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Adonis "No Excuses" Hill  🙏GOD 1st🙏 I Want U 2 WIN! I got a Health&Wellness Bar in Brooklyn —} @Vitality_bk & Season1 Weight-loss Trainer on #FitToFatToFit on @AETV *BROOKLYN

WHO IS ADONIS HILL? Some of you may know about the journey I made on A&E’s Fit to Fat to Fit. Here’s a teaser. It’s more of my story and why it’s my life’s passion to share the life giving power that 360 degree fitness has for all of us. Let’s make that journey to a healthier lifestyle together. Check Out my IGTV link for the short documentary. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!
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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY FAMIlY! & I found the perfect pic taken earlier this year that truly depicts what this bday celebration is all about.
Who can take a wild guess on why this has been the best year of my life? 😁 ... It’s so crazy because I could’ve sworn up and down that I just knew I had found my purpose until my baby girl was born @iamlayahill aka My Purpose
#38yearsLater #daddyslittlegirl #daddysgirl #daddyduties #dadlife #dad —} #FATHER

GREAT NEWS FAMILY WE ARE BACK ON! but check this first —-} #FlashBackFridays That time I gained 70lbs and became #Prediabetic for a complete stranger. SWIPE #FitToFatToFit. *Read below for the great news


Thank you all for all of your support since the show and because of YOU I’m happy to let you know that I’m back at it with a brand new project.
From my personal journey, I’m learning that fitness, healthy habits and travel can work together for our overall health and wellbeing. I’m looking forward to exploring our great country and the world and meeting as many of you as possible as we work on our wellness together. Stay tuned. I welcome your comments. What are the questions you want answered? Myths etc...... TIRED OF HE SAY - SHE SAY!
I WILL GET YOU THE ANSWERS #FACTS ONLY #WeAreALLInThisTogether @godistheconnect

We did it family 1 MILLION VIEWS!
On @youtube & Because of —} YOU {— Project #2 is on its way. Time to get you the answers you’ve been looking for.
THANK YOU & STAY TUNED (Click link in bio to see the FULL EPISODE of #FitToFatTofit where I gained 70lbs in 4 months just to help save someone else’s life on @aetv #youtube )
my retrospective:

#MyFirstFathersDay You don’t even know this yet.... but I will be your protector for the rest of my life. 😍😍 @iamLayaHill

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. -1 Timothy 5:8 #Fatherhood #TheReasonForMyExistence #MenTakeCareOfHisResponsibilities

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the men that take care of theirs #HappyFathersDay

@iAmLayaHill Well excuse me Iil Miss Taking A Royal Bath @bloomingbath #bloomingbath #3monthsOld #lillady

We had a long day today 😴..... Wouldn’t trade this moment for anything else in the world 😍 #daddyduties #daddyslittlegirl (s) #Father 👶🏽: @iamlayahill 🐶: #Tinka

#PCOSsurvivor #TransformationTuesday client update! CONGRATULATIONS to @YanaGetsFit for giving birth to a beautiful baby GIRL after doctors told her she wouldn’t be able to conceive do to a condition called #PCOS. —-}. DO YOU HAVE PCOS? There is HOPE!
Yana (my client): Doctor says I can’t have a baby due to me being diagnosed with #Pcos
Me (Trainer / Health&Wellness Coach): Say Less! Give me 1 year and watch what happens. With hard work , consistency, mental change & #GOD (prayed for you all the time champ) ... all things are possible. #Facts
Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God. ◄ Mark 10:27

A Letter From Yana:
2017 has been truly a blessing!!The entire reason I reached out to Adonis in 2016 because of my battle and failure at trying to conceive due to obesity, PCOS, high triglycerides, and prediabetes!! Exactly one year of many - many workouts, clean eating, sweat, tears, failures, successes, and plateaus on repeat 🔁, I couldn’t be more proud, thrilled, thankful and excited to announce that in May of 2018 my husband and I are expecting a baby 👶🏼 girl. No words can express how I feel because I was that girl that never thought it would happen!! For anyone going trough the same struggle, take care of you first and never ever give up
Your hard work and consistency definitely worked in your favor
#pcosweightloss #pcospregnancy #pcosawareness #pcosfighter #pcosweightlossjourney #pcos #personaltrainer #fitToFatToFit @GodIsTheConnect

#TransformationThursday Im so proud of my champ @daonlyladyt .... this is what true dedication looks like. You must fall in love with your —-}WHY

Dedication And Focus Are Necessary To Achieve Successful Goals In Your Life! Becoming successful in achieving your goals is not an easy task. Dedication and focus are necessary to achieve goals in your life. With out proper focus and dedication on that goal you cannot be able to achieve it. So ask yourself .... are you turkey Dedicated and Focused on teaching your goal #ItsMeVsMe

Hey Queen 😍 @iamlayahill aka
Ms. 2 & 1/2 months .... y’all were so right! They do grow fast, sheeeeeeeesh. Watch that finger lil girl lol 😂 #DaddyLittleGirl #DaddyDuties #pegperego

#TransformationTuesday with my champ @dama0204 ... proud of you champ, your are sculpting out nicely 👌🏿. ________________________________
Wanting Change starts with YOU!
One day it just clicks.
You realize what’s important and what Isn’t.
You learn to care less about
what other people think of you
and more about
what you think of yourself.
You realize how far you’ve come
and you remember
when you thought
things were such a mess
that you would never recover.
And you smile.
You smile because you are
truly proud of yourself
and the person
you’ve fought to become #ItsMeVsMe #itsYouVsYou

You know you in #Brooklyn when you bump into #SpikeLee @officialspikelee #BikeLife #DoTheRightThing

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