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Let me right cross connect you with my manager.
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LAX new policy gives no jurisdiction over up to 28.5 grams of flowers or 8 gram concentrate to APD as long as you are coolin’
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Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for Pops and respective prayers and kind words. The occupational therapist says he is doing better this week than he was the last; both physically and memory-wise. Grateful for the #nurses and all the staff at the VA. We are watching opening night of the #nba and his telling me the first game he went to see the #lakers with Elgin Baylor on the floor in the #purpleandgold #Enjoying these stories and moments
Much love and keep shining.
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Throwing bones and talking shit to friends.
He’s feeling himself
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Strawder spelled backwards is Redwarts!
Thanks to all the folks who sent well wishes to Pops as he continues his journey to his new normal. I flew in to spend time with him and we are chilling watching @dodgers and enjoying each other’s company.
Brought him some food, framed photos, and his favorite blanket-just trying to make him as comfortable as possible and connect with as many memories as possible.
He has been polite and charming and courteous and as such has all the nurses, volunteers, and social workers are all telling me how much of a pleasure it is to work with him and I can tell he is in good care. Lots of compliments on his smile.
Thanks to everyone who has called to check in, and especially the @brianeklund for stopping by and spending time with him in person.
This is where we are. Now we make moves to make him as happy as possible.
Spread love, appreciate the people in your life, and keep shining bright.
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PS- this hawk followed me around the VA lot and I definitely was following the in-game guide to a side quest.

Please send some positive vibes and love to Pops Strawder who has been in the hospital this past weekend for being, well, just old. Hank is built Strawder tough- which is where I got my endurance to survive the fire- and his spirit is shining. Encouragingly his mind is sharp in the moment, and is ready to recall memories from when he was 5 in 1943 playing as a kid in Monroe Louisiana but what happened 2 hours ago is lost in a labyrinth of 85 years of experiences.
I got him to laugh and that made me happy as it made him. @realbigmista came down from Oregon to watch over him and we are all fixing to figure out what move is best for him next. Getting old isn’t easy.
Watching someone you love getting old is harder.
Go give love to those your are lucky enough to have alive still to hear it. Forgive slights and disagreements; they aren’t worth the energy. They are t worth the time.
Give a hug. Say you love.
Thanks to @cimichunga for being here for me this weekend and to the homies I confided in before now.
Please send some love our way. If you have a god, please send them a prayer for my Pops.
Thanks to the #nurse #doctor #technicians that have been keeping him kicking.
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#strawder spelled backwards is #redwarts

#Repost @crossfitph with @get_repost
In 2011, our friend Robert Strawder @boba_fresh nearly lost his life in a fire that caused third degree burns to 75% of his body. For the past few months, Rob has been privately training with @jasoncookisrad and @alexicon101 and after being so inspired by his story and dedication to overcoming the limitations his injuries have put on him, they approached CrossFit HQ, who was thrilled to help share Rob’s story with our community and beyond. He is already making enormous strides and inspiring others. We can’t wait to share Rob’s progress! #BurnSurvivor #CrossFitHQ #TréCreative #phoenix #healing #burns #scars @crossfit #SanFrancisco #PotreroHill #HealingThroughCrossFit #CrossFitCures @steezdiaz VIDEO Link in bio!!!

It’s been 6 years since the fire changed my life. 3rd degree Burns on 77% of my body which required over a dozen surgeries and months of physical rehab after waking up from a month and a half coma. The journey to accepting my new normal hasn’t been an easy one. Creating a new normal has been even more daunting. My endurance was low, my lungs struggled after all the smoke inhalation, and the scars make my body not as pliable which makes my range of motion limited have been given elasticity and I am literally the healthiest I’ve ever been- including pre-fire.
I have come a long way in that time with the help of these two great people and found a new level of comfort in my skin suit.
I love my body
I love my experience,
I love my life.
My Body is Beautiful
#burnsurvivor #keepshining
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I never want to go to Burn Support Group.
Every session.
Every month.
It’s been 6 years since the burnt me and 5 years of this monthly meetings and everytime I wake up knowing I should go but I have tell myself the emotional investment is worth return. So I sluggishly make my way to a place where I know I will inevitably open some emotional scars.
Then I get there and hear survivors pain as they tell the stories of their incidents; some being brave or comfortable enough being around other survivors that they sharing for the first time. I remember how hard it is having to find the words to match the feelings that you never needed the vocabulary for.
I shared experiences with PTSD and how hypervigilance intrudes into your thinking- fire escapes, extinguishers, blocked stairways. My fire happened in the middle of the night and because of this trauma I haven’t slept an 8 hour night since 2011. My mind wakes me up to make sure I am safe and that nothing is ablaze. Then it takes an hour to three to relax enough to get back to sleep. That was happening for 2 years before I connected the dots. Another survivor expressed in a panicky but now reassured position of recognition they had the same problems. They had been going through the sleep deprivation cycle from a nighttime incident and me sharing my story helped them-maybe just a little bit but somedays a little help is more than you could of ever hoped for.
At the end of session they and their care giver thanked me sincerely for sharing- and that’s it right there. That’s why I convinced myself to attend.
Every month I never want to go.
Every session I never want to go.
Everytime I’m reminded why I do.
Someone needs to hear my story.
I’m certain someone is waiting to hear yours. #burnsurvivor #hiddenburns thank you @aarbf for hosting this forum and thank you to all my support. You are appreciated and I want you to know that.
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Good Morning San Francisco
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When your Karaoke bar is on point it goes international
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The Sun still shines bright
Even in darkest night
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