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Bob  I’m a Dad...all the rest are just details.

Everyday is a school day...#singledadlife

ISIS Chicken will tell us his secrets... Credit: @thechive

2-day business trip to the Left Coast...I think I just saw my rental car


Early July 4th Fireworks and a baseball game with the little guy. (Learning this sport & holiday together)

#wedidnotwanttheteaanyway #🇬🇧🇺🇸

Link is in my bio for Pre-ordering now!! Let’s go!!

#tbt to when a friend asked me to take shots of his AFFI lesson and the instructor/mock student decided to ruin his day. I literally laughed my ass off for the 60 seconds that followed this shot. #neverskiplegday

Well would you look at this guy...any excuse to get his shirt off 🙄

A model Father and friend, @gregs.eye.view , having the DNA of his children placed into their names on his chest.

We are a small and tight group within the company, come and see what we are all about at or click the link in my bio.

Tattoo Artist: @helldriver1973

Trailer for @officialslystallone latest installment of the Rambo series 💪🏼 #excited

I didn’t really know Anthony Bourdain until yesterday. So I decided to watch a couple of episodes last night after the nipper went to bed. Now I understand why people thought so highly of a man I saw as just another TV chef. Him being a chef seemed to be secondary to his outlook on the world. #sad #headsup #support #mentalillness #wisewords

‘Ghosts of History’ series by Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse & Adam Surrey that blends the past with the present.
For those that did not know, today is the anniversary of what was ultimately the beginning of one of the most pivotal operations in World History and the liberation of France. June 6th 1944 (D-Day)

#tbt to when Inventor and friend Patrick Duffy donated this one of a kind painting by Mr. James Dietz that contains micro-encapsulated sand, water and elements of ‘The Grinder’. Every SEAL since 1972 knows the importance of this place and so when @brenner350 (a 28 year SEAL and company co-founder) flew to Coronado, CA to donate the painting in person the significance and gravity of the situation was not lost on him. All those that now visit that building and peer through the glass doors onto those rank and file painted markers, will be standing not just below this painting but also alongside a small part of all those men that started and in some cases finished their journey in that small grey enclosure.

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