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Prepared to strike ❤️

Behold: The Eye of Sauron! The Dark Lord Sauron created 9 rings for men... And they were corrupted by power. They are neither living nor dead and exist to do the Dark Lord's bidding... Sauron was defeated by the forces of Gondor and Rivendell at the Battle of Mount Doom, when Isildur cut the ring from Sauron's hand... Killing his physical body but not his spirit...

And then finally this. I was waiting for @alyweisman outside of a store and a couple tourists asked to take photos with me. And then before I knew it I was there for 20 mins taking photos with probably 50 people! #celeb

Then this.

Then, this happened.

This happened before we could say "no, thank you!"

Missing you (sound up!)