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guys, issue #0 of this, next year #2018
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so i opened up an inprint store which i plan to populate with a lot of cool stuff as soon as i can. first print up is aremu the great!

if you want to get prints of this just follow the link in my bio to my inprint store: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/bobbytrauma/ <3

The legend of Aremu the Great goes this way: he was born in the year 1334 PM to a prominent family in a large settler community of the central regions. He was greatly averse to the way of life of his people, as they had grown accustomed to brutal competition and constant discord amidst a backdrop of hunger and famine. Around the age of 19, after growing weary of preaching order and structure to deaf ears, he gave up his cause and exiled himself from the community. It is said that he walked the eastern desert for 40 days and nights without any food nor water till that great moment when the Great Blue Moon revealed herself to him in a vision. With her voice she lead him to the land of the Blue metal where the crops grow at night, on whose soil the great city of Ife was eventually built. As the Moon’s chosen one, it was his destiny to spread a message of order and to bring prosperity through all of the land. He spent years after that moment as a prophet and trader moving from city to city around all of the settled lands until much later in his 25th year when he returned to his homeland accompanied by an escort of mysterious men and horses loaded with bags containing riches and various oddities.

Eventually, he migrated his community to his gifted land and started the city of Ife as its first Supreme Ruler. After which he united numerous dispersed tribes around the central and eastern regions and fought many battles, losing to no one. It was so that he built a nation on par with the great cities of Qing, Mumbus and Leon.

Many also refer to Aremu as the Lunatic and not the Great for he was the leader of the violent conquest of the south (1385-1391 PM), which was provoked by the discovery of the blue oil, another gift from the Moon which he “repossessed” from the southern tribes.

A ruthless powermonger or not, it is a fact that he has done a lot of good for the people of the central and eastern regions, for there would be much poverty, hunger and strife without his rule.

Above lies a depiction of the king in his prime, many years before the conquest of the south. An event which has now worn his visage

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merchant (or assassin)

artwork for "squad" by @idriskingvibes. go listen!

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"moonchild" for @ladydonli, for her Wallflower EP.

#art #illustration #music #bt17 #bobbytrauma

"bobby" for @ladydonli, for her Wallflower EP.

#art #illustration #music #bt17 #bobbytrauma

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