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🖤BRANDIE MABEE  Vancouver pharmacist 🇨🇦

(Generic quote about being a mermaid)



Lucky me 😸 @suitlady_ca invited me to their photoshoot today for @suitladysport and @suitladyswim 😄💖 glammed up by @kellyrcampbell and although you can’t see my spray tan here, it’s from @solarflarebeautybar ☀️🔥 I’m so excited to spend this day with awesome women and @csr_media too! 😃💜💎

too old for zebra print seat covers but whatevs 💅🏼

The person who doesn't scatter the morning dew will not comb gray hairs.
You better take care of me Lord; if you don't, you're gonna have me on your hands.💀 #HunterSThompsonKindaNight

I never did and never will complain about 6 days straight of refrigerated leftover spaghetti 🍝

“Creeping normality”. If you’ve ever wondered how such a virtuous person reached unlikely circumstances, this is probably part of it. I heard it first in Dr Gabor Mate’s “Realm of Hungry Ghosts”, only to find out months later, the exact dialogue he was writing about occurred between him and one of my favourite patients, renamed “Jake” in the book. This thought explains so much in this world 🐸
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