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Bodiesneedrest Los Angeles 

Barred Sand Bass for Colin. All single single needle. Now booking remaining April time slots and May.

Delarosa Rose for Sharlene. Booking April and May. DM or contact in bio for appointments. Thank you.

3 leaves for Rachel.

deuce fluir #microtype for Ana.

Rose for Yoshi. Booking for April. DM or email for inquiries. Thank you.

Xylocopa violacea for Ruben.

🗡 for Paige.

Healed Lion for Julia from last year. Booking April, DM or email. Info in bio. Thank you.

I never get tired of tattooing these. A classic for Bailey. Now booking for April.

“My afternoon dream” #microtype for Lauren.

Catharsis and protection for Dina. I have a few remaining spaces in March. DM or email for booking. Thank you.

Long stem rose for Jake.

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