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Brandy Moore  Mother of 2 💯Critical Care Nurse BSN 💉 26

Did some posterior chain work incorporating the band, talk about a pump, here’s a look at some of today’s work:

Hip thrusters 5x12
Kickbacks 5x12
Sumo deadlifts 5x10
Wide stance rdls 4x10
Abductors 4x10
Swipe right 🙌😍❤️

Love this picture because it’s real and raw! My body has put on some extra fluff but that’s the plan and I’m utilizing it very well, be happy and love your body in all it’s shapes 😍🙌

I dream of booty gains 🤣🙏 #letitgrowletitgrow #growing #thickfit

So here’s what I’ve been doing lately legs 3xweek with very light upper body 1xweek. For legs, incorporating heavy compound movements 2 times a week and one lighter day. As my upper body is still in good portion size I don’t need much mass there. Ohh and I’m having multiple weekly cheat meals 🤣😋💁‍♀️#feedthebeast #eat #grow #mass #power

Had a relaxing Monday obviously, I don’t mind though 🤣🤓

Work hard, be genuine, stay true to yourself, and never be too proud!! #basics #simplicity #selfworth #happiness #staythirstymyfriends 🙌

No excuses, no bullshit, no easy way, just hard work ethics🙌 #selfmotivation #goafterit #shelifts

Veinzzzz be popping 😍

Showed up to the party 😜🙌 the fact is I was really strugging getting out of bed today actually drank my prework out in bed and still barley got me moving lol but I made it and took it easy in my workouts due to fatigue and will replenish with electrolytes and recover with some needed rest☺️🙌

HAPPY 4th OF JULY!! ❤️🇺🇸☀️

Sunday’s are for rest days and for wearing these super cute red shorts 😍🙌🙏 @violatethedresscode

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