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  🔌📍LOS ANGELES & ATLANTA| (yes I’m based both places) Caribbean gyal 😈 💡Keep checking in cause Im only getting better @bobbeebadass

Wild thoughts 🥀❤️ .
S/o to all my cal state Northridge fam 📚😊❤️
What college did/do you attend ?

One taught me peace, one taught me lessons. Either or they both taught me peaceful learning 🥀🍷📚#IReadForreal #whenLifeHandsMeLemons #ReadUpOnLemons #EducateYourselfOnLemons #Win

Tryna fix your inner issues w/ a bad bitch; didn’t they tell you I was a savage.🥀

Thank you @plsrgirls 😻🇦🇬

It’s been a minute ig loves, I’ve been LEARNING and LIVING my BEST life in private but I’m thinking maybe this trial and error phase of my life would be a great way (for people who want to) to get to know me and really understand me as a young woman just out here tryna make shit happen .. y’all ready for the glow up pt 2 ?! 🤔🤗

The sun is a black woman’s best friend. ☀️🌞

ain’t nothing new, but the name on my shoes😉

Bundles: @molength

Stormin’ on a sunny day🌞✨

It’s @mommeepinns birthday 🤪🍾 There’s no way I can pay you back but my plan is to show you that I understand, you are appreciated ! ❤️ this my inspiration y’all . #yesshewaspregowithperfectme#myMamaBeenIT #StillItNoTag p.s : this was candid moments but my maternity shoot will be a remake of this photo (some years from now .. like hella years from now lmfao) 👩‍👧‍👧

Worried bout taking my lane, ain’t even got on a road💡

I just want what’s good for you. It’s me tho, I’m what’s good for you 🔮😉

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