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  if you want to continue to keep in contact with me, i'm on twitter as @memorybutera AND @braveryboca.

as much as i love ariana + supporting her, i cannot keep up with this account anymore. i'm 16, going on 17. this september i will be starting school as a senior which means all of my focus will have to go to my school work. this account has been nothing but a distraction, constantly checking it during class, is one of the main reasons why i'm so behind. i've never thought that starting this page would start out amazing, but lead to something bad. i'm not blaming ariana, as it's my fault. but i need to distance myself from all social media. and this is me doing so. to my 16.4k, i thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. this fandom has been there for me, when i was at my all time love. everyone was so supportive of my decisions, so thank you. i hate goodbye's, but, this one is needed. i love you all. maybe i'll see you soon? who knows. te amo mucho. - tatyana.

finally active again! comment your names. 🍒

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