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Adonis "No Excuses" Hill  🙏GOD 1st🙏 I Want U 2 WIN! I got a Health&Wellness Bar in Brooklyn —} @Vitality_bk & Season1 Weight-loss Trainer on #FitToFatToFit on @AETV *BROOKLYN

#StretchMarks What loosing 100lbs look like and these battle scars are all over my body! !
I’m always asked do you have stretch marks after losing weight? YES and I’m proud of them and you should be to *continue reading below
Stop spending all day obsessing, cursing, perfecting your body like it’s all you’ve got to offer the world. You are so much more then your body. These are warrior stripes .... be proud. These stripes tell a story. Feel good about yourself and what you’ve accomplished.
The biggest thing you can do to feel better about your body is to work on stopping the social comparison process dead on site. It can be frighteningly easy to compare ourselves to the bodies we see every day, in magazines, on billboards, on “reality” television, and social media (INSTAGRAM) . It’s a small step from looking at and admiring images of “ideal” bodies and thinking, “Why don’t I look like that?” or “That model is so much thinner than me or her butt is much phatter then mine!
Just worry about being the best version of yourself possible. DONT WORRY / BE HAPPY! & Being Happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you decided to look past your Imperfections. *CLICK LINK IN BIO

#tbt The Time I Risked My Life To Prove That Losing Weight Is Possible If “YOU” Commit To Change. We Are Almost At 1 million views 😬 ..... thank you for all your support so far! On the way to that “M”
click link in bio.
The Time I Became #PreDiabetic #DiabetesAwareness #aetv #FitToFatToFit @aetv #itsYouVsYou #HelpIsOnTheWay

DO YOU HAVE PCOS? There’s hope! *UPDATE* Yana LOST 75lbs & Was able to get Pregnant🤰My champ @yanagetsfit is 8 months pregnant at her baby shower after the doctors said it may not be possible.
Yana (my client): Doctor says I can’t have a baby due to me being diagnosed with #Pcos
Me (Trainer / Health&Wellness Coach): Say Less! Give me 1 year and watch what happens


A Letter From Yana:
2017 has been truly a blessing!!The entire reason I reached out to Adonis in 2016 because of my battle and failure at trying to conceive due to obesity, PCOS, high triglycerides, and prediabetes!! Exactly one year of many - many workouts, clean eating, sweat, tears, failures, successes, and plateaus on repeat 🔁, I couldn’t be more proud, thrilled, thankful and excited to announce that in May of 2018 my husband and I are expecting a baby 👶🏼 girl. No words can express how I feel because I was that girl that never thought it would happen!! For anyone going trough the same struggle, take care of you first and never ever give up!!! __________________________
Your hard work and consistency definitely worked in your favor

THE SECRET TO WEIGHT LOSS! #TransformationTuesday with my champ @daonlyladyt.
The secret is actually no secret at all. YOU MUST STAY COMMITTED TO CHANGE! No one can help you like you can help YOU! Life can be really tough, trust me .... I get it! It’s a daily struggle with one daunting challenge after another. As if this was not already a struggle, life also has the tendency to give us a really hard time whenever it pleases. It will smack you to the ground and throw dirt at you. In other situations it will try to push you beyond your limits, just to see if you break down. And just when you thought the worst part was over, life finds a new way to throw curveballs at you. I know .... because I been there .... shyt in some cases, I’m still there. Even though life is hard we must not give up. We do have to stay strong; there is simply no other option. Whenever life pushes us to the ground, we need to get back up on our feet, shake the dust from our clothes and continue pursuing our dreams and wishes with an iron will and determined perseverance. Always remember and stay true to your “WHY” (write it down and read it EVERYDAY)
It’s You vs You ... Change starts with the 🧠
Want a healthy start? Come down to my Health&Wellness Bar @vitality_bk ... grand opening Saturday May 5th.

How does my 90 year young grandmother stay looking, moving and feeling so young you ask? She gets her green smoothies and soups from @vitality_bk #VitalityKeepsYouYoung

Who can guess the Sanitary Inspection score the department of health gave me today? SWIPE
Cc: @myrtleavebklyn

@vitality_bk My name is Adonis Hill and I approve this message 😬
Thank You @jayani_world @bbrproductions_
Vitality Health&Wellness Bar #juiceBar
475b Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Open 7days a week

My Big Bro Trae #Salute @traeabn #HomeTownHero in stores NOW

When my Big Bro @traeabn comes to New York EVERYTHING is a go, The City is on tilt! #GoodBrothers
Please go support his new album #HomeTownHero
@caponennoreaga @caponeqb4life @daveeast @tony_rock
Trae gave out 1.3 million dollars of supplies and adopted over a 100 homes during the hurricane #Houston #Texas #WhatAStandUpDudeLooksLike
Surround yourself with those who want more from life, those who are working towards making the world a better place, those individuals who you can learn from, and those who are driven to succeed

#GreatGrandma LOVE is in the air ❤️... Queen Laya turned 3 weeks old today, what a perfect time to meet her beautiful 90 year old
great #grandmother 👵🏽 #When1927Meets2018 #Love #Family #BabyByAdonis @iamlayahill 😍😍#AllGloryBeToGod

My 1st Easter in my #EasterDress 👗
@iAmLayaHill : Happy Easter Everyone! #JesusIsTheReasonForTheSeason
#LilMs2weeksOld #BabyByAdonis #Fendi 👼🏽

And A Happy #GoodFriday it is!
1st) because Jesus is the realist to ever do it
2nd) I finally got some much needed rest with my angel @iamlayahill #daddysgirl #BabyByAdonis
#GodIsSoGood #JesusIsTheReasonForTheSeason

Lil Ms. 2 weeks old! Queen Laya’s first bath 😍😍 @iAmLayaHill

Forever My Lady
You are a Queen in my heart,
and I love you so much.
I love the fondness in your eyes
and your tender little finger grips. You are my favorite little big wish.
I can’t believe I witness you come out that canal of life. I was mesmerized by you at first sight.
and knew then straight away,
that I would be forever here
to watch you grow and play.

You bring to me a joyful heart,
and memories that will be great,
and a powerful sense of fatherhood
that no one can debate.

And so my little princess
before you go to sleep,
Remember I am your daddy
and I am yours to keep.
And I promise to give you everything your heart desires and I won’t be cheap lol #BabyByAdonis

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