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Blair Michael Hogan  Touring/recording session guitarist

Another 3 week tour of the US in the books and another super fun Folk Alliance. Home soon(ish). K thx bye

In a hotel so full of nice restaurants I thought I should bring myself breakfast in bed.

Apparently I haven't trimmed anything for a little while.

Always a pleasure to be back at Almost Austin with the absolute legend that is Kenny fucking Pipes. Feeling rough but grateful as we burn it back from Houston to Austin to play with Mark Jungers at 2pm at Sams Town Point.

I've been doing bodyweight workouts since high school and always will, but a rare tour luxury like this cannot be passed up.

Took myself out for a fancy meal in Tallahassee.

This guys hair > all of ours.

Mandolin guys: Is there an obvious/easy answer to the question of why every time I hit a string lately it sounds like every piece of metal on the instrument and in the room around me is ringing?

I will reluctantly accept answers like 'it's just not that good' and 'it's been caved in and repaired twice already'.... #mandolin #gearybusey

Teeny little rig for an upcoming US tour. Not even fly dates. No overdrive pedal. Using the Zoom up front for its compressor as well as a few ambient sounds for loops, and then just the tape delay, verb and trem, followed by the EP booster for either clean boost or always on to drive a Champ, depending on the room. Then into the Ditto that's sitting on the power supply, and straight to the amp. #cleantone #ambientnotes #pedalboardfrenzy #gearybusey

Jamming with my new little practice buddy and my living room stereo when I should be doing fifty thousand other things.

My only resolution (that I'll admit to) is to finally spend some time turning this sad little room into a recording space...and maybe even actually record things here sometimes.


New @raisedbywolves footwear just in time for next week's sunny vacation.

NO GIGS FOR LIKE A WEEK! Can't remember the last time that happened. Rearranging my board to make room for an Empress Stereo Buffer I bought myself yesterday. Some shits gotta go and I'm having trouble deciding what. But for once I'm not doing this 2 hours before a gig. #gearwire #pedalboardfrenzy #gearybusey #cleantone #ambientnotes #empresseffects #bosspedals #strymon #digitech #line6m5

Pretending I know what it all means.

Tonight I'll be a little more in my element playing guitar for Marc Charron at The Nepean Sailing Club!

Starting the new @ken.workman record tonight!

Got myself an early Xmas present on this trip. Two of my absolute favourite records right here.

Put flats on both of these bad boys tonight. #harmonybatwing #harmonyguitars #showmeyoureastwood

Empressing again.

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