫克提取自蔬菜的支鏈氨基酸,能防止肌肉流失及分解,有助建立肌肉。
• 使用天然甜菊,不含阿斯巴甜代糖,乳糖及人造色素。
• 不含麩質、低糖、低脂、零膽固醇配方。

• 每匙含25克隔離乳清蛋白。
• 提取自用純草類餵飼牛隻,以微過濾技術分解並將其脂肪、乳糖、膽固醇等全部隔離。
• 能提供素食者全面的氨基酸吸收,補充更完整。
• 使用天然甜菊,不含阿斯巴甜代糖及乳糖。
• 不含麩質及乳糖配方,減低致敏機會。
• 零糖、零脂、零碳水及零膽固醇配方。
• 不含任何基因改造成份,人造色素及甜味劑。

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In need of a hump day pick-me-up? Get some #BodyloixProtein into those pancakes 👅

Repost from @bodybeyond_centralcoast - These Vegan Protein Pancakes are to die for!!! 🤤😷. . . Especially on a rainy day! ⛆
#BodyBeyondCentralCoast #BodyLogix #VeganProtein #Recipe #NutritionSystems #Vegan #Diet #CleanEating

@bodylogix has retail partners worldwide!
Shoutout to our friends at @nutritionsystems_nz - they're having a #bodylogixGIVEAWAY 🤘🏼 #TeamBodylogix
Repost from @nutritionsystems_nz - Friday FREEBIE 👊🏼
Who wants to win a tub of the new @bodylogix range? We have 3 tubs to give away! To enter all you need to do is:
🌱 Follow us on instagram @nutritionsystems_nz
🌱Comment below which one you would like to try
🌱Tag a friend
It's that easy! Winner will be drawn on Tuesday 20th June.
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#TeamBodylogix is revving up to celebrate some very important people this weekend: Dads!
Join us in thanking the men that have passed on their wisdom, taught us the value of family and always happen to save the day.
Raise your glass to the Superdads. 🍻
Dad-dedicated blog is up - check the link in our bio.

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