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The Hundreds Fall 2017 :: Coming soon

Found the right shirt for Walt Disney World, Day 2. //#thehundredsxrogerrabbit

Florida has crazy wildlife.

"Here's a message that will make me sound crazy. Me and john Mayer took a selfie tonight (on his phone) of me reppin the hundreds and he said he was going to send it to you haha. If he does ever actually send it to you, will you send it to me. Sure it's a 1 in a million but that would be sweeeeet." // Sure, @colin77tracey here you go!

The Hundreds Fall 2017 :: Coming soon

This Complex “Blueprint” episode is getting a lot of love, and although sure - we can chalk that up to my story being VASTLY entertaining 😂 - what’s really going on here is a hunger for knowledge. Yours is a generation of independent thinkers, entrepreneurs and DIYers. The Internet has broken the rules. You don’t have to adhere to the traditional educational model or career path to find success and happiness anymore (even if you do, nothing is guaranteed). You don’t fit neatly into an industry and so you’re defining a new future, just like we did - however, my story is but one of millions that are opening up endless possibilities. If my journey has helped you in any way, please show your gratitude by working hard at what you love. Nothing stokes me out more than meeting someone who is impacting the world in their own way, inspired by The Hundreds. I am gonna post this episode again to my bio if you haven’t watched it yet. Noah @n_c_b and the @Complex team are dropping a fresh episode tomorrow with a mystery guest - be sure to watch. Please thank them also for this series!

Lana Del Rey, 2011.


One of the most positive friends I have. Nothing can stop Monami. She's got a signing for her vegan cookbook coming up in LA soon if you wanna pick up on her PMA vibezzz :: @monamifrost

JENNIFER MEETS WORLD. Danielle Fishel sits down with JENNIFER (interview link in bio) and models our latest style, the “Fire” jersey. // @jenniferusa @daniellefishel // hair & makeup by @jenfishel, interview by @katthompsonn, photos by me

We have lost two important people to suicide this month. Depression is a serious and ruthless disease. If you need help, please call 1-800-273-8255 or reach out to a friend immediately. There is no shame in it - I've been there before also. It's not a fucked up year, it's a fucked up illness. No more of more.

Linkin Park, 2009. Look how many lives Chester touched. See how many smiles he made. He gave so many of us memories to look back on and hope to look forward to. Rest in peace, Chester Bennington.

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