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Derrick Benjamin  Fitness Professional. I train you to meet your goals for general health contest prep, weight loss etc. Meal plans and online training also available.

Box squats with cambered bar 3 plates and 2 sets of chains ⛓

Benchpress with bench shirt
345lbs Plus 80lbs in chains ⛓ to a @benchblokz 1 board (my newest purchase)
5 sets 3 singles last two sets for doubles
On the last two set I started to feel like I got the groove of the shirt. I’m starting to understand this a little more. Thanks again to for helping with spotting me. It’s greatly appreciated. #bodybyderrick #powerlifting #fitnessrelated #lift #bench #compete

Happy Valentines Day my love! You keep my mind right when I’m going crazy, you have my back 💯 % all the time. I’ll do anything for you to keep a smile on your face. I love you @andreav_fit91 #bodybyderrick #fitcouple #competitors #relationshipmemes #mywoman #myhappiness #npcfigure #powerlifting #powercouple #poweroflove

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