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Moon Tooth were the opening act last saturday for the Mark Morton/Light The Torch show, and to me they stole the show. I wasn't too familiar with the band before, but the videos I checked were very interesting. But live they were just fucking amazing. The singer's got some real good pipes and is all over the place, but the guitarist, was just outstanding. Going from metal to blues, to jazz to classic rock. He even got out his lighter to bust some slide leads. Monstrous tone also. Instant fan right here. Hope to catch them live again some time soon.

Indoor shooting season is almost over. Can't wait to start shooting in the beautiful streets of Montreal again. In the meantime I got 3 new sets of urban pin ups on the way. Here's a sample of the first one, with Flechere. We managed to get some great shots in short time, and she did a really good job. Starting to book some outdoor shoots already, so get in touch if you want some nice souvenirs in a snow melting town full of trash everywhere.

Mark Morton gave an awesome performance last weekend in Montreal. I been listening to Lamb of God since the first time I heard that sick breakdown in "Black label". Such great musicians. I didn't take the time to listen carefully to Mark's solo album yet, but the tracks I heard were very solid. His set was great too. Too bad Light The Torch couldn't perform that night. Hope Howard makes a speed recovery.

Every day should be women's day. Every day we should treat them equally and make sure they are able to learn, work and have fun in a safe space. If you follow my work you probably know by now that I like to give a lot of exposure to the women in the punk, hardcore and metal scene, and it will always be this way. Here's a shot of a real badass musician. Lea used to play bass with Bad Skin, but not anymore. She is still playing music though so I really hope to see her again on a stage one day, because she had it all. Respect!

It is with great sadness but full of hope, that I send my positive thoughts to the Horny Bitches family. For those who didn't know, their singer Marie Starlet Lavigne was the victim of an accidental fall while on tour in France, and she is currently in a coma. The whole punk scene got together to help and we are all now awaiting for better news and those who've seen her in concert, know that she is a fighter and has no other way but to make it alive and up on her feet. Here's a shot of Marie at last year's Pouzza fest.

Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing women out there, especially the ones on stage and behind the stage in the punk, hardcore and metal scene. This scene is saturated with men, and I salute people like the Pouzza fest team, who make sure every bands with a women in their rank, get to play the fest, to prove to anyone that the punk scene in Montreal and Quebec is not a boy's club. War On Women was amazing last year and I can't wait to see them again at this year's edition!

Here's a shot of Dogma, playing the Not Your Babe fest at the Katacombes last friday. They played a great set of anarcho punk, mixed in between cold wave and gothic punk bands, and it fitted very well because diversity is what made this lineup so interesting. Looking foward for next year's edition already. And remember kids, it should always be Not Your Babe fest; fight sexism and promote safe spaces for women, non-binary/genderqueer and trans people, at all time.

I finally got to catch Peer Pressure live yesterday in Repentigny and boy was I blown away! They were really tight and Victoria is such a fierce frontwoman with an amazing voice. They're playing a hometown show in Quebec march 22nd with Get The Shot that I'm really sad to miss, but I'm super stoked that both bands are also scheduled to appear at this year's Pouzza fest in Montreal. You don't wanna miss this cause it's gonna be insane!

And another shot of Sisters of Shaddowwe just because their were so badass. Here's Sister Frost rocking some killer death rock tunes on a fine looking Warlock, at the Not Your Babe fest last friday. Their set was just amazing. They even threw a Joy Division cover in there that I enjoyed very much. Hope I'll get to see them again one day. Check them out on bandcamp if you're into dark punk.

Sisters of Shaddowwe were fucking amazing last night at the Katacombes for the second night of the Not Your Babe fest. I always been a fan of death rock and goth punk like Christian Death and this band really takes me back to this amazing sound. I'm so glad I got to catch them live, thanks to this great fest. There's still one more night of amazing bands to check out tonight, so do yourself a favor and go support your scene.

Andrenochrome was in Montreal last night for the Not Your Babe fest and they gave an awesome performance loaded with great death rock tunes and post punk dark anthems. I wish I could go back there tonight, but I'm shooting Peer Pressure and Human Breed in Repentigny, but if you're looking for a great show in Montreal, go at the Katacombes, there's many amazing bands, and go support the fight against sexism because everyone should.

I was finally able to attend one night of the Not Your Babe fest, even though I really wanted to shoot the whole thing, because fighting sexism is really important to me. I will always support women in the punk, hardcore or metal scene, and destroy anybody who has a problem with this. Our scene is not a boys club so respect your sisters and always make sure they are in a safe environment. Here's Xarah Dion who was pure fire last night at the Katacombes with her excellent mix of cold wave and industrial techno.