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Is America great again yet?

Crayola is discontinuing Dandelion crayons so I bought them all.

Sometimes I get so bummed on social media. Especially in regards to brand strategy, it frustrates me that so much credit is awarded these apps. Everyone thinks it’s the only thing that matters as far as marketing and awareness go, but that’s not true. To prove my point, back in 2015, I took a yearlong hiatus from my social networks. I had looked back on a decade-plus of status updates and concluded that most of it was a loss and hadn’t contributed to my quality of life, brand value, or my bank account. Even if it had, could that energy have been better used elsewhere?
Whatever time and space I would’ve reserved for posting on my feeds, I poured into a feature-length documentary on streetwear instead. All that storytelling, hundreds of hours of content creation, all being funneled into a movie. Did my brand suffer any that year? You tell me - we’re still here! Plus, I wasn’t constantly shoving my news into your face - maybe that’s a good thing? (Familiarity breeds contempt…) But, look - now I have a 90-minute film to show for it, that will add a whole new dimension to my work and legacy that social media could never have accomplished. While everyone else is chasing each other with filters and viral memes and losing themselves in the rat race, how many can hold a movie over their heads?
Instead of shouting into a noisy room, what if you told your stories elsewhere? Make a movie, sell a YouTube show to Netflix, print a newsletter or magazine, go on a speaking tour. I’m currently writing a book, which may sound nuts, but if you lumped all those tweets and captions into a bound volume, you’d be a published author too. Social media isn’t inherently evil, but be careful how much time and attention you give it, because you’ll never get it back. Social media isn’t the answer, it’s just the tool. You’re the storyteller and yours is the story. Think outside THIS square box in sharing it with us.

/ SWIPE / Directing A$AP Rocky on the set of Built to Fail

A step apart, I don't fit
In with my peers, but I don't give a shit
Laughed at in the streets of my town
Their laughter hurts, but I'll hold my fucking ground

Hold Your...GROUND
Hold Your...Hold Your Ground

It's time to stand up, for what you believe
Have no fear of your critics
Be proud of the life you lead
You may be different from your friends but if they're true they'll understand

Hold your ground -
Be yourself and be the best you can
Step Out!

Conformity, the easy way to be accepted
I'd rather be outcast any day
It's hard to be yourself with all the pressures coming down
It takes a strong fucking person to hold your ground

Hold You...GROUND
Hold Your...Hold Your Ground

Just wrapped all the art for our next Revelation Records collection! This time, we got Bold, Youth of Today, Judge and of course Gorilla Biscuits on the bill… //
Gorilla Biscuits at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA on August 11, 2012, video by hate5ix

@thehundreds in Taipei // 📸 by @hopestaiwan

Anyone can print a T-shirt. // @thehundreds

Never got over writing my name on other people's property.

The second drop of The Hundreds Summer 2017 is in. 👀

Now available :: Seafoam "Puffy" Girlfriend hoodie by JENNIFER :: @jenniferusa

Animation director Richard Williams on Roger Rabbit’s look: "a combination of Tex Avery's cashew nut-shaped head, the swatch of red hair ... like Droopy's, Goofy's overalls, Porky Pig's bow tie, Mickey Mouse's gloves and Bugs Bunny-like cheeks and ears.” // #TheHundredsXRogerRabbit

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