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Steeple or the Sun
I’ll chase either one
#sanfrancisco #summer #steeple #sisteract #sun

85. Henry Strawder has made it to 85 and his youngest sons cane to celebrate this living legend. We love you and the stories you tell, old man Strawder. We tricked him into talking about his childhood in Monroe, LA and being one of the the first black students at LSU or being in Army when they were forced to integrate. I got the recorder out and got these stories for the next next generation to hear first hand out history.
Being the favorite son can be trying for both of us. He loves me because I remind him of him- charming, sociable, loyal, good cook and strong story teller (humble-brag)-but he gets frustrated at me for the very same reason. I am appreciative that he’s lived long enough and that I made it out the fire alive so we could both come to terms and peace with each other.
Love you Pops and have a great 85th Birthday!
#oldman #strawder #family #father and #sons #midcityla

Dodger Blue in the Home of my Silver and Black Raiders- compromised and wore my Black LAFC hat! Great seeing Kersh pitch even if he gets dinged on. Wanted to see this line up Roberts put together this year in person. It wasn’t a 21 fun game but they served the plate respectably. Machado is a fucking “firecracker in the dugout”!- Jeez can that kid play on both ends of the game. Made a catch we’re pulled a laser beam out the sky. He could of saved Alderaan with that arm. Love supporting my team and going to a baseball game without having to deal with some fair weather Giants fans starting shit. Love you A’s and wish we saw you more often on the field.
@sebastian28 I was looking for you!
#dodgers #oaklandathletics #baseball #raiders #lafc #kershaw #goblue #pantone294 *Also this is the first selfie I think Colin has ever taken. **My phone didn’t try to autocorrect Alderaan

I don’t go to North Beach...except to get some Molinari’s. The best cheeses, cured meats, and Olive Oil in the city. If you go I recommend the Molinari’s Special Sandwich with provolone and the works...and ask for the oil and vinegar. Then lunch in the park across from the church. I’m really soaking in being a local tourist. #sanfrancisco #localtourist #northbeach #molinari #goodfood #summer #sfeats #cheese #italy

There is a Golden Fire Hydrant at the tip of Castro Beach on 20th and Church that owns a magnificent view. After the earthquake of 1906 it was here that subsequent fire that tore through and ravaged the down town and northern half of the wooden city was stopped from spreading further this fire hydrant. It was here were the Fire Depts held the line and saved the city with the water that was still flowing through this pipe.
To commemorate the event and what it had done for the city the citizens of San Francisco painted it golden like the gateway of the city of Saint Francis. Every year since the Hydrant is given a thank you ceremony and has a new coat of golden paint and maintains a commanding view of the city it saved.
#sanfrancisco #goldenhydrant #history #localtourist #thecityspeakstome #castrobeach #goldengate

“Until the end of time
I'll be there for you/
You own my heart and mind
I truly adore you/
If God one day stroke me blind
Your beauty I'd still see/
Love is to weak to define
Just what you mean to me”
#prince #thepurpleone
#officialboothang you are a gorgeous golden goddess and I am enthralled by you. Thank you for being you and all that you are.
#leiaandhan #iloveyouiknow @cimichunga

“NO! Try not.
Or do not.
There is no trying.”
Empire Strikes Back with the SF Symphony playing John Williams Score live!
The richness and gargantuan sounds of the ensemble rolling through the chamber was a charged experience. Sharing my favorite movie with my love was priceless. Showing her my influences as a young boy and how they turned into my morales as a man. Yoda is the first introduction to Eastern philosophy as a kid- the force as an energy that binds all things like Chi, or how Han and Leila molded my idea of Romance, or how Lando’s smoothness was as good a tool as a blaster.
and the unassuming cool of Boba Fett; a guy in a world of space wizards with only light and dark sides of the force he was a gray area that operated guided by his own code and the best- hell, I still go by @boba_fresh because of it.
As a kid it also blew my mind because we all are accustomed to the good guys winning and even at 4-5 yers old I KNEW the good guys always win; in movies. But not this one. This one was different. The bad guys won. The hero had his hand cut off, got dropped by a Wampa, and finds out the greatest reveal in all cinematic history. The best friend is frozen and may never come back. The Empire has the rebellion on the run and things look bleak.
Say what! As a kid I didn’t know what a trilogy was and it rocked my story telling world that the bad guys could end on top. Now obviously that’s how it is in the real world, but not my space fantasy opera! Best movie ever.
A pretty spectacular Saturday night with my #officialboothang @cimichunga- thanks for getting the tickets love. It was a great surprise. “I love you.”
“I know.”
#empirestrikesback #starwars #maytheforcebewithyou #starwarsfan #yoda #obiwankenobi #lukeskywalker #leiaorgana #hansolo #chewbacca #landocalrissian #r2d2 #c3po #darthvader #bobafett #slave1 Is a bad name for a ship

I had Burn Support group and I can’t express how thankful I am. It was asked how returning to work was for those of us who could. I spoke of learning your new normal & accepting your limited physical & mental endurance making it 8 hours. It can both be a win for accomplishing a hard goal but also depleting as you’ve delayed the rest your body desperately thirst for to recover from your burns.
Another thing is the interpersonal aspect- telling your story to co-workers, and also in my case clients at the shelter. Even well intended inquiries can be draining on an already long day. I was good at what I did and pretended the burns weren’t having a toll and went back to early. I was encouraged by letters written by clients at the shelter when I was still in the coma. (I counseled at an At-Risk youth emergency shelter.)
My favorite poem:
“Happy Thoughts Robo Cop
I see you sitting there with battle scars/
I don’t know how much it hurts, I don’t know at all/
but in my eyes Robocop you’re a superstar/
Yes I remember how you look patrolling down the hall/
Back straight eyes forward with your ears perked up/
You can hear my Gaga but she ain’t turned up/
You’re the master of Magic oh heavens this is tragic/
And to quote peter this situations shallow and pedantic/
But I’m a fanatic and I think you’re fantastic/
Superhero status with a swagger that’s drastic/
Lark Inn gotta stop with Robo-Cop on the block/
He’ll whip you into shape because his attitude is locked/
When a client get outta line, Robocopis there on time/
To save the day + I pray for your healing everyday
Yours honestly, ——“
Wow. Talk about feeling like fulfilled. It was humbling and needed. (And being class clown, I’m sure friends are surprised I ran such a tight ship)
It’s one of the reasons I say live your life in a way that leaves someone thanking you who you may never know.
I was thanked by a mother after group for sharing my story “even though it must be repetitive & painful” but it helped her understand her child & for them to talk. That is why I share & suggest sharing your story.
Someone needs it.
#burnsurvivor #healing #phoenix #nonprofit #shelter @aarbf #bebetter #poem #burn #scars #sffd #newnormal

From the Hood to Redwoods. When I was a kid doing bad things that expanded horizons I had a very City kid revelation about our connection to each other and to the world. I would say “All Sewers lead to the Ocean”
A skewed view from a citykid.
Now I say “All Rivers lead to the Ocean”
Don’t know if I’m anymore enlightened but I have definitely been exposed to more of the world outside of the concrete sprawls I knew.
#redwoods #river #cali #allriversleadtotheocean #citymousecountrymouse

Immortal Tree in the land of the Ewoks
#redwoods #avenueofthegiants #themoonofendor #immortaltree

Odd Robs

Road trip brush fire!
Don’t worry I made sure 911 was called first.
Not going to lie it tripped me out. Time to get back to chill mode.
Be safe out there.
#burnsurvivor #brushfire #firefighter #phoenix

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