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Bob Jameson 

Long trip home from the perfect wedding. But how in the world does the car look like this going home? We were supposed to empty out here and drive home free of stuff.

FW Stock Show and Rodeo!! This Thing Is Legendary!!!

Zip lining ??? With my brothers. All done. No medical attention required. A good time was had by all.

Happy Friendsgiving at our home for the 9th eve of Thanksgiving. Grateful for these special friends who brighten the flame of Bradley's memory so often. Love them all.

Uncle Bob and Pops say hello

Jamesons v Fire Ants??? Chalk up one for the Jamesons. We took down those dirty little #%}]!£¥'s. Kudos to Pist Office - snow, rain, sleet, hail, fire ants - the mail gets delivered.

Ben and Bob say Hey Mack!!!!

Chopped the apple, not the ice cream #fwcmcookingschool

How do you like your green bell pepper chopped? You can have mine. Can't stand the stuff. #fwcmcookingschool

Brunoise your celery if you dare #fwcmcookingschool

Slicing, but not dicing #fwcmcookingschool

No tears onion chopping #fwcmcookingschool

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