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April 21, 1966: HIM Haile Selassie I visits #Jamaica!
He is greeted upon his arrival in #Kingston by 100,000 Rastafarians from across the island. In the crowd was @officialritamarley, who on seeing a stigmata in the hand of the Emperor while waving, became enlightened to his divinity. Afterwards, it was she who showed Bob the light of Rastafari. From that day forward April 21 has been celebrated as #GroundationDay across Jamaica and beyond. 🇪🇹🛬🇯🇲

"Herb is a thing that give you a likkle time to yourself so you can live..." #bobmarleyquotes
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Blessed #EARTHSTRONG Ragga! @stephenmarley
Come celebrate with us next weekend @thekayafest in SoCal!
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"The 'Marley 5' exuded quintessential happiness on stage for an hour and a half which naturally transcended into the tightly packed crowd .... All through this, the Marleys didn't miss a beat and neither did the fans."
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From today in 1980 – a day after performing at the official, inaugural #Zimbabwe Independence Celebrations – Bob performs a second free concert for the people who couldn't get into the show the day before. Watch a full live stream of the concert at the link in bio. #todayinbobslife

@thekayafest coming to you next weekend!! @themarleybrothers are ready, are you?? #kayafest #reggae #musicfestival #socal • 🎟️ at link in bio.

On this day – April 18th – in 1980, Bob Marley arrived in #Zimbabwe to join the nation in celebrating their inaugural Independence Day! In late 1979, Bob released a song titled "Zimbabwe" off the 'Survival' album, featuring lyrics like, "Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny, and in this judgment there is no partiality. So arm in arms, with arms, we'll fight this little struggle. 'Cause that's the only way, we can overcome our little trouble." The track become the war chant of rebel soldiers fighting for their freedom from British colonial rule. Thus, when they finally gained their indpendence, they invited Bob and the Wailers to perform for the celebrations.
As a new nation, however, they did not have the funds to fly the band, crew, and gear over to Africa, let alone pay the band's standard fee. On hearing that, Bob of course played the show for free & even chartered a plane at his own expense to fly everything they needed over and back.
When it came time for the show – which took place at the Rufaro Stadium in Harare and held a mere 80k people, most of whom were wealthy elites and foreign dignitaries – it is reported that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people showed up at the gates hoping to see Bob perform. With so many people and a very tight security force, a riot inevitably ensued & the people broke down the gates to get in. Police released tear gas into the crowd, which made its way into the stadium & even onto the stage. After making sure @ZiggyMarley & @StephenMarley who flew out for the show were safe, Bob powered on amid the gas until 1-by-1 all the band members left the stage.
Eventually Bob spoke with authorities & agreed to perform a second free concert in an open space the next night, so that the local people could see the show. This quelled the tensions & allowed the ceremonies to resume. When the band finally came back to finish the set, Bob looked at them & said, "Now we know who are the REAL revolutionaries", referencing a lyric in the song that brought them there....
Tune in tomorrow for a live stream of the free concert he performed that following evening. Also, happy Independence Day Zimbabwe! #AfricaUnite

Check out @ziggymarley’s new #OpEd piece for @rollingstone on #herb and how we – both as consumers and businesses – can ensure that this emerging industry develops properly. Check it out at the link in our bio. #ziggymarley #reasoning #rollingstone #cannabis #kaya

On the way to #Zimbabwe for the nation's inaugural Independence celebrations, Bob makes a stop in Nairobi, #Kenya on April 17, 1980. #todayinbobslife #AfricaUnite

"#IShotTheSheriff, but I did not shoot the deputy!"
🎨 by Jason Koza

April 16, 1979: Bob Marley & The Wailers perform live at the Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand during the BabylonByBus tour! #todayinbobslife

While in #NewZealand, Bob & Seeco (percussionist) veer off from the group to go play #football with some locals, before their show at the Western Springs Stadium in #Auckland on 16 April 1979. #todayinbobslife

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