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TB to some studio fun. Do I plan to go back to studio sometime soon? Nope. But this was a nice challenge. I was lucky enough to have an amazing model though so that really helped. My next shootings will probably include some new faces with colored smoke bombs, and shows by Peter Murphy and a certain Bhad Bhabie...

I don't play often with colored lights, I mostly like dark and natural light, but this was a lot of fun, thanks to a great model. I'll probably do shootings like that again, as I'm stuck inside because of the weather here in Montreal. I still plan to go shoot outside with some hardcore new comers and veterans though. If you if feel like trying one or the other, get in touch, I really enjoy to get creative with some new faces.

TB to a fun indoor shoot to forget about the snow storm outside. Being able to bring someone out of his comfort zone demands a lot of respect and understanding. I'll never push for something I feel a model is not comfortable with, I believe there's many ways to be edgy and creative without resorting to nudity. But it's still a very interesting concept, both artistically and morally. I will always be against any kind of shaming a women can be victim of for expressing herself. Your sexuality, your rules, your body, your choice. So guys, please respect your sisters.

Here's another shot of Oli, from when Bring Me The Horizon were in town last week to tear up the roof of the Place Bell. I know the show got mixed reviews but I honestly I thought that despite it's flaws, it was a really great show. I don't care if they got softer, they were going hard when they played some old stuff, and they remain a very entertaining live act, with a solid frontman. Now just bring back some more deathcore riffs to the mix and the bar will be raised.

Not too long ago I got the chance to shoot the beautiful Ingrid St-Pierre at her new album, "Petite Plage", release party. I was already familiar with some of her songs and knew this was a great occasion to get some nice shots, but I wasn't prepared to have my mind blown like this. Her performance was simply outstanding. I'm so glad I got the album because it's amazing. Check her out if you're into gorgeous soft and melodic songs.

So the Heavy MTL lineup was leaked last week by Slayer, the only "officially" announced band so far. Evenko hasn't made any official statement yet, except for the fact the final lineup should look very similar, except for a few bands. I can't begin to imagine how they must be pissed. Anyway I'm super stoked about a lot of bands on the list. Mostly this band right here, Killswitch fucking Engage. Can't get enough of watching this band tear it up with Jesse. Here's a shot from when they visited Montreal last year.

TB to when I visited this abandoned building in Montreal with Laurence. We got many great shots, and some how this one slipped through my radar, but I really like it so here it is. New collabs are on the way, and my next show should be the amazing Bats In The Belfry this thursday, and I'm really looking foward to this one because these girls are fkn awesome!

Adam Levine thinks he's so badass. Fuck his poser ass. THIS is badass. This is the real deal. Not getting a crap load of ugly meaningless tattoos all over your body, when a couple years ago u didn't have a single one. It just proves that you only doing this to make you look like something you're not, and u never were. Real ink lovers accumulate this shit since they have (or barely) legal age. Fuck this clown. And thanks to Jessica for this awesome shot.

TB to this awesome shoot with Kim. Winter is still going strong in Montreal but I already have some really cool collabs booked for this summer. If you wanna talk about a project u have in mind that I might be interested in, get in touch, because I'm looking for some new challenges this year.

Oli and his gang of miscreants were back in Quebec last night to promote their new album. I'm still not feeling their new musical direction, but they remain a force to be reckoned with. Especially when they play older songs. It was great to see Oli go at it with the crowd telling them "you think we've gone soft? It's you who've gone soft. Ever heard of a wall of death?" Love him or hate him, you can't deny the guy can bring a whole crowd up on his feet. Great show.

I've been a fan of Thrice since "The illusion of safety", which still hold up today, I mean it could've come out last year and everyone would eat it up. So anyway I still follow each of their releases, even if they've matured a lot musically, but live is where it's at. They are still rocking and delivered a near flawless set yesterday in Laval, opening for BMTH.

The first time I heard "we're coming in" by Fever 333 I became a fan instantly. It was a breath of fresh air quickly followed by a kick in the face, which is exactly what I look for in a band. Yesterday I finally saw them live, opening for BMTH, at Place Bell in Laval, and they were sick as fuck. I mean I knew they'd give me a run for my money, but damn, this was beyond what I expected. Hands down the first contender for performance of the year. Now I just hope they come back, again, and again, and again.

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