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Body Buzz  Body Buzz provides a unique, private and personalised private training and rehabilitation centre.

Check out Paul’s improvement in hamstring length with just one session of Fascial Stretch Therapy with Deb. Paul is a golfer and came to Deb to improve his general flexibility for his golf swing as well as clear up some lower back tightness that he feels after 18 holes of golf. He also really wants to touch his toes! 6 sessions of stretching and we are well on the way to achieving all of Paul’s goals 😀
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Check out our pocket rocket Mary at our Healthy Ageing Class. Sean, our Exercise Physiologist, programmed this squat jump to assist with Osteoporosis management. Loading the bones with a high impact movement like jumping has been shown to improve bone density! Go Mary! #Bodybuzz #activestrength #mtommaneyfitness #fitness #centenarygym #sttengthtraining #squat #deadlift #benchpress #grouptraining #personaltraining #coaching #exercisephysiology #injuryrehab #pilates #matpilates #corestrength #fascialstretchtherapy #fstbrisbane #flexibility #stretchtowin #anf #anfbrisbane #aminoneurofrequencytherapy #osteoporosis #healthyageing

Meet our trainer Scarlet. She likes to sit next to her clients and encourage them to work hard by looking cute. 😂😂😂

Here's a few of our Healthy Ageing Class members enjoying their morning workout. Our Healthy Ageing Class is a 45 min class run at 9am every weekday and is suitable for the 55+ age group. We will tailor the class to suit participants - so if there is something you can't do or isn't suitable we will swap it for a suitable alternative.
The class is suited to beginners and experienced alike as our Exercise Physiologist is with the group for the duration of the class for guidance and assistance.
If you or someone you know is interested in more information give reception a call on 3279 1587.

Here's our Strength Club ladies with a perfect demonstration of Dying Bug. This is an excellent core exercise......but only if you do it properly. That's where we can help - a good trainer is invaluable in not only helping you reach your goals but also ensuring you get there without being injured!
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Thanks @redlandsfreshflowers for these gorgeous Peonies. They have opened up beautifully and smell amazing too!! #Bodybuzz #personaltrainer #brisbane #activestrength #getstrong #fitness

Congratulations to our client Neil who recently competed in multiple track (cycling) events at the World Masters Games and performed exceptionally well, winning 3 Gold and 2 Silver.That's a haul of 5 medals and his goal that he wrote down last year on our goal wall, well and truly SMASHED!

VI: photo of Neil, Andrew and Deb holding Neil's medals.

This is a client of ours who has always had a "streaky" neck and also an "uncomfortable" or "twisted" feeling on the right side. Using Fascial Stretch Therapy we have made excellent improvement in the "look" of her neck and also the feeling for her. It is now more comfortable for her to sleep on her right side and she is feeling less uncomfortable and twisted generally.

One of the important lessons here is "expectations". When your body has been a certain way or had a certain problem for a long time it will take some time and repeated effort to fix or reverse the problem. One or two appointments isn't going to fix a problem that has been there for years or even decades.
In this case, our client knows and understands this - we started with weekly appointments for 6 weeks and have now moved to fortnightly appointments. Over time and with repetition we will slowly see the change occurring and holding for longer periods of time in between appointments.
There is no "magic pill" folks - but with a little time and a little effort you never know what can be accomplished!

Our client Roy training with our Exercise Physiologist Sean. Balance practice was on the agenda this morning 👍

Reducing risk of falls is important for the 60+ age group. 30% of adults over 65 experience at least one fall per year. One of the most serious outcomes of a fall is a fractured hip- about 25% of these cases result in loss of life and for those who survive around 30% never regain complete mobility.
After falling, almost 50% of older people report they have a fear of falling again and 25% decrease the amount of activities they are involved in. The result of a fall is not just loss of confidence but can also be a decrease in mobility and independence and a resulting decrease in quality of life.

Come and join Sean in our group classes at 9am Mon-Thurs. Balance and falls prevention is part of these classes. Prices start at $25/week. Give us a call for more information on 3279 1587.

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