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Have a great weekend, everyone!

A great summer memory!
I had the pleasure earlier this year of visiting the parents of an IG friend. Her father has the most amazing car collection and garage next to his house in central WI. These are just a few of the 100+ pics I took. Her dad is awesome. He builds cars and planes from scratch, restores old classics, and maintains a museum-like property. (*Swipe for more*) #1 is a 1917 Oakland. #2 is a 1941 Plymouth truck. #3 is a car he custom designed & built from the ground up. It's built over a Honda GoldWing motorcycle. Truly a one of a kind. #4 is a pickup truck he cut in half and attached to a silo (he's a very creative guy). #5 is one of the mannequins that sit in most of his vehicles. #6 is a vintage Phillips gas pump. #7 is another mannequin (they're all over the place). Like I said...this place is really cool👍👍 Thanks again Tanya! And tell your parents how much I appreciate them letting me invade there place!!!
PS...sorry about some of the funky cropping! I wish the IG Swipe feature didn't force you into one format!

The little chapel in the trees. I posted this covered bridge & chapel separately in the Spring...thought I'd bring the two together now to celebrate tomorrow's official start of Fall. (That, and I need to post some older shots I sort of forgot about)
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-A rusted tin roof and weather beaten wood...The work of Father Time where something new once stood. -It can't be avoided, and it finds us all...But it's a poor excuse for not standing tall. -So show off your beauty, with a sense of pride...It's part of the journey, not a reason to hide! -BB .
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Holy Hill...or as it's formally known, The Basilica of the National Shrine of Saint Mary, Help of Christians at Holy Hill. (Try saying that 3 times fast)
The Hill was showing off some early, and unexpected, fall color yesterday. We went to a large art fair nestled in the trees at the base of the Basilica...not expecting to be greeted by this much color so early in the season. Thanks Holy Hill, that was nice of you.
The Church was built in 1926 and elevated to Basilica status in 2006. More than 500,000 people come from all around the world to visit the shrine each year!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
This barn sits in a part of Wisconsin known as a driftless region...areas that were spared from the bulldozing impact of glaciers. They feature rock outcroppings like this one. Except for these areas, the glaciers left most of Wisconsin with a gently rolling landscape.

OH WELL....I guess this little round well pump shelter caught my eye! **And may everyone in the path of hurricane Irma find blue sky as soon as possible. I'll be thinking of family & friends in Florida! Stay safe!👍

Fence post pride!🇺🇸
Here's hoping my U.S. friends have a great Labor Day!
I think our hard working farmers are great representatives of the American workforce! Too bad they can't take the day off to celebrate.
PS...it was brought to my attention that Canada also celebrates Labor Day today! So I'll tip my cap to the north!🇨🇦 Thanks, Corry! @canadianlightchaser

Have a doggone great weekend, everyone!👍

Do memories fade away, or just hide somewhere in your mind? 🤔
Well, the memory of seeing this barn has been hiding in my head for 20+ years. But something jogged my brain last week, and I was able to "sort of" remember where it was. So I contacted a friend who lives in the area where I thought it might be located. She confirmed its existence...and gave me the exact location. Thanks, Trish.

Hope you're pumped up for the weekend!👍

My post-eclipse post!
Hope everyone had fun watching the eclipse yesterday...I'll bet it was cool to see. Unfortunately, the only thing I saw was a total eclipse of the universe...a.k.a. thick, dense cloud cover. Oh well, better luck at the next total eclipse! 🌓
So, to cheer myself up, Im posting one of my favorite scenes...a fence, a field, and a farm!
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