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Bodil Bergström  Influencer/Artist/Smoothie Bowl-Lover 😋 I travel within and share ❤️💭✨ 🌍 Stockholm 👻 bodilbergstrom ✉️ bodilbergstrom@live.se


Just a heart project I would like to share this Tuesday ❤️ I wanted to show you the real stuff that was going on inside of me when I was traveling. Scary stuff to show, because it makes me vulnerable. But I rather be vulnerable and real than put on a fake show about how life is perfect and easy.
For me it was never about fancy hotels, drinks and sunshine. I needed to find Me and therefore this trip meant and still means the world to me. And I'm so happy to share it with you ✨🌏
Link in description✨
#travel #solomission #mindset #findingme #heartproject #fearorlove

Monday ✨ Long time no see but i'v been really, really, reeeally busy enjoying life ✌🏼😄 So I'm at my new job having a lunch break and I'm sitting here appreciating everything about it. I appreciate having coworkers, routines, a monthly salary, taking the bike every morning and feeling the fresh, Scandinavian air. It's so relaxing to know what to do every single week and even though work can be stressful, I feel like there's nothing in my life to feel stressed about 🙌🏼 This new life is only until Christmas so I guess I'm really taking it all in right now.

Beside that, I've started dancing again, twice a week. I've been to some very inspiring workshops (and there are more to come 😍✨🙏🏼) I've booked a life coach session that I'm really excited about. I'm now a member of a book club where we read self improvement books with super inspiring girls. I never liked reading so this feels so not me in one way😄 But hey, life is about exploring!
I'm also turning my Stockholm bedroom into a Bali/Boho bedroom 🌴🌿✨🐒😍 Love it!! So to sum up, committing to commitment is working 😄 Sometimes you have to experienced the opposite side of what you think you want to know what you truly want.
#lifeassignment #mondaythoughts #contrasts

First time I felt like wearing all black 😋 and of course a touch of pink to match my new hair 💗 Thanks @makeupstore and @erwikcommunication for a spectacular runway show 💄💅🏻 Photo: Eero

Trying something new - pink hair 💗🙌🏼 Me like a lot😍 Though it will probably go away within a few washes.. 🙈 #justalittlechange #pinkhair #shorterhair #melike

At the movie premiere "IT" 🤡🎈🎞 Guess who was screaming through the whole movie... 😩😂 You should really go and see it! Thanks to @petreevent #itthemovie

[ In collaboration with @sudiosweden ]
Don't forget my code for 15% percent off 👉🏼 bodil15 ✨Have a beautiful day everyone 😘 #sudiomoments #sudiosweden #bodil15

Happy B-day @rapunzelofsweden 👱🏼‍♀️🎉✨ Gorgeous hair as always!
#rapunzelturns10 #girlsquad

Where focus goes, energy flows ✨
#chocolatehills #flow

New favorite 🤤🙌🏼 You just got to try this!
🍇Almond milk, frozen blueberry, frozen banana, cashew butter, ginger and cinnamon ✨ DON'T forget the cashew butter! 😏😄🙌🏼
Topping: 🌴Walnuts, coconut flakes, goji berry and blueberry
#smoothieeverydamnday #cashewbutter #veryimportant #caneatitallday

When you stay up all night and see this breathtaking sunrise and you want to take cool yoga pictures but realize you're having too much fun and are laughing too hard for advanced stuff like this 😂❤️
These are the best moments of enlightenment ✨ @elinathorsell
#05.29 #nofiltermoment #unforgettablemoments #feelingalive #laughingallnight #friends #sunrise #yogapose #letgo #enlightenment #life (drinking cider ;))

"Kräftskiva" on the countryside 🦐🌾🇸🇪
Thanks to @petreevent #kräftskiva #slätta #swedishsummer

Having Bali vibes 🐒🙌🏼🏳️‍🌈 Express yourself and be proud of who you are ✨Treat yourself like you treat your best friend ❤️ Celebrate when things go well. Support yourself when you're having downs. Push yourself, believe in yourself and be there for yourself in challenging moments. Take a silent moment to listen and try to understand your feelings when you need to open up. Say it's ok to cry. Respect what you love and who you love. Cherish all the good things about yourself and forgive when you make mistakes. Don't ever judge yourself. Look into a mirror and say honestly how beautiful you look and that there's nothing wrong with your thighs or stomach - Love yourself for being just the way you are and that you bring a hell of a lot awesomeness into this world 🌏❤️ #awesomeness #selflove #itstartswithyou #inspiration #balivibes #feathernecklace #wearyou #beproud

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