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Bobo Matjila  ⚡️ Influencer + Talk Show Host in NY🧚‍♀️ ⚡️ Philosopher🧠 ⚡️ @boboandflex Podcast Host🌈 💌 Collabs: 💌 General:

Today’s tea is that most of you are single because you’ve decided to prioritize your fear of rejection over pursuing your desires
you’re waiting to be given the things you want instead of actually pursuing them

have a lovely day tho 🥰

RP: @gnarlyastrology

what’s on your mind fam? 🎨:// Shot by Me

I got this amazing Rainbow Ring Light from @savageuniversal and this was the outcome 🌈
Full tutorial on my channel // link in my bio ✨🎨

5’4 💀💀 in 2019 lets love our short Kings too ok

Stay tuned for an upcoming @boboandflex episode where we unpack red flags vs pink flags (yes pink flags is a thing ok)

What’s your relationship deal breaker/red flag?

it’s ur fairy godmother and she’s here to let u know that ‘virginity’ is a social construct created to manipulate and police women’s bodies ☕️

Listen 👏🏽 The concept of Virginity:
⚡️Doesn’t exist
⚡️Commodifies women
⚡️Contributes to rape culture
⚡️Centers a woman’s worth by how many men have been inside her 🙃

So many of you are stresssedddd (yess I see u in my DMs) about losing ur virginity but fam there’s no such thing so ??? 🤔

Instead, enjoy this thirst trap and go listen to the latest episode of @boboandflex - we talked about all things virginity, feminism and trauma ⭐️ 📸:// thirst trap was shot, styled and directed by me AND link in my bio to find out how I shot this 🥰🌈🧚‍♀️

New video up on my channel showing you how I shot this ✨ (click the link in my bio)

Shout out to @savageuniversal for the rainbow ringlight 🌈✨ it makes my shoots so much easier and so much more colorful 🎨🍒 📸:// Shot, Styled + Directed by Me

New show alert! If you haven't watched the new docuseries #FindingJustice on @BET, what are you doing?! It's a 6 part docu series where each episode focuses on a racial injustice happening in America. I'm loving the conversations and the activists involved.

Head over to @bet to watch! The first episode is already out :) If you've already seen it, let me know your thoughts in the description box below! Sundays at 8p E/7C #ad #findingjusticebet

oh thanks for drawing me @jooleeloren

The Bobo & Flex community is growing and flourishing and we realized that what makes the podcast so iconic is the community (YOU) who weigh in and listen every week ❤️ •

so we created an IG page at @boboandflex where we can all connect, hang out and have post-episode discussions 🧚‍♀️ Use the page to send us your questions, concerns, banter, feedback, roasts and love letters. but also use the page to meet new people who are just as magical and smart as u ✨

we loveeee you and thank u for helping us reach 30k listens!

New episodes drop every Sunday and some of our upcoming topics include: Mental Health, STDs, SEX, Open relationships, heartbreak and so much more! ⭐️🧚‍♀️ •

Follow @boboandflex ☺️ and shout out to ur fairy godmother @flex.mami for bringing the community together ❤️ •
Picture captured by my creative soulmate @josiemre (someone please force her to move to New York !!!!😂)

Hide your man.
She’s back🧚‍♀️✨ 📸:// captured by @betaniarenee

It’s your fave 🥰
And she’s here to remind you that you can acknowledge the racism and misogyny in the world without rooting your identity in pain 💭

My blackness, has more to do with how the world perceives me and less to do with who I really am (bc ultimately, i am still ME even without this skinsuit)

Being a woman is not defined by how much misogyny u experience. being black is not defined by how much generational trauma u carry on ur back and being queer is not defined by how many straight cis people try u in a day!

Let’s stop limiting our identities to these transient social constructs. Freedom,

is finding a sense of self outside of a white, straight, male gaze and just being an infinite, interdimensional hoe ok 🧚‍♀️ thanks for listening to my TED talk, and on that note, i no longer identify as a feminist 🥰

Dressed by my faves at @bfyne ☀️

Happy Women’s Day from your favourite interdimensional astral beings 🧚‍♀️✨ In honour of women today, let’s leave men on read ok 🥰

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