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  #NM🅱️ #MiamiVamp⚡️ #Recipe🍜

Me:Duke Say If It's Not Blue🏧 He Can't do💪🏽 Duke: Tell Em Again Slime💰😂💪🏽❗️

Beamer Coupe With The Frog Eyes 🐸, Nigga Who is You🖕🏽....

Dri💦 @stackscustoms they Said B Fell Off 😂😂 Bet Ya Won't Tag Ya Jewler😢#VVS Ya Come Shop With Stacks Tell Him B$ Sent You❗️

Fuck A Hater 🖕🏽, Pull Up IN A Drop🏎💨❗️〽️😈

The Process @stackscustoms 💎💎💦💦 #RecipeKid🍜

Studio Vibes LastNight Wit Gang @g14_7one @lilduke60 @rell_46

Give Us A ✔️💰 , We Ain't Got No Regrets , If We Said it We Motherfuckin Mean It❗️ @lilduke60

Heard they Speakin 🗣 On My Name❗️

MooD: Fuck You Pay Me

New Tunes Comin Soon💥💥 @iamlipp @abtaksfree And Myself #Extra

If I Can't Trust You❗️ Then It's Fuck You🖕🏽❗️

Them: You Hollywood Now❗️. Me: Times Was Ruff In Da Hood ❗️

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