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Okay! So up on our site now, I'm narrating the Rawkus Records story, as well as an exclusive interview with co-founder Jarret Myer. The collection and full video are both NOW AVAILABLE (link in bio) 🎥 @jarretmyer

If you know, you know. The Hundreds and RAWKUS Records. We tried to stay as true to the original spirit of the merch, while keeping it 2018. And like RAWKUS music, the apparel aged just right, felt appliqués and all. Can't say that for a lot of the rap and its effects during the late 90s and early 2000s... Thanks to Rawkus, we get Mos Def. Big L. El-P. Eminem. Pharaohe Monch. Talib. Our collaboration drops tonight at midnight PST.

In 2004, I designed this “Love” T-shirt for @thehundreds, a parody of Robert Indiana’s “Love” sculpture in Philadelphia and an homage to all the fundamental skate history that came from Love Park. On the back of the shirt, I scribbled, “Where’s the Love?” Seems more relevant today than it did back then... RIP to the original artist, Robert Indiana, who died at 89 at his home on Saturday.


The Hundreds X RAWKUS RECORDS drops Thursday. RAWKUS helped define my understanding of hip-hop and anything outside of that has fallen short. I know there are a lot of younger kids here who are unfamiliar, so to the veterans: educate the new gen on what made RAWKUS so influential for the last two decades of rap music, labels, and artists.

The Hundreds X RAWKUS :: Thursday

Last night, at @bryangreenberg’s bday party at the Levi’s Haus, he and @jamiejchung gifted the guests with denim jackets that we could have custom chain-stitched by @bengoetting. I chose “Drawing Lines,” one of The Hundreds’ longest-standing mottos. If you’ve ever seen this written on our product, there are several meanings that embody our brand tenets. First, the literal hand-drawing of lines, as in pencil to paper. We have a global brand today, but it all started with creative expression. Anyone can draw a line. Next, “Drawing Lines” refers to attracting lineups at our store and building the congregation of The Hundreds. “The Hundreds” itself is not a reference to dollars, but to people. At the core, our brand is about community. Finally, “Drawing Lines” in the sand, making it clear as to what we stand for and against. We have always vocalized our beliefs and values, and we fight for them through our messaging. So, we begin with art. The brand is powered by our community. And we are defined by principles. The Hundreds DRAWING LINES. @thehundreds

Earlier this week, I spoke at the annual SIMA (Surf Industry Manufacturers Association) Summit in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. // I stood in front of a room of industry leaders, including the heads of Billabong, Quiksilver, and Rip Curl, and challenged them to fill a glaring omission that rarely—if ever—gets highlighted. My topic was the lack of racial diversity in the surf industry and why a brand’s (and market’s) success in 2018 banks on inclusion. // I’ve linked an editorialized version of my speech in my bio. Although I address surf companies in this piece, the research, statistics, and lessons are applicable to any industry. For example, streetwear also takes for granted how inclusivity has been a boon for sales. When the reseller market is powered by Chinese money, streetwear’s stars are Black designers, and Ben and I (the sons of immigrants) can thrive for 15 years with The Hundreds, you’d be remiss to leave diversity off the credits for streetwear’s success. // In doing my due diligence, even I was surprised by how fast our nation is changing and how Brown our customer is becoming. And with more than 250 million migrants blurring lines worldwide, this is not just an American trend, but also a global one. If you are a brand owner anywhere on the planet, I know it’s long, but I believe this report is crucial in understanding your customer and surviving the next decades of business. Thanks for reading. ❤️

WE RISE opens today! Come check us out, downtown LA :: @werise_la

Lost in Cabo with @jakeburton77 // @burtonsnowboards


10 years ago. Summer 2008 crew lookbook photographed by @13thwitness. T-shirt designed by @hassanrahim. Hat and jacket by me, back when I designed the collection start to finish. I am 6 years old in this photo.

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