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Laundry day. The Hundreds Summer 2017 T-shirts are now out. Designed by @philiplumbang @e.viramontes @lovelikelightning and me duh. // @thehundreds

A decade old. Just dug up our official Angelyne collab. Who's got these? We've had some bangers. Barbi Twins, Carmen Electra, but Angelyne was the original Kardashian. Famous for being famous, I'm sure that phone # still works.

@suchinpak really wants me to do a podcast, u guys // Donut time at @dailydosecafe

Dillon Francis used to annoy the living shit outta me as our intern and now he's headlining Coachella tonight what is life

Kendrick’s album. Senay @nativethoughts says something about why it resonates, why the rapper is getting so much acclaim. Something I haven’t considered, but it’s true. “Consistency,” he remarks. Sennay says it’s the same reason why Drake and J.Cole are called out for being influential artists with staying power. It applies across everything - in fact, it’s one of my 10 brand-building principles: “Consistency consistently.” It was my late friend Jae Bueno’s answer for being a good dad and husband. “Consistency.” It’s what keeps The Hundreds afloat after all these years. Social media's frenetic hype makes it hard. Fast rise = fast demise. Especially in music and fashion - here today, gone tomorrow. “Consistency.” It’s a marathon, the long game. Reinforce, reiterate, repeat. DAMN.

RIP to #NoahSalasnek. Never met him, but his style and presence profoundly influenced snowboarding’s skate crossover in the early ‘90s. The former H-Street rider was a jack of all trades. His Sims boards featured the coolest street-smart graphics, and his TB2, TB3, Upping the Ante parts were lore. Listen to some Primus today and pay your respects! 🙇‍♂️

These are my favorite pieces from our Summer 2017 collection, which is out now. I want to thank our talented designers (best in the industry!) for putting in the work on this season :: @lovelikelightning @mansruin_official @camarstore @davidrivera4 @philiplumbang @e.viramontes

League of Legends. (missing Neruda and Rilke) #FSG

The Hundreds Summer 2017 :: Available now

The Hundreds Summer 2017 :: Available Now

Video days.

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