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  do not repost my edits i use after effects cc 2017

thank u all so much for the love on my recent🥺 im working on an edit with my normal style so please have patience! check out my recent if u havent already

⌊ happy ⌉
⌊ ib: hannahsvids & xadoreagb
ac: me [use headphones or sumn]
oc: swaggiedit
cc: mine n swaggiedit
dt: rachel and bree, happy belated ⌉
⌊ the rule the world music video is absolutely beautiful and i wanted to practice my velocity so here’s something simple. the transitions kinda ruined the edit but❤️ n e ways ik this isnt my normal style and i might just leave this up until i can finish another edit! i just wanted to post something so i can stay active ⌉
♫ - happy - ashanti
#arianagrande #ruletheworld #omgariana #omgpage @arianagrande

⌊ tints ⌉
⌊ ec: bocabies, fabulous.gomez, breakthesilence, wavture
ac: me
oc: @swaggiedit @fabulouss.gomez
one shake/some bgs ib: fabulouss.gomez
dt: izzy n dev⌉
⌊ this is by far my favorite edit that i have ever made. i tried to incorporate both my regular 2d style along with 3d because i’ve been so inspired by chris and everyone in the 3d community tbh. this shite took me so fucking long tho KDNSNND im surprised my computer didnt f explode since the edit was 512 layers.. anyways i love this song and i love kehlani and yeah! ik she wont see it but maybe tag kehlani🥺🤲🏼 ⌉
♫ - tints - anderson .paak ft. kendrick lamar
#kehlani #kehlaniedit #kehlaniparrish #omgpage @kehlani

⌊ 7 rings ⌉
⌊ style rm: @bocawolf
ac: @astro.lvst [edited]
oc: @swaggiedit
dt: solin, omar & luke ⌉
⌊ all i gotta say is that the edit declined after the ‘you like my hair part,’ so im probably not gonna keep this up KDNSNFN! but i hope to venture out trying new shite and nova’s style is so cool so yea! giving the gelz what they want since they tried it!! ❤️ anyways this is so simple im sorry, hopefully i’ll find inspo for an edit with my regular style ⌉
♫ - 7 rings - ariana grande
#7rings #7ringsedit #arianagrande #omgpage #omgariana @arianagrande

⌊ can’t wait ⌉
⌊ my audio
ec: @legallyko @wavture @mistralous
oc: @swaggiedit @fabulouss.gomez
dt: essence because she is the kindest person on earth ⌉
⌊ ok so this was supposed to be for haley’s birthday but i wasn’t able to finish on time and i just gave up NDNSNFN but this is my first edit of 2019 and ngl im kinda proud of it even though it went downhill towards the end. this year i really wanna experiment with different things so my next edit will (HOPEFULLY) be of a tv show. anyways plsplspls tag haley⌉
♫ - can’t wait - dvsn ⌊ #haleymorales #haleymoralesedit #omgpage @haleymariemorales @dangerluvs

⌊ knew better ⌉
⌊ ec: fabulouss.gomez legallyko
oc: swaggiedit fabulouss.gomez breakthesilence
cc: xdevotion TYYY
dt: aastha bc i was ur secret santa⌉
⌊ i have a love/hate relationship with this edit? i like the beginning but it gradually gets worse. anyways merry christmas to all who celebrate and especially to @bocaxfv (i’m sorry i spelt ur user wrong HH) because i was ur secret santa for athena! but yea i’m sorry this is so short i rushed this so much. tag rachel? [ SHE LIKED + COMMENTED ] ⌉
♫ - knew better pt 2: ariana grande
#athenamas #rachelcantu #omgpage #drewphillips @rachelcantu

⌊ tell me ⌉
⌊ ec: fabulouss.gomez legallyko
oc: swaggiedit fabulouss.gomez
text on the thumbnail: breakthesilence
dt: bri and chris ⌉
⌊ i am SO sorry for not posting in almost two months. school has been so stressful for me and i’ve just been going through a lot but im happy that i was able to finish. this was originally supposed to be posted on bri’s birthday but it took me so long to finish. anyways i hope u like this edit, im kinda proud of it so hopefully it doesnt flop. drew kinda made a cameo in this edit so tag them pls? ⌉
♫ - tell me: groove theory
#enjajaja #enjajajaedits #enyaumanzor #omgpage #drewphillips #grpgolden @drewphillips09 @enjajaja

idk when im gonna be posting bc it’s been hard atm to do anything and ive just been going through a lot but i’ve made progress with another edit so

yea uh

hold on we’re going home
[ ac: honeyboys on sc || oc: editedbydaniel, swaggiedit, hannahsvids || ec: v.oidae, legallyko ]
for rachel (obviously) and jordan bc his birthday is coming up

happy birthday to one of my favorite people on this planet. i’ve been watching you for a year now and i’m so incredibly proud of how far you’ve grown. the fact that you follow me still baffles me like??? anyways i love and appreciate you so much and i will forever hold on to the video you sent of me with your mom, thank you for everything, rachel. i hope you have an amazing 16th. i’m sorry this is so rushed u truly deserve so much more.

[ @rachelcantu @rachelcantwo #rachelcantuedit #omgpage ]

love me harder
[ ac: xgotham || oc: @hannahsvids @swaggiedit || ec: @fabulouss.gomez @v.oidae ]
for anna, dev, faith and athena grp bc they helped me a lot

not really a huge fan of this edit, i couldn’t execute everything i wanted to be done but i dont hate it so! watch the full edit for a surprise (i guess?) anyways please tag haley!! sorry about the quality lmao

#haleymorales #haleymoralesedit #grpgolden @haleymariemorales @dangerluvs

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